6 Tower Of God Characters Anime That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Tower Of God Characters Anime

You can learn more about the Webtoon adaptation’s various clans and tower-climbers before the show’s release.

For the recently announced anime series adaptation of Korean manhwa, Tower of God, the new character trailer has undoubtedly stoked excitement. Fans of shonen anime will enjoy the show’s class-based plot and unique character designs.

Basically, the basis of the story is that a lonely young child goes into a mystery tower in search of his one and only companion. In order to reach her again, he must battle his way to the very top of the tower, where he will face an army of foes. However, he is exempt from many tower restrictions, therefore he is one of the few who can bring down Jahad, the corrupt ruler. Fortunately.

Because of the show’s focus on many families and clans, we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you learn more about the main characters before they air in April.

1. Baam (Character Voice: Taichi Ichikawa)


As the series’ central character, twenty-fifth Baam sets out to find his friend Rachel in the titular tower. To be an Irregular means that Baam does not have to follow the same rules as everyone else in the tower. This includes not having to worry about whether or not he can harm Jahad, who would otherwise be immortal.

As an Irregular, he has access to the tower’s enigmatic Shinsu energy, which he can use to his advantage as he seeks to go to the top of the tower. His ability to resist magic is mostly due to his enigmatic upbringing. This explains why so many powerful individuals are interested in him and why he has a fighting chance in the face of these adversaries.

2. Endorsi Jahad (Character Voice: Rie Suegara)

Endorsi Jahad

As one of the many Jahad princesses in the tower, Endorsi has access to its many floors, but only as a Regular. Despite her youthful appearance, she possesses a tremendous amount of inner and outer strength. This is largely owing to her prior hardships, which have made her both tough and a little sadistic.

It was SUI, the show’s creator, who included the element of her obsessive attention to her appearance, even in the midst of a conflict, to give her the appearance of a contemporary adolescent. Using the name Endorsi, she hides her identity from the rest of the world. On top of that, she has a cutaneous horn that blends in so well with the rest of her hair that it appears to be a natural part of her hair. In terms of physical strength, she is one of the strongest Regulars, yet she is merely a middle-ranking princess of Jahad in terms of her rank.

3. Anaak Jahad (Character Voice: Akira Sekine)

Anaak Jahad

Most noticeable about Anaak is her green skin and tail, which give her a reptile look. Princess Jahad’s daughter is named after her mother, who was previously a princess of Jahad before fleeing the country after giving birth. The Green April, a formidable 13 Month series weapon that can only be used by princesses of Jahad, despite her less-than-advantageous situation. As a form of retaliation for Jahad’s torture of her mother, she is attempting to scale the tower. As a result, she harbors a deep aversion to Jahad and everything he stands for.

Akira Sekine, the character’s voice actor, says the following about playing Anaak: “It’s hard to deny the fact that she’s tough, but she also has an adorable side to her. When I read the original novel, I found her to be a very attractive young woman!”

4. Khun Aguero Agnes (Character Voice: Nobuhiko Okamoto)

Khun Aguero Agnes

KHUN is a descendant of the KHUN family, which is one of the 10 renowned clans in the Tower of Babel. In order to gain power and wealth, he decided to take up the tower’s challenge. As a result of his background, he possesses a keen tactical mind that he employs to overcome any obstacle that comes his way. He’s also trying to regain the prestige of his family and himself after being expelled from his clan when his sister failed to become one of Jahad’s princesses.

Also, he is Baam’s best friend; he is the first person he befriends in the tower. “It’s a fun part that includes figuring out how to incorporate as much of his genuine meaning as possible while strikingaloof stances,” says voice actor Nobukiho Okamoto.

5. Rak Wraithraiser (Character Voice: Kenta Miyake)

Rak Wraithraiser

As soon as he meets Baam and Khun, Rak Wraithraiser, a powerful fighter with enormous power, forms a team with them. His voice actor Kenta Miyke describes him as a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get, arrogant, powerful, loud, and occasionally cute character” who is “easily more brawn than brains” at times. He may be more at home in a battle than anyplace else, but that doesn’t make him any less of a loyal buddy who will do everything for them. His strength is matched only by his enormous size, making him look like a real-life dinosaur.

Ancient elemental Rak is descended from The Native One, which governs the Tower’s vitality. His species’ name is Wraithraiser, and they come from an area where they exclusively coexist with turtles. So Rak uses the term “turtle” as a nickname for everyone in his immediate vicinity. His enormous stature gradually diminishes throughout the manga, resulting in a humorous new appearance. In spite of his depiction as a one-dimensional character, he maintains that his purpose in mounting the tower is a higher ideal than power, fame, or retribution.

6. Yuri Jahad (Character Voice: Mariko Honda)

Yuri Jahad

Yuri is a High Ranker and a princess of Jahad. She is descended from the Ha family and is one of Jahad’s princesses. Additionally, she is one of only a few princesses who own two 13 Month Series weapons. As soon as she sees Baam enter the tower, she is immediately drawn to him because he is an Irregular.

The Tower of God anime was first revealed at Seoul Comic-Con in August 2019, with Takashi Sano as director and Erika Yoshida as writer. The anime will feature the voices of Taichi Ichikawa, Saori Hayami, and Hochu Otsuka. Crunchyroll will debut Tower of God on April 1st.