24 Similar Movies Like 1408 That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

movies like 1408

If you enjoyed 1408 on Netflix, you’ll enjoy these even more. 1408’s comparable films are provided below.

1. The Grudge 2004

The Grudge 2004

As an American nurse working in Tokyo, she comes into contact with a strange supernatural curse that imprisons its victims in an uncontrollable rage before killing them and spreading to new victims.

2. Devil 2010

The devil is trapped in an elevator with a group of people in the city’s skyline.

3. Dead Silence 2007

Dead Silence 2007

A ventriloquist dummy named Billy, which may be connected to the legend of ventriloquist Mary Shaw, leads Jamie back to his hometown in search of answers to his wife’s murder. Determined to learn the truth, Jamie travels to Raven’s Fair, the town where Shaw once lived and performed before he died. Jamie, on the other hand, is in for more than he bargained for.

4. Mirrors 2008

An evil force is using mirrors as a gateway into the home of an ex-cop and his family.

5. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose 2005

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose 2005

When Emily Rose, a young girl, dies, everyone blames Father Moore’s exorcism on him before she died. There are murder charges against the priest, and he’s been taken into custody. Initially, Father Moore will be represented by attorney Erin Bruner; however, the case will be difficult because no one wants to believe what Father Moore has to say is true

6. 30 Days Of Night 2007

One month every year, the sun sets on a small Alaskan town, and the town goes completely dark. This is the story of what happens during that month. The town is attacked by a bloodthirsty vampire gang as the sun sets, intent on wreaking havoc until the sun rises again. Only a husband-and-wife Sheriff team in a small town can save the people left.

7. The Ring 2002

The Ring 2002

Upon viewing a videotape containing horrifying images, the viewer receives a phone call that predicts his or her death in exactly seven days. The story had Rachel Keller skeptical as a newspaper reporter until four teenagers died mysteriously one week after watching the tape in question. Rachel watches the video after allowing her investigative curiosity to get the better of her. She now has seven days to figure out what the Ring is and why it was given to her.

8. The Haunting In Connecticut 2009

In upstate Connecticut, the Campbell family discovers that their charming Victorian home has a disturbing past: not only was the house transformed into a funeral parlor where heinous acts occurred, but the owner’s clairvoyant son Jonah served as a demonic messenger, providing a conduit for spiritual entities to cross over.

9. Case 39 2009

Emily Jenkins has worked as a social worker for many years and believes she has seen it all. That is, until she meets Lilith, a 10-year-old girl, and her cruel parents. When Emily’s parents make an attempt to harm the child, her fears are confirmed, and she takes custody of Lilith until she can find a foster family. Lilith appears innocent at first glance, but Emily soon discovers that evil forces surround her, and the more she tries to protect Lilith, the more horrors she comes face-to-face.

10. The Uninvited 2009

The Uninvited 2009

A few months after her mother’s tragic death, Anna returns home to find that Rachel, her mother’s former nurse, has moved into their house and is now engaged to her father. Anna is visited by her mother’s ghost shortly after learning of this shocking information, and she warns her that Rachel has evil intentions.

11. Orphan 2009

A recently-stillborn baby leaves a gaping hole in the lives of a married couple who decide to fill it with a 9-year-old girl named Esther. Esther, on the other hand, is not who she seems to be.

12. The Eye 2008

When Sydney Wells was five, her older sister Helen accidentally turned the lights out, blinding her. She agrees to have a cornea transplant, and while she’s recovering, she starts seeing corpses around her.

13. Silent Hill 2006

Silent Hill 2006

Upon learning that her daughter is having nightmares related to the town of Silent Hill, a mother sets out in search of answers. It doesn’t take her long to discover that the town is also home to otherworldly beings.

14. The Amityville Horror 2005

It shows the ordeal of the Lutz family, whose new home has a bloody past and demons as a legacy, in this terrifying remake of the 1979 horror hit. Shortly after his daughter first reports seeing a phantom, the family patriarch starts having nightmares.

15. Insidious 2010

After their son mysteriously falls into an endless sleep, a family discovers that evil spirits have infiltrated their home. When they ask for help from a professional, they find out how much more personal things are than they anticipated.

16. The Skeleton Key 2005

There is a mystery that involves the dark past of a creepy New Orleans plantation home where a hospice nurse works.

 17. Vacancy 2007

Vacancy 2007

A newlywed couple is stranded in a remote motel, where they discover secret cameras in their room. They understand that if they don’t get out, they’ll be the next snuff film victims.

18. The Woman In Black 2012

In this story, a young lawyer named Arthur Kipps must travel to a remote village to sort through the papers of a deceased client who has just passed away. To make things more complicated, he begins to dig into the past of the client’s isolated home, uncovering shocking revelations that make him increasingly uneasy. Having received nothing but silence from the locals, Kipps finds himself in a desperate race against time as he attempts to uncover the identity of the Woman in Black.

19. Sinister 2012

A true-crime novelist discovers footage that helps him piece together how and why a family was murdered in his new home, but his findings put his entire family in harm’s way from a supernatural force.

20. Gothika 2003

When a criminal psychologist wakes up after a car accident, she discovers that she’s a patient in the same mental hospital where she works. According to reports, he was murdered, but she has no recollection of doing so. Because of this, everyone becomes convinced that she is guilty, even as she struggles to recollect herself and persuade her coworkers of her innocence through the use of a vengeful spirit.

21. The Mist 2007

Small-town Maine is engulfed in thick mist following an intense storm. Artist David Drayton and his five-year-old son are trapped with other locals in a nearby grocery store. It doesn’t take them long to discover that the mist hides gruesome horrors that endanger both their physical safety and their mental well-being.

22. The Fourth Kind 2009

An unusually high number of residents of and around Nome, Alaska have gone missing since the 1960s. Despite the FBI’s efforts, the whereabouts of the victims remain a mystery. In the course of treating her patients, Dr. Abigail Tyler, a psychologist, finds evidence of alien abductions and may be on the verge of blowing open the unsolved cases.

23. The Others 2001

A religious woman named Grace raises her two light-sensitive children, Anne and Nicholas, in a dimly lit old house. The family becomes convinced the house is haunted, so Grace does everything in her power to keep her children safe from strange happenings and terrifying visions that start to appear in the house.

24. The Orphanage 2007

A woman decides to reopen the orphanage where she grew up by bringing her family back to the place. Her son quickly develops communication skills with his new intangible pal.