9 Best Games Like Corruption Of Champions That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Corruption Of Champions

Every now and then you get the itch to play a game like Corruption of Champions just for the fun of it, but it gets increasingly difficult to find other games that are as enjoyable as this one. That’s why we came up with this selection of games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for a long time. However, keep in mind that some of these can be extremely difficult to locate. If you’re anticipating a AAA experience, you’ll be quickly let down by these indie efforts. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite games that play similarly to Corruption of Champions. Corruption of Champions, for example, can be played on a PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac, or even in real-time over the Internet.

9. Anchorhead


“Anchorhead” is a well-known text-based role-playing game, but it lacks the explicit sexual content of its predecessor. Anchorhead is the setting, where a demon invasion could emerge if the current events aren’t stopped. A cult is plotting an end-of-the-world ceremony, and your duty is to investigate the city to learn more about their intentions and put a stop to it. Occasionally, you’ll have to read extensive portions of text in order to get a sense of the character’s surroundings. Text-based puzzle mechanisms are also used in the game, and this offers a degree of variety in the gameplay.

Many games in this genre suffer from repetitive activities that become tedious after a while, but “Anchorhead” is able to keep things interesting right up to the end. Even while the gameplay features and the backdrop of the game aren’t as similar to ‘Corruption of Champions,’ it still manages to appeal to a wide range of gamers, so why not give it a shot?

8. The Poor Whore

Even if the game has a silly moniker, you shouldn’t discount its socially conscious elements just yet. Even if you don’t see it in the first gameplay, you get the distinct impression that the developer was grappling with moral concerns as the game was being created. You take on the role of an impoverished prostitute who must travel from town to town in order to support her dependents. It adds to the challenge of the game when some of the clients reject her. It takes place in the Middle Ages, a time period during when prostitution was commonplace. That does not imply that prostitutes were not despised.

Aspects of her life will be revealed as you play, and you’ll be moved by them. In order to play the game, you will need to download and store files locally. There is a lack of awareness of the title because of this, which reduces its accessibility. There are some basic personalization possibilities accessible to you, but don’t expect a fully immersive role-playing experience from this game. It’s a first-person shooter that can be pretty engrossing if you set the mood right. Like ‘Corruption of Champions,’ this game is for those who enjoy playing text-based adventures.

7. My Very Own Lith

My Very Own Lith

Lithier has developed and launched a flash-based game called ‘My Very Own Lith’. Moreover, it’s one of the sexiest games on our list because of the level of kinks it introduces to the gameplay.” Lith, a cat-like feline character, serves as the game’s central focus. You’ll get a better sense of Lith’s multiple personas as you spend more time with him. It’s up to select whether Lith is a man or a woman as the game begins, and this has an impact on the game’s entire mood.

When it comes to enticing Lith to get personal with you, there are a variety of ways you can do so in the game. For example, you can “chat,” “flirt,” or “cuddle.” Which choice you choose depends on the situation you find yourself in. Some people may find this objectionable, therefore exercise caution when viewing this. We’re confident you’ll enjoy this one if you’re a fan of games like “Corruption of Champions.”

6. Trials in Tainted Space

TiTS, or “Trials in Tainted Space,” is a sexually themed text-based role-playing game developed and distributed by Fenoxo and referred to as “TiTS” by the community. “Corruption of Champions” may be your best bet if Fenoxo is familiar to you. ‘Corruption of Champions’ was developed and published by these men. As for the astronomical chances of both games ending up with such acronyms, we’ll leave that up to the devs. It goes without saying that the two games share a text-based control scheme in which you must write your commands into the game’s interface.

The game takes place in a faraway galaxy, where you inherit a spaceship from your father and are now tasked with exploring the galaxy in order to earn power. As you begin your journey around the cosmos, you’ll come across numerous aliens with whom you can engage in sexual relations. As if that wasn’t obvious enough! What were you expecting us to achieve by bringing this up, anyway? For those who want to experience the sexual interactions from a first-person perspective, the descriptions are quite detailed. To play this game, you must have already completed ‘Corruption of Champions.’

