5 Best Games Like Rust On Xbox That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Rust On Xbox

It won’t be released on Xbox or PlayStation consoles until later in 2021 at the earliest. In the meantime, Xbox fans can enjoy these five comparable games.

As a result of a number of high-profile Twitch streamers returning to the game that was first released in early access in 2013, Rust’s popularity has skyrocketed. Rust is exclusively available on PC at the moment, which means console gamers can’t join in the fun. Fortunately, while Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users wait for developer Facepunch Studios to bring Twitch’s new obsession to consoles, they can pick up lots of similar titles.

Facepunch had to postpone the release of the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Rust due to unforeseen circumstances. Since all of the studio’s employees were forced to work remotely due of the coronavirus outbreak, the studio’s productivity inevitably slowed down. The Xbox version of Rust has been delayed until 2021, giving gamers plenty of time to play other survival games before they get their hands on it.

Resource management, exploration, and the eventual construction of a fort are all important to the genre. All of the following titles have some variation of those elements, each with its own distinctive flavor. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest alternatives to Rust for Xbox users until Facepunch launches the game on consoles.

If you want to play Rust on Xbox, DayZ is the closest you’ll get. There is a devastating epidemic that has infected nearly the whole country of Chernarus, turning its citizens into zombies known as Infected. Food, drink, weaponry, and supplies must be scavenged from the DayZ open world to keep hunger and thirst meters full, as well as defend against up to 59 other players in any one server. There is a single-player sandbox option where players can experiment with different structures and weapons. To a greater or lesser extent, players’ interactions with one another in Rust can result in tense standoffs or outright combat.

1. Xbox Game Like Rust – DayZ


Rust and DayZ’s developer Studio Wildcard brought tamable dinosaurs to Ark.Survival Evolved, which has all of the same components. On an island teeming with Triassic creatures, Ark players will have to forage for food and water while gathering supplies to construct weapons and a safe haven. There is a lengthy story mode and up to 100 players can join multiplayer servers in Ark.Survival Evolved.

2. Xbox Game Like Rust – Ark: Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved

Like Rust and DayZ, Dying Light includes a large open environment, but it’s more focused on single player and cooperative play than any of those games. A zombie apocalypse has struck the Middle East, and players assume control of protagonist Kyle Crane.

3. Xbox Game Like Rust – Dying Light

Dying Light

In spite of the lack of a hunger or thirst system, the game’s buttery parkour system allows gamers to pull off some spectacular fighting sequences that aren’t achievable in any of the other games on this list.. Because the game’s co-op feature is limited to four players, you won’t be able to meet new people.

4. Xbox Game Like Rust – Subnautica


After crashing into Planet 4546B, Subnautica allows players to explore the ocean depths beneath the surface of the planet. Unknown Worlds Entertainment’s release, in contrast to the others, emphasizes exploration and is designed just for a single player. However, the game’s odd animals will appeal to fans of survival games. To eat, drink, refill their oxygen tank, and build equipment, Subnautica players must forage for resources. Subnautica may be a solitary experience, but the attraction of discovering what lies beneath the ocean’s vast surface is what keeps gamers hooked.

5. Xbox Game Like Rust – Grounded (Early Access)

Grounded (Early Access)

In addition to being the sole Xbox exclusive on this list, Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded is one of the most innovative survival games in recent memory. One of four youngsters who mysteriously shrank in a backyard must find a means to regain their original size in this first-person adventure game. A Koi pond full of spiders or a discarded bottle of water in the backyard of a suburban home can both be explored from this vantage point’s diminutive size. Whether playing alone or with up to four friends, players will need to work together to gather food and craft as they try to discover what happened to make them so small.