10 Best Games Like Sims 4 That You Should Know Update 06/2024

These are the greatest games for Sims fans, ranging from mobile games to virtual worlds like Second Life.

Since its initial release in the early 2000s, the Sims series has been a huge commercial and critical success. While the series hasn’t had any genuine competition, the life simulation genre has grown tremendously and continues to do so with ever better games every year.

When you’re trying to strike a balance between having fun and being realistic, it might be difficult. If you’re a fan of The Sims 4 and have nothing else to do while you wait for The Sims 5 to be released, we’ve compiled a list of games with comparable mechanics and themes to the original series.

RItwik Mitra updated this page on March 15, 2022: In The Sims 4, users assume control of household members’ lives as they grow up, develop occupations, fall in love, start a family, and eventually pass away. This is one of the best simulation games now on the market. An addictive experience that could lead to a desire to play similar games in the future is what you get with this one. The following games are sure to please lovers of The Sims 4.

1. Alter Ego

Alter Ego

It’s incredible that a text-based game can let players have so much fun simulating the life of a single person. This is where Alter Ego excels, and it is without a doubt one of the most realistic and realistic life simulation games available today.

Even though Alter Ego’s events may be of varying quality, the addictive aspect of this game is largely due to its replay value and excellent narrative. As players zoom through the life of a custom character, they can envisage the different situations that play out in this fantastic CYOA.

2. Fallout Shelter

It’s easy to dismiss Fallout Shelter as a heartless cash-in smartphone game that sullies the reputation of one of the most beloved gaming IPs. However, gamers won’t realize how interesting this game truly is until they try it out for themselves.

Despite some of the more objectionable aspects of freemium game design, the game as a whole is quite enjoyable and hard to put down. Following a nuclear holocaust, managing a bunker is an absolute blast, and it’s a lot of fun.

3. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

RollerCoaster Tycoon’s designers also released Two Point Hospital, which is a fantastic game. The idea of running a hospital might seem tedious at first, but Two Point Hospital’s innovative gameplay dispels any such notions.

Two Point Hospital is a joy to play because of its humorous ailments and intriguing management gameplay. Only time will tell if the second game, Two Point Campus, lives up to the original’s standards when it comes out in May of 2022.

4. The Partners

However, The Partners is probably the most obvious rip-off of The Sims on the market today, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a bad thing. In comparison to its inspiration, it has a lack of polish, yet the sheer love put into this game is its greatest saving feature.

Players take on the role of attorneys working in a law office, juggling the demands of their professional duties with the demands of their personal life. It’s possible to enjoy the game if you’re able to overlook its sloppy gaming mechanics.

5. RimWorld

RimWorld is a must-have for sci-fi aficionados who enjoy management and simulation games. Colonists are cared for by players in this top-down view indie game, which allows players to control nearly every element in their existence.

Like The Sims, this game requires you to manage your characters’ wants and interactions. Nevertheless, the game has a strong emphasis on survival, whether it’s through guarding the colony or creating new structures and items.

6. Harvest Moon: One World

Successes like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing can be attributed to Harvest Moon’s first success. Players can build their own farm and get to know the characters of the world in a true simulation style in Harvest Moon: One World.

Harvest Moon: One World, despite bringing back the beloved series, lacks substantial substance, as evidenced by the game’s low reviews since its release. Even so, it’s a much like The Sims for die-hard fans, so it’s worth checking out.

7. Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life

Fantasy Life is a combination of life simulation and role-playing game (RPG). You may play it on Nintendo 3DS because it’s an older game from 2012 that has a terrific blend of RPG and simulation in a place named Reveria, along with house decorating and questing.

The quests in and of themselves are interesting since they are character-specific. A variety of RPG classes, or “life classes,” are available in the game to establish the tone for jobs and missions. Players in role-playing games will very doubt have to deal with monsters and mercenaries along the way.

8. Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator is one of the most popular realistic simulator games on the market because of the sheer size of the game. Farming is the primary focus of this game, which takes place in an immersive and very realistic open-world setting.

As a result, newbies may be put off by Farming Simulator’s technical and intricate aspects. If you’re a fan of realism and don’t mind getting completely sucked into a game, this is the one for you.

9. Family House

Many light-hearted simulation games are available for mobile devices, like Family House, in which the player must move into an abandoned building and restore it to its former splendor. Family House is a lot like The Sims in a lot of ways.

Increasing the number of furniture, family members, and rooms that they unlock progressively increases their level. As a classic mobile game with constraints, it’s not the best pick for those looking for family simulation games with a ton of The Sims-inspired content, but it is an acceptable option nonetheless.

10. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia

My Time at Portia is a great in-between game for The Sims 4 enthusiasts who have already played Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Inspired by Stardew Valley’s premise of a main character coming home and restoring the workshop of their father, this game follows in the footsteps of its inspiration.

It’s a three-dimensional experience that’s quite immersive. There are townies to meet and interact with, as well as missions and romance plotlines to find, much like there are in The Sims. It ultimately boils down to a farming simulator with some basic life-simulation components at its foundation.

11. Cities: Skylines

If you’re an old Sims fan, you’ll recall how much fun games like SimCity used to be before they vanished from the market or got diluted in quality. The good news is that Cities: Skylines has done an outstanding job of reviving the traditional experience or building the ideal metropolis.

However, for those who like to play a city-based simulation rather than a family-based one, this is a wonderful nostalgic option. If you’re looking for a classic city development and administration strategy game, Skylines has everything you need in one place.

12. Planet Zoo

How much more difficult is it to run a zoo than it is to run a household? In Planet Zoo, players may build their own zoo and maintain it to the best of their abilities thanks to its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay.

Classic games like Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, which were hugely popular during the heyday of The Sims and The Sims 2, have been taken a long way forward by this game. In addition, managing something other than a household is a welcome change of pace.

13. Minecraft


Dedicated Simmers have spent their spare time creating content for the Sims. One of their favorite pastimes is building ridiculous palaces and houses, so it’s no surprise that games like Minecraft will excite any fan of the hobby.

Creative mode in particular allows gamers to plan out houses and take them to the next level without any restrictions. In spite of these drawbacks, the game’s survival mode is still a lot of fun, with RPG and farming elements thrown in.

14. Paralives

Despite the fact that Paralives is a work in progress, it deserves a special place on this list. EA’s upcoming project, based on what gamers have seen so far, might be the catalyst for a return to innovation and immersion in the company’s games.
Paralives, a game akin to The Sims 4, promises an unprecedented level of personalization when it comes to building houses and developing personalities. For example, The Sims brand hasn’t really begun to explore in-depth personalities and interests that actually characterize each Para. You should check it out if you are a die-hard fan of The Sims games.

15. BitLife

BitLife is the ideal game for those who enjoy being put into unexpected situations and having to make quick decisions in an alternate reality. The program is available for cellphones and randomly generates a new existence for gamers, which progresses through time.

Players will be put through a variety of life experiences and presented with a variety of options from which to choose, many of which will have intriguing and occasionally amusing effects. Even though it’s only in text form, the random life event mechanic from The Sims is very much there, making it a terrific piece of entertainment that can be taken anywhere.

16. Avakin Life

Avakin Life

Avakin Life is an excellent choice for a mobile gamer who is looking for a little more in terms of aesthetics. In the game, users can customize their character’s appearance with a wide variety of apparel and cosmetics.
Players don’t have to worry about meeting their basic requirements, but they may have a lot of fun decorating their rooms and dressing up their characters as they choose. Players can communicate with each other in common rooms and places as well as perform dance moves at parties.

17. IMVU

Similar in principle to Avakin Life, but with more features and exclusively available on PC, IMVU lets users build their ideal character, down to the choice of dress and hairstyle. Life simulation mechanics are omitted from this game once again, as it is primarily oriented toward those who appreciate the character creation component of The Sims 4.

Players can then join numerous chatrooms, furnish their own home, and socialize with other individuals. As a result, this is a social networking game with a ton of potential for creative expression.

18. Virtual Families 2

Play as a character in Virtual Families 2, which is available on Microsoft Store for PC users. In addition to decorating their home, they may also add members to their family, go to work, and ask for help when they need it—just like in The Sims 4.

There are going to be a lot of random events that either portend doom or merely disrupt daily life, keeping the enjoyable challenge and mystery of the game intact. The visuals are reminiscent of the original The Sims game, which featured a top-down perspective.

19. House Flipper

House Flipper

Various Simmers have different wants and needs. Creating characters is a favorite pastime for some, while making the perfect home is a favorite pastime for others. House Flipper, a PC game accessible on Steam, may be of interest to those who appreciate the latter.

An old, dilapidated house awaits players’ attention in this simulation game. This is without a doubt one of the best building simulators like The Sims, allowing players to even decorate and finally sell their finished product in-game with incredible realism and impressive graphics.

20. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing, a life-simulation game for Nintendo enthusiasts, places the user in a village populated by animal-like characters. In this game, there are no specific objectives other than to survive and prosper in the town by engaging in various activities such as fishing and gathering resources.

The Sims-like characteristics of character customisation and home furnishing are prominent in this game. The game includes a unique visual style and a realistic clock that reflects real-world time and seasons. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game has been considerably improved.