6 Best Games Like Minecraft Free That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Minecraft Free

Interested in playing free Minecraft games? You’ve come to the right place! The block-shaped hole in your life will be filled by these free Minecraft games, whether you’ve exhausted Minecraft or are looking for games comparable to Minecraft but don’t want to pay the price tag that comes with them. These games may not have the same creative and survival elements that Minecraft is known for, but they should keep you amused.

Unturned, the survival horror game, and Roblox’s limitless possibilities for player-created worlds might not be exact reproductions of Mojang’s blocky cosmos, but they’re all close enough that Minecraft fans will recognize and enjoy elements from each of these six titles. You may also try these free alternatives to get a feel for the block-building giant if you’re new to Minecraft.

There are a lot of ways these free Minecraft games deviate from the original Minecraft idea, but in return they provide something new and exciting. Here, you’ll find your way into even more of Minecraft’s block-building bliss.

1. Trove


Aside from Minecraft, Trove is one of the best building games with an emphasis on RPG elements like leveling and grinding for loot. Choosing a class in Trove is the first step in the game, and you can choose from a variety of RPG archetypes like the Knight and Barbarian to more extravagant builds like the Dino Tamer and Tomb Raider. When you’re out exploring the game’s different biomes, you’ll be able to use the unique attacks and crafting specialties that each class provides.

Trove, like Minecraft, includes a wide variety of construction and crafting mechanics that allow you to shape the environment around you. In Trove, you and your online pals can explore countless player-created environments called Clubs, where you and your fellow players can kill monsters and manufacture new weapons, all while adding to your cornerstone’s stockpile of treasure.

2. Roblox


When you play Roblox, you’ll see similarities to Minecraft’s building and creativity. That’s because Roblox serves as a massive game development platform with virtually unlimited making options. If you enjoy messing with the Minecraft maps and finding the finest Minecraft servers, you’ll feel right at home in Roblox, but instead of developing maps, you’ll be shaping the user experience by making mini-games.

From designing the greatest theme park to working in a pizza kitchen, these player experiences can take many forms. In November 2020, the game development platform featured a virtual performance by rapper Lil Nas X, making it a destination for younger gamers. There’s a lot of inventiveness to be found among the finest Roblox games, thanks to the platform’s over 120 million monthly active users.

3. Unturned


Playing Unturned is like playing a Day-Z-style zombie survival game with Minecraft’s colorful blocky design. Players are dumped onto a massive map where they must gather materials, craft, and build, all while keeping an eye out for zombies and other players looking to steal their loot.

It takes a lot of skill to combine gore and cutesy voxel imagery in one game, but Unturned manages it admirably. It’s easy to die in this game, so finding a good balance between foraging for supplies, evading zombies, and keeping a low profile is a genuine struggle.

Updates to Unturned are still being released for free, and the new Kuwait map takes the zombie-infested globe to a place full of oasis, oil refineries, and strange floating monoliths. With your crew, you can also raid bank vaults and challenge other players to drag races in the desert.

4. Terasology


Our list’s most Minecraft-like game, Terasology was actually based on a demo of the game, so you’ll see a lot of similarities in the game’s world-building. Even the AI critter Gooey (small slime blocks that you can breed) has a variety of terrains, cities, and villages to explore.

Open-source development means anyone can go to GitHub and play around with it, or if you’re feeling lazy, just download the numerous quests and systems that have already been written by others. Terasology may be the next big thing if you’re looking to become involved in the construction of a new game in the vein of Minecraft.

5. Robocraft


Robocraft is the ultimate sci-fi engineer’s playground, allowing you to create flying, shooting, defending, and ultimately destroying robots. Unlike Minecraft, which allows you to explore an open environment, this shooter focuses on player versus player (PvP) combat, allowing you to pilot your own creations against those of other players in multi-player engagements on several planets. What’s not to appreciate about Robot Wars team bouts in space?

The game’s crafting and building mechanics, though, are still remarkable and allow for a great deal of customisation. Once you’ve built your vehicle, you may practice driving it in the practice mode. That T-Rex mech you just created may look spectacular, but you’ll be in for a rough time in the arena if you can’t control it.

6. Creativerse


In this voxel-based sandbox game, players can construct their own worlds, play with others online, or go it alone and create their own worlds. With Steam Workshop compatibility in Creativerse, you can customize the game to your heart’s content.

Like Minecraft, it has a very similar gameplay mechanics. With only a stick at your disposal, you may quickly modify your map by gathering materials, scavenging for blocks, and creating new goods and tools with the help of recipe books…. Creativerse’s cartoonish art style and beautiful characters make their projects come to life.

While Creativerse is free to play and offers a ton of content to explore without spending a dime, there are a few packages available that provide you with additional things and features (such as creator mode, and the ability to customise your game world).

There’s a little bit of Minecraft magic in all of these free games, so enjoy! Consider checking out our top free PC games if you’re looking for anything more than Minecraft.