20 Best Bollywood Comedy Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Bollywood Comedy Movies

In India, comedy films are referred to as “family flicks.” You won’t get any points for predicting that they’ll do extraordinarily well. There is a lot of overlap between the appeal of romance and comic films. In contrast to today’s ‘escapist’ comedies, some old favorites from the ’80s and ’90s had excellent storylines. Despite this, there are still some excellent comedic films being made today. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 funniest Bollywood flicks ever made. Watch any of them and you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh and a tickled ribs. Let the pain begin!

  1. Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

As Aamir Khan and Salman Khan battle it out for the attention of an heiress, the two wind up guarding her from criminals as a side effect of their love affair with each other. When it was first released, the film received a lukewarm reception, but has since become a cult classic. Many of the movie’s lines have been repeated and requoted, and have been incorporated into modern society. That’s what makes this wacky comedy so enjoyable.

  1. Gol Maal (1979)

Gol Mal has been hailed as one of the greatest Bollywood comedies of all time by critics and spectators alike. A job search, a hockey game, and a false moustache… uncertainty has never been so amusing. Utpal Dutt’s raucous laughter and screams have become a legend in Indian cinema.

  1. Chupke Chupke (1975)

It’s a favorite among fans of Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan fans because it came so soon after the legendary Sholay. The film tells the story of a spouse who plays a practical joke on his wife’s father in a light-hearted manner. It’s one of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s finest works of situational humor.

  1. Munna Bhai movies

Munna Bhai movies

In the annals of popular culture, Munna Bhai is a household name. Munna Bhai MBBS was all about an underworld don taking a medical college by storm, while Lageraho Munna Bhai was all about Gandhigiri and its relevance to current society in the second episode of this popular series. Fans of the series are still eagerly anticipating the release of the next installment.

  1. Hera Pheri (2000)

A remake of the 1989 Malayalam film Ramji Rao Speaking, Hera Pheri is a well-known film in India and beyond. Trio of troublemakers and kidnapping case swirl in the movie.

  1. Khubsoorat (1980)

When a spunky girl comes to stay for a few days, things get a little out of hand in a rigid household. When it comes to romantic comedies, this is one of the best of all time.

  1. Padosan (1968)

Padosan (1968)

One of the greatest comedies of all time, if not the greatest of all time. With the support of his friends, a simple guy falls in love with his neighbor and attempts to win over the girl who is becoming increasingly close to her music teacher. The combination of entertainment and music struck a chord with the audience. Mehmood and Sunil Dutt had memorable duets in the film. In this comedy, Kishore Kumar is the heart and soul.

  1. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)

Indian politics and corruption are lampooned in this dark comedy about two buddies battling gangsters, mafia bosses, and corrupt politicians. A sequence of fit-inducing antics involving Naseeruddin Shah and Ravi Baswani guide the body (played by Satish Shah) through a series of funny mishaps. One of the funniest scenes in Hindi film history is the conclusion, which features a cheesy stage reproduction of Mahabharata.

  1. Chashme Buddoor (1981)

Two of your roommates are smitten by the same girl, but only one of you ends up with her. Laughter erupts from beginning to end, as the other two attempt to split them up and reach a joyful conclusion. During the early ’80s, Chashme Buddoor was the perfect comedy for college students.

  1. 3 Idiots (2009)

3 Idiots (2009)

5 Point Someone was the inspiration for 3 Idiots, which became one of the most popular films of its period and became a sensation in China as well. Since the last day of college, the third ‘idiot’ has been missing. Two pals are searching for him. To put it mildly, it’s a roller coaster. Watch out for Omi Vaidya’s wild Hindi monologue.

  1. Chachi 420 (1997)

Father-in-law, disguised as a lady, falls head over heels for his son in law, disguised as a man… It’s a fantastic ride. In spite of the fact that Kamal Hassan’s Mrs Doubfire was heavily influenced by Robin Williams’ Mrs Doubfire, the film is nevertheless a heartwarming and enjoyable family comedy.

  1. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)

The three unmarried brothers in this household have a no-women rule. When the younger lads fall in love, things take a number of twists and turns. Madhubala and Kishore Kumar’s amorous interludes were spiced up with some high-tempo humour in this unusual madcap comedy. Besides Ashok, Kishore, and Anoop Ganguly, it also starred all three Ganguly brothers, Ashok, Kishore, and Anoop.

  1. Bawarchi (1972)

Bawarchi (1972)

The Sharma family’s constant arguing makes no one want to work for them. At this point, the family is reunited when Raghu is introduced. In other words, does Raghu have nothing to hide? Loveable, eccentric, and generous servant Rajesh Khanna was at his best. Bawarchi is Indian cinema’s family-friendly film.

  1. Vicky Donor (2012)

Sperm donors are sought for by a fertility expert. He meets Vicky and persuades her to join him. When Vicky gets married, his secret will be exposed. In addition, his wife is unable to conceive. Consider this one of the best comedies and coming-of-age pictures of recent years.

  1. Namak Halaal (1982)

Amitabh Bachchan was able to speak, walk, and laugh in English, as well. A fly and Mr Bachchan were all it took to bring the crowd to its knees in hysterics in the days when CGI was nonexistent in Hindi cinema. Masala movie tropes were also present in the film. With Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh, it was reminiscent of Deewar.

  1. Bombay to Goa (1972)

Bombay to Goa (1972)

This is by far the most daring Bollywood excursion you’ll ever go on. You won’t want to miss this one in which a youthful Amitabh Bachchan and Mehmood are at their best. They were all the rage because of the zany characters and their hilarious antics in the scenes.

  1. Angoor (1982)

When identical twins are separated at birth, their lives take an unexpected turn when they meet in maturity. It’s arguably one of the best Indian actor comic performances ever. Sanjeev Kumar’s finest hour was on display here!

  1. Tere Bin Laden (2010)

Fake Osama Bin Laden is cast by a desperate reporter in order to gain entry into the United States. The visa office is forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances. To put it mildly, this one is a raging success!

  1. Delhi Belly (2011)

Delhi Belly (2011)

A tale of two struggling housemates and a merciless criminal entwined in wit and action. It was as hilarious as a donkey huffing an autorickshaw in Delhi Belly.

  1. Aankhen (1993)

David Dhawan’s lifelong love of comedy began with Munnu, Bunnu, and a whole lot of misunderstanding in this one. Govinda and Chunky Pandey’s raucous friendship was awe-inspiring.