9 Best Fantasy Games Ps4 That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Fantasy Games Ps4

The PlayStation 4 has a lot to offer people who like fantasy settings and games. Along with ports of older games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sony’s system has a lot of fantasy RPGs that take players to worlds that are very different from our own. You can get away from your everyday life by playing games, and few genres do this better than fantasy.

People tend to have different ideas about what high fantasy is, but it usually means stories that take place in worlds that are nothing like Earth. High fantasy tends to have magic, monsters, a good vs. evil plot, and an epic adventure. However, it is not always easy to tell when this line is crossed. Here are the best and worst high fantasy games for the PS4, based on these criteria.

BEST: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI is the best traditional high fantasy game for the PS4, so you don’t need to look any further. Set in the colourful world of Erdrea, the game begins with monsters attacking the peaceful kingdom of Dundrasil. The main character, a prince and a baby, is sent away to save his life.

A long time later, the main character finds out about his family history and that he is the chosen hero who will defeat the Dark One and save Erdrea. Dragon Quest XI is a great turn-based RPG that makes you feel like you’re back in the days of the PlayStation 2.

WORST: Secret Of Mana

The remake of Square’s classic game Secret of Mana, which came out in 2018, is one of the most disappointing games to come out in recent years. Secret of Mana has some beautiful graphics, but the voice acting is distracting, the 3D models aren’t very good, the combat is old, and the menus are hard to use.

The 2018 version of Secret of Mana has none of the charm of the original, so new players to the series should just play the SNES version.

BEST: Divinity: Original Sin II


Divinity: Original Sin II is rightly called one of the best role-playing games of this generation. It is also a great example of how to incorporate player choice and a changing world into a long story without making it less interesting. As the barrier between the franchise’s world, Rivellon, and the Void starts to break down, the God King’s monsters have begun to move into Rivellon. Users take on the role of the Godwoken, who is a person chosen by the Seven Gods to protect Rivellon from the Void.

Divinity: Original Sin II is a complicated game with deep combat, three-dimensional characters, and memorable side quests. This is an adventure that is worth going on, even though the tactical gameplay can be hard.

WORST: Bound by Flame

Bound by Flame, which came out at the same time on both old and new consoles, is somewhere between high fantasy and dark fantasy, but it’s not very good at either. The main character, Vulcan, is taken over by a demon and goes on a mission to free Vertiel’s Worldheart from the Ice Lords, who have been holding it for all of time.

Bound By Flame has a couple of interesting ideas, like letting players choose whether to follow the demon’s evil ways or keep their humanity, but the RPG doesn’t live up to any of its potential because of how poorly it is put together.

BEST: Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World

Even though Monster Hunter doesn’t have magic or a plot, which is unusual for the subgenre, it is still high fantasy because it is full of strange creatures and takes place in worlds that aren’t real. Compared to earlier entries, World also tries to have a story, even though it is mostly unimportant.

Monster Hunter: World has a real-time combat system that rewards both planning and quick reactions. It is made up of a series of hunts where players try to kill monsters that get bigger and bigger, especially the Elder Dragons. Each battle is its own epic adventure.

WORST: Zenith

Zenith is marketed as a funny throwback to old-school RPGs, but its humour comes down to modern slang and references that don’t make sense together and are already out of date. Zenith has very little that makes it stand out. You play as a wizard named Argus Windell, who ends up causing an apocalyptic situation where you have to beat a generic villain.

Combat isn’t always fun, NPCs and companions aren’t very memorable, and the world has a hard time standing out from other games in the same genre.

BEST: The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher III The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the best RPG of this generation, beating out games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, which came out earlier. CD Projekt Red’s 2015 game, which is supposed to be the last part of Geralt’s story, is a master class in open-world game design and storytelling.

The main story has the end-of-the-world feel that you would expect from a high fantasy game, but the best parts of The Witcher 3 are the more personal side quests. Even though the combat isn’t for everyone, the game’s magic system and wide variety of monsters keep it from ever getting really boring.

Elden Ring

The game is a great reimagining of FromSoftware’s ideas about how to play games. It has complex level design and enemies that are hard and unpredictable, and it takes place in an open world. This lets you explore at your own pace, knowing that every corner could hold a new challenge.

It’s a big game, but if you’re patient and do your research, you’ll get a lot out of it. The boss fights are some of the hardest you’ll face anywhere in gaming, but they give you a level of satisfaction that few other games can match.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This beautiful remake brings back to the spotlight one of the most famous stories in gaming history. It only covers the first major part of the original game, but it makes it longer and gives you more time to learn about side characters and your main heroes.

It looks and sounds great, and the combat system has been updated to make it play even better. So, whether you’re a fan or a newcomer, this is the perfect chance to play a classic game.