8 Best Games Like Smite That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Smite

In Smite, Hi Rez Studios has created a fantastic Third-person action and MOBA video game. As a powerful character in the game, you can utilize your special abilities and clever strategies to overcome your opponents (online players, NPCs, etc.) and revel in the splendor of the game’s fantastical environment. Smite is a fantastic game to play thanks to its many thrilling game types, team-based combat, enormous game environment, and equally equipped foes. It also has a ton of DLC, stunning graphics, and an immersive gaming experience. Smite is an epic PvP combat-based game that lets you to form your own team of three or five people to take on the opposing teams. MOBA games allow you to join teams of highly competent and distinctive characters, combat your opponents, get experience points and unlock a variety of great upgrades such as new and advanced talents as well as weapons and spells that can be used in the game’s various clashes If you enjoy playing MOBA games, Smite is a great option for you to live out your fantasies as a heroic warrior.

#1 Tome: Immortal Arena

Tome Immortal Arena

Immortal Arena: Tome of Immortality is a fast-paced, action-oriented MOBA video game that brings you to an awesome world of team-based Arena fighting and enables you have an incredible gaming experience. Players can participate in 3v3 and 5v5 team battles in Tome.Immortal Arena, where they take on the role of a summoner in charge of a hero and face off against the other teams’ members. In Tome.Immortal Arena, you can choose from a wide variety of characters and abilities, and you can level up through finding and collecting various artifacts, as well as unlocking warrior-specific plunders. Epic battles (Hero vs. Hero) and adventures galore await you. A simple task can double your experience in Tome.Immortal Arena. Fantastic 3v3 and 5v5 battles, fast-paced and intense game play, great graphics, DLC, and regular updates make Tome.Immortal Arena one of the best MOBA games around. If you’re looking for a great MOBA, give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did.

#2 Overgrowth

Wolfire Games has created a single-player action, parkour, martial arts, and third-person perspective video game titled Overgrowth. In a pre-industrial environment populated by wolves, rabbits, rats, cats, and dogs, the sequel to Lugaru is set in. On the island of Lugaru, a ninja rabbit is your character, and the story revolves around that island. As you go through the horrifying environment, you’ll have to engage in savage combat with a wide range of foes and tools. To improve your powers and skills, you must rise through the ranks. Third-person gameplay allows you to explore the world and engage in ferocious combat with a variety of animals. Other tools and weaponry will become available as the game progresses. Impress your pals with your combat prowess. Running, walking, fighting, and jumping are all possible actions for your character. To advance, you’ll need to keep your health up and stave off attacks from the bad guys.. Do battle with different enemies on multiple levels and immerse yourself in the 3D environment. Take down your enemies in silence by leaping from building to building and using stealth and melee weapons. The game contains an open world, several tools, powerful NPCs, a Stealth element, and a variety of challenging objects. Hardcore gamers will like Overgrowth the most.

#3 Awesomenauts


You can play Awesomenauts on multiple platforms thanks to its excellent 2D MOBA gameplay and cross-platform compatibility! Awesomenauts was developed by the popular Ronimo Games and can be played on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, and Mac computers. To play as mercenary characters in the distant future, the game allows you to join in epic battles between Red and Blue. Awesomenauts is a 2D side-scrolling combat game with simple controls that focuses on 3v3 battles. Because of the game’s fantastic learning qualities, it’s becoming increasingly popular among gamers who prefer something more lighthearted. In the game, each character has a distinct set of powers and playstyles. There are numerous unique upgrades available in Awesomenauts that help you customise your character and have more fun while playing the game. Awesomenauts also has online and offline play, split-screen options, and regular content updates. A more casual version of Awesomenauts features stunning visuals, updated mechanics, and a totally immersive gameplay experience.

#4 Dota 2

By Valve Corporation, the game Dota 2 is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena MOBA game. Playing as one of five members of a team versus another team, defeating them and saving your Ancients are all part of the fun in this action-packed sequel to Dota. The game is won by the one who defeats the other player and destroys the Ancients. Dota 2 is a great MOBA game to play thanks to its fantastic Hero characters, numerous collectibles, amazing weapons, skills, and abilities, stunning visuals, and engrossing gameplay. One of the best MOBA games on the market, Dota 2 has a large and active online community that regularly updates and adds new features and content. In Dota 2, you may play like you’re playing League of Legends or Shards of War, and it’s a terrific experience. It’s easy to participate in worldwide Dota 2 leagues and earn incredible rewards by competing in user-created content and receiving regular game updates in Dota 2.

#5 Dragons and Titans

Dragons and Titans

The action-adventure MOBA video game Dragons and Titans immerses you in the life of a Dragon Rider. Play as a dragon rider in an Arena-based conflict against other dragon riders while holding powerful weapons and displaying a wide range of combat abilities. In order to progress, you’ll need to do a number of simple tasks, such as exploring the world, finding and collecting crystals, and selling them for money in order to buy more dragons, weapons, and skills to increase your Dragon Pack’s size and become a Master Dragon Rider. In Dragons and Titans, you can take part in team combat, kill your adversaries, protect your castle and dragon cage, and crush your foes with your own squad. Fun-filled gameplay is accompanied by stunning visuals in Dragons and Titans, and a mission/quest-based storyline to follow.

#6 Games of Glory

Lightbulb Crew’s Games of Glory is a fast-paced, action-packed, and thrill-filled MOBA. As the protagonist, you’ll be able to explore a sci-fi open world and engage in epic team-based arena combat with your foes to eliminate them and their fortresses. In Games of Glory, you can create your own clone, select and learn the best talents, build a team of the best warriors, and fight in the most brutal of battles in order to gain your glory and fame. There are two major game maps, 12 clone characters, stunning graphics, and an immersive gaming experience in Games of Glory, which offers furious and action-packed fights, a massive armory of weapons for taking down the opposition, and incredible run and gun mechanics to intensify the action. The MOBA video game genre is one of the most popular and if you’re a fan, you should definitely check out Games of Glory. It’s certain to please you.

#7 Spellsworn


Developed and published by Frogsong Studios AB, Spellsworn is a free-to-play action/dark fantasy/multiplayer online battle arena game including magic. Super Smash Brothers, League of Legends, and Warcraft 3 Mod serve as inspirations for the game’s dynamic PvP and Arena action. PvP (player vs player) arena games are available, allowing players to wipe out their opponents with magic and lightning-fast reflexes. There’s a war of magic taking place in this dark fantasy land. There are five rounds of warfare in each of the power’s areas, and the plot has it that the player and other magic users are vying for control. With a limited supply of money, the player can spend it to go through the game and must choose the best spell to cast for his task from a variety of options and work to bring down his enemies to zero. There are three unique arenas and five different disciplines to choose from in Spellsworn. You can also gain experience and test your reflexes and wits in the game’s primary features. Enjoy yourself while you’re there.

#8 Strife

As an action-adventure and MOBA video game, Strife is a brilliant addition to the genre. You may level up your character, learn new spells and talents, and enjoy having complete control over your character in Strife thanks to the game’s new character customization options, crafting capabilities, and variety of pet options. Other excellent elements include team-based PvP and fighting, exploration, crafting, and a lot of materials to loot as well as amazing boss encounters. This MOBA Massively Multiplayer game has some of the best graphics, gameplay, and setting of any MOBA on the market. It’s safe to say that Strife will elevate your experience with MOBAs to entirely new heights.