10 Best Games Like Anno That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Anno

Developed by Blue Byte and released by Ubisoft, the game Anno 1800 is a great blend of RTS and city-building elements. There are single-player and multiplayer modes in this game, and it is set in the same historical period as previous titles like Anno 2070 and Anno 2205. That being said, it is Anno’s 7th main title and takes place in the 19th century industrial revolution, making it an important part of the long running franchise. City building and warfare mechanisms are still present, but new elements such as tourism and industrialisation have been added to the mix. Story mode, Sandbox mode, and Multiplayer mode are all included in the game. The game will have multi-screen gameplay, similar to Anno 2205, however unlike that title, city construction and combat will not be separate activities. An AI-controlled opponent that creates on the same map as a player is also available. Discover a new continent, fast-changing periods of time, new technologies, societies, and more in Anno 1800’s key features. See how you can imagine a world that you can inhabit.

#1 Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines

With all of the challenges and rewards of building and managing a city, Skylines is a fantastic city-building, management, and massively multiplayer online Real Time Strategy simulation that’s jam-packed with new and improved gameplay components. As a manager, builder, crafter, etc., the game assesses your abilities simultaneously, throwing a variety of hardcore challenges at you to improve your skills and ultimately become a great Building and Management Mogul, rule the businesses, create new technologies, and take it to a whole new level of entertainment. Fantastic visuals, great gameplay possibilities, addicting nature, a lot to develop and manage, and Strategically increase your economy, relations and defenses, cities. Skyline is an excellent simulation of city development, management, MMO, and RTS. This is a must-try if you want to be wowed by the wonderful interplay of numerous aspects; you’ll be blown away.

#2 Towns

An excellent Isometric City Building and Management RTS simulation, Towns features a stunning Sandbox-like concept. The game places you on a partially built piece of land and lets you explore, gather resources, and build structures as you see fit. To begin with, Towns allows you to select biomes (grassland/desert/snow/land), process your selected biomes, grow crops or clean the land/wildlife, build homes, farms, and other structures by using the resources, and eventually build a new civilization and help your people thrive in a very friendly environment. You must complete the necessary duties with the help of 11 villagers, including settling them into homes and increasing the population, making friends with nearby towns and expanding your economy, starting commerce and expanding your nation, and having fun while you do it all. Towns, when compared to other similar games, is one of the most enjoyable simulations. I guarantee you’ll adore it after you give it a go.

#3 Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company

City building, management, MMO RTS, economics, and exploration are all featured in Offworld Trading Company, another fantastic video game. Exiting Earth’s orbit and exploring Mars as an Offworld Trading Company lets you to acquire resources and process them in your other facilities, then sell them back to Earth as well as other planets across the Milky Way Galaxy. Using Martian resources, you can create new technologies and sell them on the market. This generates cash, which you can then use to improve and expand your company and its resources like machinery, operators and other essentials. Offworld Trading Company is a game about trading and economics. Offworld Trading Company has a single-player campaign mode that lets you to make your own decisions and reap the rewards of your choices. Offworld Trading Company is an excellent game to play because of its fantastic game setting, sci-fi aesthetics, fantastic visuals, and engaging gameplay.

#4 Spacebase DF-9

Building, managing, and participating in a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game in outer space is a blast with Spacebase DF 9. You may manage your own space station with all of the resources you have in this fantastic construction, development, and real-time strategy game. Playing Spacebase DF 9 allows you to recruit workers, create new structures, generate and manage your resources as well as allowing you to expand to other regions of the galaxy with your space station. Find specified locations in the galaxy, send out explorers, scientists and laborers to establish a small colony there, assist the colony’s growth through various duties and conquer other worlds are all important goals to achieve. Spacebase DF 9’s main goal is to construct structures, thus you must do so while defending them from the enemy (Aliens) and ensuring the safety of your crew at all costs. Construction, management MMO, and strategy aspects come together in an intriguing way in this strategy game that is sure to keep you entertained for a long time.

#5 StarTopia


StarTopia is yet another fantastic simulation that lets you take charge of a space station that has been severely destroyed but is still habitable following the universe’s conflict. Assume command of the space station, renovate it by managing resources and erecting the appropriate structures, and then turn it into a hotel where you may host guests and charge them a fee for the use of the station’s rooms.

