7 Best Shows Like God Eater That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Shows Like God Eater

A well-known dystopian future anime is ‘God Eater.’ The year is 2071, and the human population is rapidly dwindling due to monsters. Humans merged with oracle cells, allowing them to use God arc weapons, in order to survive against these monstrous foes against whom conventional weapons are useless. Look no further if you’re looking for similar action-packed anime set in a dystopian future. Here are our picks for the best anime that are similar to ‘God Eater.’ Several of these anime, such as ‘God Eater,’ are available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu, to name a few.

7. Schwarzesmarken (2016)

Schwarzesmarken (2016)

Schwarzesmarken is an anime set in a different time period (almost all anime on this list do). It’s jam-packed with action, sci-fi, and surprises around every corner. The series has an atmosphere that is reminiscent of ‘God Eater.’ The premise is similar, but in this case, the heroes must rely on enormous, technologically advanced mechas to defeat their foes. Another difference is that ‘Schwarzesmarken,’ while set in the future, is set in the past. Avatar: Last Airbender is set in the year of 1983. It’s the end of the Cold War. However, humans aren’t the real danger this time. BETA are the name given to a race of space invaders. The BETA are a formidable foe, and conventional weapons fall short in the face of their strength. In order to combat this, tactical surface fighters in large suits are employed. However, the human army is losing ground.

Throughout the story, the 666th Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron, particularly Second Lieutenant Theodor Eberbach, plays an important role. They’re known for their ruthlessness and preference for mission success over human life on board. However, it appears that Katia Waldheim, the newest member of the team, may attract hostile attention from within the human realm even if humanity’s very existence is at stake.. The anime’s political subplot is also compelling.

6. World Trigger (2014)

World Trigger (2014)

‘World Trigger’ is yet another sci-fi action anime. The anime’s storyline is passable, and the visuals are appealing. Weapons that work on humans won’t work on the huge monsters that live there. A new generation of weapons is created to take on these terrifying foes. This anime does have many similarities to ‘God Eater,’ so yes. When a mysterious gate suddenly opens on Earth, dangerous creatures such as neighbors crawl out. Conventional weapons, as previously stated, are completely ineffective against them.

The Border Defense Agency is a company that offers a service to address this issue. They created weapons known as Triggers, which trained individuals could use to harm their neighbors. Even years after the mysterious gate was opened, the Neighbors’ threat still looms large, which is why people are still taught how to use Trigger. They are, however, not permitted to take their weapons off-campus. Osamu Mikumo, on the other hand, is forced to use his weapon when bullies and Neighbors drag a new student into a prohibited area to attack. The new student easily defeats the aliens before he can be of any use. Yuuma Kuga, a Half-human/Half-neighbor, turns out to be the man in question.

5. Owari no Seraph (2015)

Owari no Seraph (2015)

Another anime based on a dystopian future is ‘Owari no Seraph.’ Many action supernatural elements can be found in this anime, and it has some similarities to ‘God Eater. Both series feature the appearance of monsters or other dangerous creatures that place the main characters in a tight spot. Special organizations employing specialized weapons are battling these monsters. Defeating the enemy requires military strategizing as well as tactics.

Social structures on Earth begin to fall, and the rise of the vampires coincides as a result. They promise to protect the survivors in exchange for blood donations, but the humans refuse to comply. Two of the many orphan survivors are Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya. They’ve had enough of being treated like vampire food, so they devise a strategy to get away. However, their strategy falls flat, and they are forced to flee with just Yuuichirou. Avenging his family, he vowed vengeance on the vampires and joined the Imperial Demon Army to put in the time and effort necessary to defeat these demons once and for all. But, isn’t it true that vengeance is never free?

