10 Best Dumbest Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Dumbest Anime Characters

Light, Lelouch, and Senku are still some of my favorite characters. They provided an inexhaustible supply of great situations and badass moments.

True Thanosism necessitates a delicate balance, nevertheless, if we are to succeed.

Also, there are a lot of amusingly stupid anime characters to be found.

Anime has a lot of characters that aren’t so bright, so I’m going to list a few of them down here.

A lot of the characters in this series are going to be shounen.

10. Eris Boreas Greyrat

Eris Boreas Greyrat

Anime: Reincarnation of the Jobless

Eris is simply a spoiled brat.

Throughout her entire existence, she has been lavished with attention, making Aqua look like a knowledgeable elder who dwells on a mountain reading scrolls.

Even though she screams at and physically abuses people every day, Eris didn’t even consider the notion that they didn’t like her.

Her approach to education is equally uninspiring. As a result, I expect her to remain on this list for a long time.

At least she’s becoming better at using the sword, and not punching the teeth out of those that care for her..

9. Mako Mankashoku

Kill la Kill, the Anime

Mako’s stupidity is just cute.

She was a clumsy mix of emotions, spotlights, and monologues in her comedic relief role.

As the show progresses, Mako has no concept what is happening around her. And she doesn’t seem particularly interested in learning.

She speaks from the heart and relies solely on her adorableness to get by.

Moreover, if you ask me, it works every time.

Even if she doesn’t turn out to be a fervent capitalist, there may still be hope for her.

8. Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira

Toonami’s anime series, Demon Slayer

This man is half-pride, half-instinct, zero-intelligent, and one hundred percent focused on recalling the name.

A two-year-old can be tricked into doing things more easily than a three-year-old can eat their dinner. It’s as simple as adding a “if you can” at the end of your request, and the job is done.

Since he spent much of his life in the wild, you may expect him to have an excellent understanding of social relationships and traditions.

Despite this, he nevertheless provides a wealth of memorable moments.

7. Rak Wraithraiser

The Tower of God is an anime series.

Rak is the next character on my list, as he reminds me of Inosuke in many ways.

This person lives and breathes combat, relying on his gut instincts more than any other method of decision-making.

While it’s possible for him to make rational decisions, it’s impossible for him to do so without going into panic mode and attempting to scale the walls.

To be terrified of thinking too much takes a certain kind of character.

But like Inosuke, he’s far from worthless, and his naivete only enhances his very silly appeal.

I’ve never seen anyone as enthusiastic about turtles as he is.

6. Everyone


In the second season of Anime: The Promised Never Land

Season 2 of The Promised Neverland was widely regarded as one of the worst disappointments in anime history.

Because our clever kid staff left their brain juices at home, we’ve had a difficult time.

They have no strategy beyond “run away” and “split up,” and Norman has the emotional intelligence of a shoe, to be honest with you.

He’s got this elaborate plan to exterminate demons. Emma only needs to say, “but like, what if you didn’t?” to persuade him to change his course in life.

All of the characters were dumb, and I was foolish for not abandoning the show after episode three and reading the manga instead.

5. Sakura Haruno

Shippuden of the Naruto Anime

In the beginning of Naruto, Sakura was said to have the best chakra control of everyone in team 7 outside herself.

She certainly didn’t, because it took her hundreds of episodes before she had the wonderful idea to use jutsu in the first place.

Naruto could be naive. However, he did recall that he was a ninja, so that was a plus.

There’s nothing going on in Sakura’s life but cutting her hair, biting people’s hands, and creating her sixth Sasuke shrine.

In addition, everytime she claimed to have caught up to Naruto and Sasuke, I had to wonder aloud if she was acting irrationally.

4. Jessie and James

Jessie and James

Pokémon is a popular anime series.

It takes a certain level of stupidity to repeatedly fail.

Especially when you consider that Ash wasn’t really that powerful or intelligent in the original story.

As a matter of fact, he was rather dim considering how long it took him to learn the basic concepts of Pokémon kind.

They were beaten even though they had a lot of money, an unexpected twist and even more experience than this Einstein. This proves that Jessie and James were out out of their depth.

But then they’re the ones who made it what it is.

So, Team Rocket, keep on soaring.

3. Goku


Zelda the Legendary Saiyan

As far as shounen protagonists go, Goku is by far the most dense and stupid of them all.

His two sons have convinced me that he has no idea what sexuality is.

Honestly, I’m shocked he even remembers Gohan’s name at times!

Not to mention the logical jumps he took when giving Cell the Senzu bean. That one still gives me migraines.

That he’s a great warrior and that his heart is in the right place is undeniably true. The problem is that Goku only gets dumber with each new episode of the series.

2. Isaac and Miria

Isaac and Miria

Baccano, the anime!

My all-time favorite anime duo is comprised of these two.

It’s tough for me to resist their attractions because they’re so ridiculously silly!

It’s as if the robberies they perform are straight out of a Disney film, complete with ridiculous costumes and elaborate set pieces.

They truly stole time by stealing clocks!

Their biggest achievement is that it took them seventy years to understand that they were not aging.

That kind of density, by the way, is dangerously near to that of a black hole.

1. Riki Nendou

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., an anime series.

If you’ve ever watched the program, you’ll understand why I selected Riki as my top pick.

He’s a hoot to watch.

With the possible exception of ramen, he is the only person on the planet who is completely devoid of any thoughts. And his deductive abilities have had me in tears on a regular basis during the course of the episode.

It was the scene in which he feels that the airplane is flying through an earthquake worked trained my abs more than a year-long subscription to the gym ever could have.

Riki in Saiki K is a good place to start if you’re seeking for the most stupid of the stupid.