13 Best Games Like Don’t Starve That You Need Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Don't Starve

From Ark: Survival Evolved to The Long Dark, these are the best survival games for Don’t Starve enthusiasts.

It appears that gamers are easy prey. Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of survival games like Don’t Starve. The survival subgenre places players in perilous settings with scant resources, and demands that they do whatever it takes to make it out alive. In the end, players must gather resources, make items, and battle against their opponents in order to complete the game. Almost often, the goal is the same: to make it to the next day alive. It’s not going to be easy.

There have been many survival games before Don’t Starve, but the success of the game has encouraged the production of a wide variety of new ones. Other games have failed to recreate the magic of Don’t Starve, while others have been met with critical acclaim. These 10 Games Like Don’t Starve that are sure to scratch that itch have been sifted through.

Published by Ryan Bamsey on December 30th, 2021: You can enjoy both Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together regardless of your level of experience with survival games. Our recommendation is to try one of these games if you’re looking for something new, but not too new.

13 We Need To Go Deeper

We Need To Go Deeper

The hand-drawn art style found in both Don’t Starve and We Need To Go Deeper makes it impossible not to recommend We Need To Go Deeper to Don’t Starve enthusiasts. Another survival and roguelite game in which you and your companions explore the seas in a rusting submarine in search of monsters and treasure, this one is also very similar.

This is one of the best co-op experiences available right now, and fans of Don’t Starve Together will enjoy the game’s active team-based journey. For those searching for a game they can play with their pals, this is a great alternative.

12 The Forest

Contrary to popular belief, The Forest and Don’t Starve have a lot in common. Those who enjoyed Don’t Starve’s “traditional survival horror” elements will find plenty to appreciate in this game.

You’ll get the familiar thud in your chest when being pursued by one of the cannibalistic monsters that inhabit the titular biome in The Forest, despite the fact that it’s not as whimsical as Don’t Starve.

11 Valheim


You may craft, meet animals and monsters, and face a challenging but fair difficulty curve in Valheim. It’s the perfect game for Don’t Starve fans.

Don’t Starve and Valheim share a similar magical, otherworldly vibe, and Valheim manages to pull it off with aplomb. It’s hard not to recommend both of these games in the same breath, despite the fact that they appear so distinct.

10 Raft

Fans of Don’t Starve will like Raft, which is one of numerous desert island survival games now on the market. To survive, you need food, a place to sleep and protection from a variety of monsters that roam the oceans and islands.

A little plank is all you have at the beginning of this game, therefore it bears a striking resemblance to Don’t Starve in this regard. It will take time, but you and your buddies will eventually grow from a single board to a full-fledged floating home if you don’t die of hunger first.

9 Grounded


This may not be for the faint of heart. Your childhood memories of being chased by slithering insects are brought vividly to life in Grounded. Obviously they’re normal-sized, but you’ve been reduced to the size of an insect.

To survive and thrive in Grounded, you’ll need to balance your demands with technological progress. In spite of the fact that the game might be challenging, especially for those who are afraid of spiders, it is enjoyable to persevere through it with a friend.

8 Astroneer

Compared to Don’t Starve, Astroneer is more of an exploration game than a life-sustainment one. You and your pals are a crew of tiny astronauts tasked with exploring the cosmos and gathering resources in order to construct your own planetary outposts.

Unlike Don’t Starve, this game’s introduction of vehicles means that your landscapes are significantly broader as you begin your journeys on other worlds. Fans of Don’t Starve’s bleak color palette will like this lighter alternative, while those searching for a change of pace can enjoy it as well.

7 Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

In the event that you don’t mind a top-down experience in favor of one that is more mission-based and action-packed, Deep Rock Galactic is a good option for people in need of a multiplayer game. You and your buddies take on the roles of a variety of space-traveling Dwarves armed with weaponry and mining equipment as you set out to complete tasks and earn loot.

