10 Best Games Like Space Station 13 That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Space Station 13

A cult favorite, and here are 10 more games that fans of the Space Station series will appreciate.

Space Station 13 has a devoted fan base despite being mostly unknown to the gaming public at large. Space Station 13 is a unique game because of its mix of retro aesthetics, roleplaying features, the coming together of strangers for common aims, and plenty of turmoil.

People who want to play something comparable should settle for something that highlights other aspects of the game than what’s currently available. There are a variety of games to choose from, whether you’re searching for something to evoke a sense of unease, chaos, role-playing, or teamwork among players.

10 Rimworld


Players in Rimworld are tasked for ensuring the survival of a group of survivors on a desolate extraterrestrial planet. The trick is that the survivors have their own goals and needs and won’t necessarily do what the player asks them to do immediately away, if ever. It seems straightforward at first glance.

For those that preferred to have complete control over the overall picture, this is an excellent alternative to Space Station 13. Controlling human players rather than NPCs might at times feel like monitoring and managing a large organization, which provides a unique perspective on the task.

9 Barotrauma

To put it another way, Barotrauma takes the premise of Space Station 13 and places it in an ocean-bound submersible on Europa. With Lovecraftian nightmares and rogue player attacks on the submarine, gamers must work together to keep it running smoothly.

Space Station 13’s roleplaying and scale were sacrificed in favor of better graphics and gameplay in this game, which stresses the horror aspect more than its predecessor. In terms of modernizing the Space Station 13, this is one of the best possibilities on this list.

8 Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress Steam

If anarchy is what made Space Station 13 intriguing, then the indie game Dwarf Fortress is the perfect fit. Playing as dwarves, players are given the duty of running a kingdom. However, as any seasoned player will tell you, the biggest attraction is the sheer craziness that comes with this.

In general, the player can only give rough instructions to the dwarves, and a variety of obstacles such as starvation and madness might complicate matters. Watching the planet go up in flames is half the fun.

7 The Ship Remasted

Traditional murder party game The Ship: Murder Party has been updated for the present age with The Ship: Remasted. At sea, players are on a luxury cruise ship commanded by an insane lunatic who plays a brutal game of cat and mouse with the gamers. Players are given a mission and must complete it before they die.

Paranoia that arises from playing Space Station 13 rounds is tapped upon by this game. You never know who you can trust, and the only thing that matters is surviving through forging tenuous friendships.

6 Stationeer


Stationeer is a video game based on Space Station 13 that puts players aboard a space station and gives them the task of maintaining it and ensuring their own survival. Single- or multi-player options are available for players to design and build a space station, which they must then maintain in order to live.

A more realistic approach to surviving is taken in this game. In Space Station 13, there are no hostile aliens, strange clowns, or other enemies. Here, the goal is to create a system that works flawlessly and efficiently at all times.

5 Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Post-apocalyptic survival game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. Players will be thrown into a terrifying situation and will have to fight to stay alive. In many ways, the aesthetics and gameplay of Space Station 13 are nearly identical.

Basically, the sci-fi element is replaced with something more closer to Fallout. If you’re playing as a lone survivor, you’ll be able to discover NPCs who can help you in various ways, depending on your objectives. Those who served aboard Space Station 13 will feel right at home.

4 Town Of Salem

Town Of Salem

Town of Salem concentrates on and accentuates the paranoia-inducing characteristics of Space Station 13. Each participant has a distinct role to play in the town in this multiplayer game. A supporting, managerial, perceptive or destructive role is possible in any of these contexts.

In the following rounds, players attempt to identify the villains while the villains attempt to assassinate the rest of them. It’s a lot more limited in scope, but it clearly taps into the paranoia that comes with surviving alongside individuals the player isn’t sure they can trust.

3 FTL: Faster Than Light

To put it another way, FTL: Faster Than Light puts the player in control of the maintenance of a starship. It’s a single-player game in which the player can engage in conflict with other spaceships.

Despite the fact that there is no multiplayer and the roleplaying is greatly reduced, it is a more convenient modernized version of the original game. This version of Space Station 13 is more focused on fighting.

2 We Need To Go Deeper

We Need To Go Deeper

This one is a little lighter in tone than some of the others, but it still fits the bill in a few ways. In We Need To Go Deeper, players are taken to the depths of the ocean to experience the horrible horrors that await them. Fighting sea creatures, merpeople, aggressive penguins, and tentacles, players must work together to keep the submarine intact.

There are up to four players, each with their own set of responsibilities on board the ship. Even though it’s less complex than Space Station 13, this is the game for fans of Jules Verne-style adventure.

1 Unitystation

Last but not least, Unitystation is an excellent choice for individuals seeking an alternative to Space Station 13. A conversion to Unity has been made due to the problems with the Byond engine in the original game.

If you’re trying to get into the game for the first time or just want something with greater engine support, this is a good alternative. Unitystation appears to be the most popular edition of the game’s upgraded version, and this shows that the community wants to keep the game alive for years to come.