You’ll also have to manage your employees, assign them tasks based on their alien race, and finally enjoy the power that comes with it. Building up more space stations is an excellent way to become the most powerful person in the universe once you’ve mastered the basics. The graphics, characters, and gameplay in StarTopia are fantastically sci-fi, and it’s easy to be sucked in. Do give it a whirl, you’ll be amazed at all it has to offer.

#6 Simutrans

Markus Prostovsk developed Simutrans, a game that combines elements of management, strategy, construction, and is available on a variety of platforms. Construction of roads, bridges, airports, and harbors utilizing various equipment, structures, and more is possible over a vast, open landscape. The ultimate goal is to create a magnificent metropolis from a piece of undeveloped ground. You may make money by transporting people and goods between cities. Make progress in the game by gaining experience points. It has a lot in common with Transport Tycoon’s gameplay. Your people should have access to all of the facilities you have to offer. Open factories and ship manufactured items between cities. The primary goal is to build a strong transport company and become a business tycoon by defeating your competition. Simutrans has a wide range of essential features, including the ability to transport passengers, manage your finances, view intricate graphical representations, unlock new vehicles, and upgrade existing ones. Playing Simutrans is an amazing experience.

#7 Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles

Lion Shield, LLC created and published the strategy game Kingdoms and Castles, which combines elements of city building, sandbox play, and management simulation. The game’s single-player mode focuses on expanding a small village into a bustling metropolis. Building your empire surrounded by menacing fortresses is the goal in this medieval-themed game. It’s your job to develop a city by placing various structures, gathering resources, and completing missions in order to earn money. To protect the city and its inhabitants, you’ll need to assemble an army, arm it, and take command of it on the battlefield. Expand your city and improve the quality of life for your residents by providing them with the greatest possible services. Playing from an isometric perspective, you can discover new content and customize your city in a variety of ways. Open-ended gameplay allows you to explore the planet at your own pace. There are many levels, upgrades, types of buildings, and resources to collect in Kingdoms and Castles.

#8 Cities In Motion 2

Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive have teamed up to create and publish Cities In Motion 2, a construction, management, and business simulation game. You can take on the role of mayor, governor, or any number of other positions in the game’s Single Player and Multiplayer modes, and you can do so in any number of different cities throughout the world. There are day/night cycles that can create a timetable and rush hours in this fantastical planet. In this game, you’ll be tasked with improving the city’s public transportation system, much like in its predecessor. You can make a significant impact on the city’s development by making the right judgments in its dynamic cities. You can choose between top-down and first-person views when exploring the area, and you have the option of building new railways, highways, and roads to manage traffic. In addition to the previously mentioned features, Cities In Motion 2 includes Dynamic Cities, Multiplayer (in both Competitive and Co-operative modes), Manage Timetables, and Two Playstyles (Sandbox and Campaign). You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#9 Cities Skylines: After Dark

Cities Skylines After Dark

First Downloadable Content Pack for the classic City Simulation Cities.

Skylines. The DLC pack adds new features and modifications to the game that are meant to heighten the excitement while while maintaining the game’s inherent difficulties. Now, as the hours pass, the city takes on a new character. At night, traffic slows down and some regions don’t operate as efficiently as they could. The Night and Day Cycles DLC puts the user in charge of maintaining and regulating the many components of these cycles. Commercial zones in the DLC pack can focus on nightlife and other recreational activities. The game added new city services, such as the ability for police officers to transport offenders to a cage, and taxis to help locals and visitors get around the city. The game gives the player the option to design his or her ideal city, complete with all of the necessary amenities for its residents, as well as buildings, beautiful parks, offices, and residences of their own design. Cities from Above. At the foundation of After Dark is a wide range of transportation options including bus stations and international airports. Enjoy yourself while you’re there.

#10 Cities: Skylines: Mass Transit


“Mass Transit” is an expansion pack for the strategy and city building video game Cities.Skylines, created and released by Colossal Order Ltd. With the addition of the expansion pack’s many new systems, players will be able to get around their neighborhoods with greater ease and speed. Monorails, blimps, ferries, and more are now available to commuters in the game, in addition to the previously mentioned modes of transportation. The center of mass transportation, where lines can exchange new passengers, landmarks, road types and scenarios, and more, as well as transit service facilities. In addition to introducing a new mode of transportation, the game also provides the city’s people with a multitude of options, including blimps, monorails, and more. Cities.Skylines. Features such as Orderly Hub, Become the Roads Scholar, Glorious Money, and more may be found in Mass Transit. Cities.Skylines.Mass Transit is the ideal game to play if you want to get a feel for the construction genre.