10 Best Games Like Pokemon That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Pokemon

What if you’ve already caught ’em all? Then why not play these games like Pokemon?


That there are so many fantastic games like Pokemon available for us to play is understandable. Indeed, the much-loved RPG series has brought us several experiences since its initial release in 1996, from the main series to notable spin-offs. It’s impossible not to draw comparisons to the original adventure, which introduced such a wide variety of creatures and its desire to collect them all. You might be on the lookout for other games like Pokemon now that Pokemon Legends: Arceus has just been released.

Below you’ll find a wide variety of games similar to Pokemon, such as Ooblets, Temtem, and Slime Rancher.

1. Temtem


Pokemon MMO Temtem is a lot like that. However, we can get a taste of life on Omninesia’s floating islands, where we can catch Temtems and compete with other players. With your squad of charming critters, you’ll have to face the eight formidable dojo masters in the Archipelago, much like in Pokemon. It’s a chance for PC gamers to get bitten by the Pokemon bug, as well as an additional outlet for those who have already mastered the game, with the inclusion of real humans moving around the world for more combat chances. There are always new events, new objectives, new Temtem and more being introduced to the game, making it a constantly evolving experience.

2. Ooblets

Grow and collect cute and cuddly Ooblets in this fun little game. Ooblet collectors can utilize these small critters in dance fights against other Ooblet collectors as they explore Oob. Ooblets has it all: farming, Animal Crossing-style house building, and a slew of interesting people to get to know and work with. In spite of the fact that it’s currently in early access, this is a charming idyll that you may visit frequently.

3.  World of Final Fantasy Maxima

World of Final Fantasy Maxima

The classic Pokemon role-playing games have a lot in common with World of Final Fantasy. The story revolves around amnesic twins Lann and Reynn, who have lost all memory of their history. A mysterious woman welcomes them to Gymoire and informs them that they are Mirage keepers. The twins can train and control mirages, creatures similar to Pokemon.

Lilikins, the people who live in the country, are the reason why everyone here appears like a chibi version of their Final Fantasy counterpart. As part of a mission to save Gymoire from the Bahamutian Army, the twins travel through a portal to Gymoire. Other Final Fantasy characters from various sides meet them on their quest. World of Final Fantasy: Maxima, the 2017 re-release of the 2016 original, is a significant step forward for the franchise. There are more Mirages to face in the enhanced edition as well as more well-known Final Fantasy characters including Noctis, Lightening, and Yuna.

4. Yokai Watch 3

Yokai Watch 3 is the latest in the long-running series to be localized, and it’s a must-have if you’re looking for a Pokemon RPG-like experience while you wait for Yokai Watch 4 on the Nintendo Switch. There are a wide variety of Yo-kai spirits, including cute cat-like animals, fairies, and bunnies.

Between Nate in his new town of St. Peanutsburg and Hailey at her Yo-kai detective agency in Springdale, the plot is divided into two halves. More than 600 types of Yo-Kai are available in the third game in the series, including cowboys and cheeseburger-themed spirits. After a combat, you can choose to become friends with Yo-kai instead of capturing them. You may train, evolve, and battle with the Yo-Kai in much the same way that you do with your best Pokemon pals, except instead of move orders, it uses a grid-based battle system.

5. Digimon World: Next Order

Digimon World Next Order

You can’t go wrong with any Digimon game because players have been comparing it to Pokemon for as long as they’ve both been around. In Digimon World: Next Order, growing and training Digimon is emphasized more than in previous games, making it a good choice for those who enjoyed raising Pokemon. Digital Monster, the Tamagotchi-like digital pet that originated the Digimon franchise, is the basis for Next Order.

You can only evolve and train a maximum of two Digimon at a time in this open world game. Eevee and Pikachu were interactive in Pokemon: Let’s Go; now, you can do the same with your Digimon friends by feeding and praising them, as well as giving them various presents, just like you did in Pokemon: Let’s Go. The more you travel, the more Digimon owners you’ll meet, and the better your Digimon’s powers will become as they progress through the stages. Rather than a turn-based warfare system, Next Order introduces real-time fighting to the series.

6. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is still a catch-’em-all game, but with a more… um, slimy twist to it. Beatrix LeBeau is a rancher who uses a vacpack to explore the area. Capturing various cute slimes you come across by sucking them up is the goal of this game. Plorts are slime drops that serve as the game’s currency, so you place the happy blobs in your ranch and feed them till they drop. There are a wide variety of slimes, and each one has a unique Plorts value.

If a pink slime consumes the plort of a different slime, they’ll evolve and become a new slime of their own. Think of it this way: Exposing, say, a Pokemon to an evolution stone works in a similar way. Experimenting with plorts and slimes gives you the opportunity to build your own unique slimes and uncover a slew of new ways to make money. The danger is that if you build an excessive number of slimes, they will attack and you will be the one to blame for your own lovely death trap. Fortunately, Slime Rancher 2 will be released in 2022 as well.

7.  Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy!

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy

Chocobo and his companion Cid are treasure hunters that venture through dungeons to aid the town of Lostime in the latest installment of the Mystery Dungeon series. The Bell of Oblivion has erased the memories of the town’s residents, causing them to forget whenever it chimes. It is up to you and the adorable Final Fantasy bird and his pal to reclaim their memories and reclaim the past. Because the dungeons in which each player’s memories are stored are generated at random, there’s no telling what tasks or dangers you’ll face. Pokemon RPG-style dungeons and battles may be found in this game. In the dungeons, you’ll come across a variety of monsters that you can become friends with by using the “buddy system.” In the dungeons, the monsters will fight with you and assist you in overcoming some of the most difficult challenges. If you enjoyed Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS in 2016, you’ll appreciate this just as much.

8.  Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

While Digimon World: Next Order was included in our list, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is worth mentioning due of its uniqueness. With a real tale, you’re not restricted to just two Digimon to raise; instead, you can train and battle with a plethora of different Digimon.

Sleuth’s turn-based method is more like Pokemon’s fighting style, therefore no real-time combat here either. Cyber Sleuth’s tale takes place in EDEN, a digital cyberspace that is primarily used by hackers, while Next Order was set in a green open environment. As an amateur hacker who joins the digital community, you gain the power to tame and combat with a variety of Digimon. A virus that strikes all of EDEN’s users causes things to go awry. As in Pokemon, you begin with a choice of three beginning Digimon and can collect more as you explore the digital world in search of the virus’s origin.

9. Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon Extinction

The Pokemon Company’s legal team should certainly pursue Nexomon: Extinction as well, but the game’s unique spin on the Pokemon formula with a stamina system makes it stand apart. In order to keep your monsters fresh, you’ll need to change your parties frequently. Although it is a Pokemon clone, it prides itself on being a Pokemon clone without the system. Even if you’re not a fan of the Nintendo Switch, this is a terrific game to check out, especially if you’ve never played a Pokemon game before.

10. Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary has come a long way from its inception as a Kickstarter project and is well worth your attention. A team of monsters is formed to take on wild creatures, and you can have one of your party members follow along after you, just like in Pokemon Yellow or Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. However, the HMs in the Pokemon franchise originally captured the navigation elements, which these followers embody. Even though it isn’t exactly the same, it does provide Monster Sanctuary a definite advantage. Additionally, it’s an excellent side-scrolling, two-dimensional pixel-art adventure for Pokemon enthusiasts.

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