5. Fall of Eden

Fall of Eden

Isn’t it time for you to give “FoE” a whirl as well? Text adventure game ‘Fall of Eden’ was developed by Fenoxo and published by the same publisher as ‘Corruption of Champions’, which makes it a lot like ‘Fall of Eden.’ Under the power of the Demon Queen, Uru, you are locked in a horrible dimension between heaven and hell. She will do anything to get you to join her. You stumbled onto an alternate reality while visiting an abandoned house in your neighborhood. There is only one way to go back on track: by interacting with the gods who can lead the way.

Goddess Aria, who is sympathetic to your plight, greets you as you begin your journey across the dimension. Her decision to help you return to your plane proves to be a difficult one. Even though you still have a lot of work to do before you can return home, you’re much more confident with Aria by your side. Because of the game’s resemblance to ‘Corruption of Champions’ and the fact that both games were developed by the same company, we highly suggest it.

4. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventure

If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t focus on sexual content, then this one is for you. Cabrera Brothers created and released ‘Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures,’ a text-based interactive fiction game, in 2012 for Windows PC and OS X. The game’s mechanics are implemented using the well-known Unity engine, and a slew of new components are included into the mix of text-based adventures. This includes music, sound effects, and the main character’s animations. When combined with the use of headphones, this makes for a really satisfying gaming experience.

In a dismal post-apocalyptic cyberpunk environment influenced by films like “Total Recall” and “Blade Runner,” the game takes place in a dystopian future. The moon collapsing on the surface of the earth has shattered a portion of the planet’s atmosphere and crust. At the end of the game, it can be difficult to put the game down because of the intensity. In the event that you like playing ‘Corruption of Champions,’ you should not miss this one.

3. Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival

The flash game ‘Flexible Survival’ is similar to ‘Corruption of Champions’ in that it is a text-based game. Nuku Velente, a well-known independent game developer in the underground adult games industry, produced and distributed the game. The developer has shown a strong commitment to the project by regularly releasing patches and updates. There has been a global pandemic of a virus that has rendered the whole human population pointless. All the game’s sexual subplots are centered around this mutant virus. Because of this, the environment and its inhabitants can be customized to your liking in a sandbox-style game. While playing, you’ll construct a character and then have to stay alive until the military arrives to save you. Because of the abundance of role-playing options and the lack of explicit sexual content, this game is a great fit for fans of ‘Corruption of Champions.’

2. Kingdom of Loathing

There are only a handful of video games that I’ve actually played. However, there are no explicit sexual elements, therefore it can just be dubbed a clone of “Corruption of Champions”. Due to the game’s clear comedic setting and amusing dialogue between the characters, it could be seen to be a parody of games like “Corruption of Champions.”

You begin with a stickman-like character that may be customized, although there are just a few ways to do so. A rifle and a beer are all you need to enter the ‘Loathing World’. The zany Western-themed adventure is just getting started. On a black-and-white hand-drawn interface, you can command your character using simple text commands. You’ll be exchanging text messages with your other players, so plan ahead of time if you want to get the most out of the game’s humor. You can battle, subdue, mock, and loot your foes in the game as well, and you can also gain resources by looting their bodies.

1. Carnal Soul

Carnal Soul

An obvious flaw in this game is the extensive usage of explicit sexual imagery. For cramming so many sexual themes and innuendos into a text-based role-playing game, the developers deserve a lot of praise. In contrast, the gaming and role-playing mechanisms are quite polished once you get beyond the vulgar sexual approaches. Text-based games that focus on a sexual theme aren’t all that common. As is customary in role playing games, you have complete control over the appearance and powers of your avatar.

A variety of fighting styles are accessible to you, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. A special mention should be made of the storyline, which provides a significant amount of gameplay and alternatives. If you’re seeking for a sexual encounter akin to “Corruption of Champions,” we highly recommend this game.