12 Best Games Like Neopets That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Neopets

1. Lady Popular

Lady Popular

For young girls and boys, Lady Popular is a browser-based game that lets you battle it out in the fashion arena, arrange your apartment, manage a partner, and more. Despite its modest look and interface, Lady Popular contains a plethora of fun and entertainment that can be enjoyed in either your browser or one of the numerous mobile apps. When players begin their Lady Popular journey, they are given the option of creating an in-game character.

2. Goatlings

You can’t adopt monsters or beautiful tiny house pets from Goatlings. Instead, you’ll be able to adopt the humble goat. Incorporating the standard free-to-play virtual pet site mechanics popularized by the likes of Neopets into the goat’s design. Goatlings is a fun and adorable online browser game for all ages that has a large and active player base at all times. When it comes to cute, adoptable pets, a goat probably isn’t what springs to mind. Read the Review]

3. Animal Jam


It is a virtual environment for children that uses genuine animal and plant facts in exciting tales accompanied by educational content from National Geographic to teach kids about the world around them. Animal Jam’s virtual worlds also have a wide range of social and game features that are ideal for children, tweens, and even teenagers to participate in. As a result of this consideration for its audience, Animal Jam does not include any outside advertising in its game, instead relying on prem… [Read the Review]

4. Dogzer

Designed for dog enthusiasts throughout the world, Dogzer allows you to adopt, raise, train, and even breed your own virtual pet. MMOs and social networking sites are becoming increasingly intertwined. These activities may be done with a virtual dog and a vast community of other dog enthusiasts in your browser, thanks to Dogzer. When you begin your Dogzer journey, you’ll have a wide variety of canine companions from which to chose.

5. Flight Rising

Flight Rising is a browser-based dragon taming game. Based on the breeding and nurturing of the most powerful dragons possible. New player registrations are only permitted every few months due to the game’s popularity. There are eleven components that dragon clans can choose to support; however, this is a temporary choice, so players can experiment with the different elements throughout the game and see what each one has to offer. The next step in the process… Read the Review]

6. Horzer


Dogs are traded for horses in Horzer’s gameplay, which is similar to Dogzer’s. A browser-based game that enables you train horses, compete in equestrian contests and be part of an equestrian-related community is what you’ll find in Horzer’s experience. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of two dozen horse breeds, each with a unique set of stats, when you create your account… Read the Review]

7. Rescreatu

For the purpose of collecting all of the available species and color variants, Rescreatu is an online virtual pet game that takes place across a variety of worlds. To complete the blend of virtual pet game and social experience, players can also accomplish tasks, make friends and participate in the in-game economy. Even though it isn’t as well-known as some of the other major players in this niche genre, Recreatu has managed to keep a loyal fan base. Read the Review]

8. Fishao


Fishao (Fish Always Online) is a game that mixes the fun of fishing with the thrills of online tournaments and virtual worlds. There’s a pleasant community at Fishao, even if you don’t enjoy fishing. Fishermen from all around the world will compete in a worldwide tournament to catch more than 200 fish in ten distinct themed regions. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, each location doubles as a meeting place where you may mingle with other visitors. Read the Review]

9. Miramagia

Free to play farming simulator Miramagia combines a magical realm with role-playing game principles to create a unique blend. The adventure, which was originally only playable in Adobe Flash, now has a Windows client accessible for download. This, however, means that players will only be able to access the content that was available as of May 2020, as the developer has ceased development. While the game’s material is enormous and promises hundreds of hours of gameplay, it’s a bit of a let-down.

10. Battle Camp

Battle Camp

A monster training and fighting game for mobile devices, Battle Camp is one of the most detailed and in-depth on the market (both iOS and Android). In order to progress through the game’s extensive quest-driven storyline or to assemble the ultimate PvP fighting force and rise to the top of the rankings against other players in real time combat, fans of Pokémon will feel completely at home. Battle Camp, which has been online since 2013, is another example of a site with exceptional durability, as it continues to receive regular… Read the Review]

11. Gaia Online

With its roots in an anime-themed online forum, Gaia Online has now evolved into a more robust MMO experience. Currently, Gaia Online’s website allows gamers to interact with others, chat on forums, play games, and build their own avatars while collecting stylish goods. Even though it has evolved from a simple community forum since its inception in 2003, Gaia Online still attracts a sizable audience. Read the Review]

12. MaraPets


MaraPets is a browser-based social game in which you can select a pet from a wide variety of animals, play games, accomplish missions, and more! It’s similar to the popular web game Neopets in that it has hundreds of users online all the time who may befriend and interact with each other. MaraPets, like other browser-based pet games, begins by allowing players to create a free account and then choose a monster-themed pet for them to care for. At least two dozen of them.