12 Best Shows Like A Series Of Unfortunate Events Update 05/2024

Shows Like A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Adapted from the popular children’s series ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ from Lemony Snicket, it’s a black comedy television series that chronicles the plight of three orphans ā€” Violet, an inventor, Klaus, a bookworm and a sunny Baudelaire, the infant siblings with an unnatural teeth after their relatives died and their homes were destroyed by a fire. While they study the mysterious circumstances of their parents’ death, they are shifted from one home to another. On the way, their evil guardian named Count Olaf, after their inheritance, has to outsmart. When they try to foil his different plans and uncover some of his disguises, they discover that their parents were part of a secret culte.

In a Gothic context, the forlorn, tragic drama, packed with elements of dry mood and sharp dialogs, make it all the more astounding. Suitable for both children and adults, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ fully reflects its source material. And if you’ve finished watching this series, then let’s help you to revive the genre with a few more titles like this. Here is the list of best examples similar to ‘A series of unlucky events.’ You can watch a number of such series, such as ‘A Unfortunate Event Series’ on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

1. Hetty Feather (2015)

Hetty Feather (2015)

‘Hetty Feather’ revolves around the same name protagonist. When she was a baby, she was abandoned. She and her foster brother were fostered by Peg and Gideon Smeed and returned to Foundling Hospital at the age of five. The show dates back to the 80s and starts living with a fearful mother who runs the hospital with an iron fist and strict rules.

2. The Fosters (2013-18)

‘The Fosters’ introduces the police officer Stef Adams Foster and the school principal partner Lena Adams Foster. The couple run a home to foster and subsequently adopt orphans from different ethnic backgrounds. We also meet Brandon, Stef’s biological son, Jesus and Mariana, the adoptive twins who were taken into the family when they were children. As the series begins, the duo welcomes another two children, namely Callie and Jude, into their homes. The episodes mainly chronicle the difficulties the couple face as they try to raise their children in the San Diego area.

3. Gravity Falls (2012-16)

Gravity Falls (2012-16)

While ‘Gravity Falls’ falls under the animated genre, its plot closely looks like ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events.’

Here, we introduced Dipper Pines, the 12-year old and his twin sister Mabel, to spend their summer holiday with Grand Uncle Stan Pines atGravity falls (a fictive town in Roadkill County,Oregon). Now, things don’t look like they’re in this apparently peaceful city. Their uncle runs the Mystery Shack, an elusive and shady tourist trap. After Dipper discovers a secret diary, the twins begin to reveal the city’s hidden mysteries.

4. Anne With An ā€˜Eā€™ (2017)

‘Anne with an E’ is an adaptation of a classical children’s novel about a young orphan named Anne, who is imaginative, sleek and witty. She is often haunted by her past, where she has spent most of her childhood in an orphanage, abused and beaten by her peers in an effort to seek affection and acceptance. When aging siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert look for a boy on their farm, Anne is wrongly sent home. Reluctant at the start, the duo finally enters the girl who transforms her life and brings with their endless fancy and imagination a wave of freshness to the neighborhood.

5. Just Add Magic (2015)

Just Add Magic (2015)

‘Just add magic’ is a magnificent show for both young and old. It’s funny, funny and entertaining. The series deals with Kelly Quinn and her best friends Darbie and Hannah who unfortunately discover the mysterious cookbook of Kelly’s grandmother in the attic. But there are no regular recipes in the book. It’s full of magic that helps the girls chip plates that have the strength to heal and solve problems. ‘Just Add Magic’ is a pleasant watch based on the popular book of the same name.

6. The Worst Witch (2017)

You’ll love “The Worst Witch” if you are a fan of ‘Harry Potter’ and all magic. When Maud Spellbody crashes into the house of Mildred, who lived with her mother until now, she is allowed to enter Cackle’s Academy, a school where young sorcerers were trained in witchcraft and wizardry. However, almost all her spells go wrong when Mildred starts her training and end in disaster. Is she ever going to get better now?

7. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018)

‘Chilling adventures of Sabrina’ is a darker approach than the parent’s story, based on the original show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ This series, which drains horror and occult elements, describes Sabrina’s journey as she struggles among her half-hearted and half-human persons. Along the way, she must also fight evil forces that threaten to destroy her close friends, her family included.

8. The Bureau of Magical Things (2018)

The Bureau of Magical Things (2018)

The human race and magic live naturally in harmony. But this peaceful coexistence, with growing technology, is jeopardizing the lives of mythical creatures like pixies, fairies and elves. In order to save the world, Kyra joins Peter’s hands and tries to unite men’s spheres and magic.

9. Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996-2003)

One of the most famous shows of the 90s is ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ which detects she is a witch when she turns 16. New in the magical world, her spells are often backfire and her aunts Hilda and Zelda guide her. This series often has references to contemporary pop culture and historical events like Salem witch hunt compared with the show ‘Bewitched’ in the 60s.

10. Charmed (1998-2006)

Another fantasy playwright series, ‘Charmed,’ aired on the WB from 7 October 1998 to 21 May 2006. It consists of three sisters, who are also witches and use their power to save the earth from evilness such as wars. The trio tries to lead an ordinary life in San Francisco while trying to keep its powers a secret from ordinary people. Often, however, it is a challenge and risks exposing cops and even the FBI.

11. Always a Witch (2019)

Always a Witch (2019)

‘Always a Witch’ introduces us to Carmen, 19, in the 17th century, where she is a slave. But she’s also unfortunately a witch and falls in love with a white man. In those days, she was seen as a serious crime and is condemned to death by being burned alive on a stake. But it was saved by an elderly wizard that took it to a different time frame in Colombia, where no one believed in witchcraft. She promises to never use her magical powers as part of this deal. She begins school, meets new people and makes new friends and plans to start again. But what about the nature of her? She’s a witch, after all, and this can never be reversed.

12. Road to Avonlea (1990-96)

The “Road to Avonlea” takes us to the King family, a small farming community living in Avonlea on Prince Edward Island. For several generations they have lived here. The story was founded in the early 1900s and revolves around the five siblings of the King. Hetty is the eldest of them and cares for the family and runs everyday affairs in a strict, rigid way. Secondly, Alec oversees the farm of the King. Olivia is the youngest of them.

But there are two unexpected arrivals one day. One is Roger King’s son, Andrew, the third eldest sibler, a famous geologist and presently away from the farm. The other is Sara Stanley, Ruth’s daughter, the family’s fourth oldest. Ruth was the only rebellious man among all the siblings and now is dead. She’s been cut off from every family connection. Sara’s father Blair Stanley is sent to Avonlea for he faces problems in this business and wants to protect his daughter from the mess. Now that Sara has lived a rich life in Montreal, without her father, she has to adjust to the simple rural conditions on the farm.