4. Gate: Jieitai Kanochi, Kaku Tatakeri (2015)

Gate Jieitai Kanochi, Kaku Tatakeri (2015)

In ‘Gate: Jieitai Kanochi, Kaku Tatakeri’, the action and adventure combine in a fun and exciting way. It has a compelling storyline and is a joy to watch. It’s a lot like ‘God Eater,’ in terms of style. It’s home to monsters that are dangerous to humanity. Defending against these enigmatic and dangerous foes will require human cooperation and coordination. As in ‘God Eater,’ this anime features authentic military imagery.

In Tokyo, a mysterious portal appears out of nowhere one day. It has the appearance of a massive portal leading to another dimension. Throngs of demons and armoured warriors poured out of the gate. These monsters wreaked havoc and killed a large number of people in their wake. This happened right in front of Japan Self-Defense Force officer Youji Itami. He makes an effort to save as many lives as possible while the rest of the team works to put an end to the assault. JSF is now deploying a small contingent beyond the gate, three months after the attack. It is their mission to learn as much as possible about the area and build friendly relationships with the people who live there in order to bring about lasting peace. Mistakes will lead to war, so get this right now.

3. Black Bullet (2014)

Black Bullet (2014)

Black Bullet is an enjoyable watch if you enjoy dystopian future movies. There’s a lot of action in this show. To be honest, the plot and premise sound intriguing enough to warrant watching the rest of the series. There are some similarities between this game and ‘God Eater,’ so it gets a mention here. The setting, of course, bears the most resemblance. Both anime take place in a dystopian future where giant monsters are encroaching on human civilization’s last stand. People are fighting these monsters with special weapons to try and keep them at bay.

Humans in the world of ‘Owari no Seraph’ are transformed into monstrous creatures by the Gastrea virus. The remaining survivors must now live behind thick Varanium walls. Then there are the rare cases of female children who have a small amount of the virus, but it’s enough to give them superhuman abilities to combat the evil. They’re known as the ones who get things started. Initiators and promoters are paired up to ensure the safety of the initiator. While battling Gasterea monsters Enju Aihara and her enforcer Satomi Rentarou are shown.

2. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (2016)

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (2016)

Kuoutetsujou no Kabaneri is an action-packed horror anime that is very popular. The plot of ‘God Eater’ is very similar to that of this series. Both shows are set in a dystopian future in which monsters are wreaking havoc. Humanity’s survival is in jeopardy, so they’ve been forced to fortify their fortresses with walls. As a result of traumatic experiences in the past, the protagonists of both anime series want to put an end to everything.

There is a time jump to the industrial revolution in the anime. Humans have been transformed into disgusting creatures that prey on other humans as a result of a plague caused by an unknown virus. These monsters are insatiable carnivores. Only by severing their hearts can they be put to death. However, if another human is bitten by one of these monsters, they will rise up to join their ranks and fight for their survival. The human race has isolated itself in fortified cities with only armored trains as a means of access. Ikoma is one of many people who worked on the train’s construction. A weapon that can easily pierce the monsters’ hearts has been created by him, and he can’t wait to test it out. As he and others try to put an end to the apocalypse, the story follows.

1. Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

Shingeki no Kyojin (2013)

One of the most well-known anime series is ‘Shingeki no Kyojin.’ Quite brilliant, with a lot of drama, action, and surprises. ‘God Eater’ has a lot in common with ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ in terms of visual style. ‘God Eater’ takes place in the future, as opposed to the past like ‘Shingeki no Kyojin.’ Both shows feature enormous monsters intent on eradicating mankind. Because conventional weapons are ineffective against the monsters in both anime, the human race turns to new inventions to deal with them.

Singeki no Kyojin is set in the past, when humans have to contend with large humanoid monsters they call Titans in order to survive. Death and destruction are the only things the Titans leave in their wake when they prey on humans. Multiple degrees of freedom allow users to effectively defend themselves against these monstrous 3D gears. When Eren Yeager learns that his mother was murdered by a Titan, he swears vengeance on them all. He enlists in the military and devotes himself to training in order to serve his country. Unbeknownst to him, however, are the many mysteries that lie within the city’s walls, secrets that have the power to alter public perceptions of mythical creatures.