8 Best Games On Microsoft Store That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Games On Microsoft Store

We wanted to find the best PC games that are free to download and play from the Microsoft Store. We did a lot of research and put together a list of free full-version games for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Our list has a lot of different types of games, like racing games, puzzle games, games for kids, and simulators. Read on to find out about some of the best PC games you can download for free (full versions) on your Windows PC, tablet, or laptop:

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

We’ll start this list of free PC games you can download from Microsoft with Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which is our favourite. It’s an action-based MMORPG made by SEGA and available for Windows, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. It has great graphics that are inspired by anime, but you need a fairly powerful computer to be able to run it at the highest graphics settings. But it’s worth it because the missions are well made and the story is good, even though some people will say it’s too short. Still, the adventure is worth it, and the story will continue in future updates for sure. Combat moves quickly, character classes are interesting, making a character gives you a lot of options, and the controls are easy to use and remember.

If you like games with huge open worlds where you can go wherever you want and also like to play online, you should try Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is one of the best beat-em-up games you can find right now, and it’s definitely the best free arcade fighting game you can get from the Microsoft Store. We don’t know about you, but we were old enough to play beat-em-up games when they were at their best in the 1990s, and we still love them. Killer Instinct reminds me of old fighting games, but it’s also a new and beautiful take on the genre. It has a lot of different characters, the game is fun and fast-paced, and the graphics are great. Each character has its own fatalities and special moves. It’s easy and fun to start playing, but it’s hard to learn how to use all the combos. Also, even though a controller is the best way to play Killer Instinct, the controls are good even if you use a keyboard.

It’s also one of the few free, good games from the Microsoft Store that lets Xbox One and Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers play online with each other. Overall, Killer Instinct is the best free beat-em-up game you can get for your Windows PC or device if you like fighting arcade games.

Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series

Minecraft Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series

Minecraft is almost impossible to not have heard of. The Minecraft: Story Mode game adds a story to the original Minecraft game. There are a total of eight episodes, but only some of them are free. It starts by introducing the characters and then goes right into the story. We’re not going to give anything away, but we do want to tell you that it’s great. Even though it looks like it was made just for kids, the game has a lot of funny parts that can make people of any age laugh.

Asphalt 9: Legends

One of the most popular racing games in the Microsoft Store is Asphalt 9: Legends. You start the game by seeing a long list of real cars from companies like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. Asphalt 9: Legends has more than 70 different real-world race tracks in places like the United States and the Himalayas, so it’s hard to get bored. In Career mode, you can finish more than 60 seasons and 800 races. In World Series Multiplayer mode, you can race against up to 7 other people in real time.

The game is a smooth arcade racing game with good controls that keeps you glued to the screen for a long time. You can, of course, buy things inside the app, and that’s fine. But after a while, the ads can get a little bit annoying.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Warships

World of Tanks Blitz is a free MMO game made by Wargaming, the same company that made World of Tanks, World of Warships, and Worlds of Warplanes. This game is similar to World of Tanks. It can be played on smartphones and tablets with Windows 10 and Windows 11, as well as on Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers. It comes with more than 300 tanks from Germany, Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and Japan that you can move to win online battles with 7 vs. 7.

You can fight in 26 different battle arenas, talk to other players in the game chat, and earn achievements as you play. You can play the game for free, but you can also buy things like upgrades or vehicles with real money.

Fallout Shelter

In Fallout Shelter, a free game, you are in charge of making plans for an underground Vault. You must build the best Vault possible and keep your people happy by giving them the right jobs, clothes, weapons, and training to keep them safe from the Wasteland. This game is fun and interesting because it gives you a lot to think about. What will you do: make sure everyone has clean water and enough food, or save credits to build more places to live?

Some in-game purchases can also be made with real money, but the game’s creator, Bethesda, is very quiet about it. If you don’t pay, the game won’t bother you or slow down your progress. That’s a great way to do it.

World of Warships

World of Warships

Wargaming is also the company that made World of Warships. Even though this game is similar to World of Tanks, it is more about the navy. You can control battleships, destroyers, cruisers, and even squadrons of carrier ships. You and your teammates are going into naval battle to beat the enemy. The graphics are great and can be changed, so even devices with less power can run it. But ultra settings for graphics can require a lot of hardware power.

Even though you start at a low level, you can improve your ships and guns and grow your skills tree without ever having to pay real money. But the game also lets you buy new ships through in-game purchases. But you still have to play the game in order to gain experience. It’s a great strategy game that we think everyone should play.

Mutant Year Zero

Mutant Year Zero is a great RPG-style turn-based strategy game. In a dystopian future, a group of mutants try to make a life in a Swedish nuclear wasteland. The story is based on a popular tabletop RPG from the 1980s. Mutant Year Zero is a well-written and fun strategy RPG that is worth your time. The dialogue and writing are especially good.