Don’t Starve may be a bit of a departure from other survival games, but its emphasis on crafting and personalization sets it apart from most. It’s still an unsettling world for those who enjoy the game’s unique blend of spooky and adorable, with its dark caverns and poisonous vegetation.

6 Ark: Survival Evolved

Those who have played Ark before know that it had a rocky development period. As an early access title, it was made available for download before the game’s official release. A lot of gamers were left with a foul taste in their mouths because of the unoptimized mess. However, since its release, the game has undergone a series of updates that have made it feel more comprehensive and deserving of your time.

You may imagine what it would be like to be stranded on a deserted island with nothing (not even the clothes on your back). Before you succumb to the elements, you must forage, create a shelter, and scavenge for food. Oh, and did we mention that the island is infested by dinosaurs that are only interested in mutilating you? It’s not simple, but if you put in the time, you’ll be amazed at what you can do. You’ll be making machine guns and plate armor in no time at all. When you exit the game, keep an eye out for raiders!

5 Starbound


If you’re a fan of cutesy 2D graphics, here is the place for you. It’s hard to go wrong with Starbound. It’s also a little more soothing than some of our other games. In Starbound, you’ll venture to other galaxies to discover, gather, and craft new things. Throughout your journey, you’ll come across a seemingly unlimited number of entertaining and educational challenges.

In addition, you’ll have to contend with a slew of enemies, including some formidable bosses. Your armor and weapons will need to be upgraded if you want to survive in this world. You can even spend your time constructing your own spaceship and explore the depths of the earth if you aren’t into violence.

4 Oxygen Not Included

There are a few significant ways in which Oxygen Not Included departs from the traditional survival game. To ensure the existence of the colony as a whole, you must put your own survival ahead of your own. “Duplicants,” your citizens, have landed on an asteroid drifting through space.

Your only purpose is to build a working colony within the enormous rock and ensure the well-being and pleasure of all those who live there. Asteroid resources must be mined in order to keep your duplicants fed, clothed, and healthy. New technologies and structures that help you maintain and extend your “city” can be built with these resources.

3 Subnautica


Subnautica is a wonderful blend of horror, survival, and science fiction. You will be thrown from a spacecraft and stranded on an alien world at the beginning of the game. When you’re adrift in uncharted waters, you’ll need to figure out how to use your little submersible swiftly.

Following the completion of the game, there are a number of things you can do.

You’ll have to deal with deadly creatures hiding in the depths if you want to upgrade your water base. In addition to surviving, players will enjoy an excellent soundtrack that enhances the atmosphere, as well as a well-thought-out tale that will keep you on your toes. There’s plenty of content to keep you occupied in the meanwhile, even without the looming arrival of an additional expansion.

2 Sunless Sea

There’s a specific kind of game when the very first screen tells the player that he or she is going to die. In many survival games, you will perish and you will learn. Through its unique location and gameplay features, Sunless Sea sets itself distinct from the rest. Every aspect of the game takes place beneath the surface of a gigantic ocean in the underworld. In your own own ship, you sail over the ocean. You’ll have to keep an eye on things like fuel, hunger, and fear as you journey.

While these metrics may not kill you, they can lead to bad story events if they fall below a certain threshold. In contrast to many of the other games on this list, you can define the criteria for your victory from the beginning of the game. From becoming a multi-millionaire to writing a “masterpiece,” your aspirations could be anything from making a difference in the world. Despite the game’s heavy emphasis on story and exploration, patience is required to reach the end.

1 The Long Dark

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a series of short-form survival tales set in the wilds of northern Canada. The world has gone dark, and all modern technology has been disabled for reasons that remain a mystery. After surviving a plane disaster, the two main protagonists have become estranged. You’ll swap between their viewpoints. Because of the extreme weather, you’ll need to stay warm, find a place to stay, and be on the lookout for any local wildlife.

Fans of Don’t Starve will like this game’s calm and solitary setting, which is reminiscent of Don’t Starve. In comparison to Don’t Starve, it has a more realistic look, but it’s still a terrific experience for people who prefer more of a “realistic” feel to their games.