10 Best Games Like Borderlands 3 That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Borderlands 3

This is a list of 14 more games that you may play if you just can’t get enough of Gearbox’s looter shooter, Borderlands 3.

In the short time since its release, Borderlands 3 has been a huge hit with gamers all around the world. in several categories, the game did better than any 2K product in recent memory according to 2K and Take Two Interactive. 2K’s Borderlands franchise has become the second in the company’s history to bring in $1 billion in sales.

In the first five days after its release, Borderlands 3 sold 50% more copies than its predecessor, Borderlands 2. Borderlands 3 is the most preordered game in the Epic Store’s history, with 70% of purchases coming from digital versions. The shoot and loot extravaganza is on pace to even eclipse the success of Borderlands 2.

It’s a joy to play and has been widely praised by reviewers. So, if you’re a fan of elements like Vault Hunters, Gearbox comedy, and limitless weapons, then these 14 more titles are worth a look.

10 Rage 2

Rage 2

In Rage 2, the game is called Carnage. Just like in the universe of Mr. Torgue, explosions are a common occurrence. If shooting doesn’t do the trick, the game encourages players to blow stuff up. Rage 2, a first-person shooter with an open environment from Avalanche Studios and id Software, urges players to leave their morals at the door. Put on your fury face and unleash your inner maniac.

It’s possible that Rage 2 plays like a War Boy fantasy for fans of post-apocalyptic films like Mad Max. Immortan Joe, on the other hand, has given the player complete control of the universe this time around. Fire up Rage 2 and unleash a hail of bullets on your foes.

9 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

On the list, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is the most tactical shooter, requiring both strategy and skill for victory. Washington, D.C., is on the verge of disintegrating. As in games like Diablo, only the most well-armed players are able to withstand the onslaught. If you’re looking for loot in The Division 2, you’re not alone.

Players will keep returning to the dark zone and the quests as long as there are new gear sets, exotic items, and specialties. Like Borderlands 3, playing with others enhances the experience.

8 Warframe


Ninja robots in outer space. Interested parties, do you think you need to make a stronger case to persuade More than 50 million people across all platforms have signed up to play Warframe, which has more than 60 different frames to choose from and hundreds of weaponry.

The third-person shooter co-op mode is also available for free. Those who have played Borderlands 3 will recognize and appreciate the level of dedication required for the online multiplayer component of the title. New Warframe upgrades and build optimizations are always in the works.

7 Team Fortress 2

Those who have been around for a while recall the glory days of Valve’s gaming output. As one of Valve’s crowning achievements, Team Fortress 2 has stood the test of time. After all, what could be more enjoyable than going through the zillion different guns available to find the next one you want?

A legal financial industry based on the sale of rare hats would be a good idea.

That’s correct, of course.

Fortress 2 is one of the most ludicrous games ever made, and it’s team-based. It’s because of the wit and ridiculousness that it’s so enjoyable. Since its release in 2007, it has maintained a large following. The witty shooter is still going strong twelve years later.

6 Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes

It’s a cooperative third-person action shooter with a lot to like, much like the Souls series. Remnant. From the Ashes focuses on melee and ranged combat builds that will feel right at home to anyone who has ever played Borderlands 3.

Imagine that the vault monster from Borderlands 1 had taken over the universe in this reality. The player (formerly known as a vaunt hunter) now has to battle their way to defeat the aforementioned monster. The ambiance is gloomier, and the weapons aren’t as diversified as they were in the last game.

Even yet, there is still a great deal of difficulty involved in building a character build that will eventually become godlike.

5 Diablo III

It’s a dungeon crawl, hack and slash, all at once.

The Diablo series will be known to longtime gamers, but Diablo 3 is a good place to start for those just getting into the genre. Legendary weaponry and armor sets will be at stake in the battle against demons. With these, the player is more likely to survive the hordes of demonic creatures that are threatening the Earth.

Despite the fact that Diablo III: Eternal Collection has been available since 2012, this bundle will include all of the game’s major patches and downloadable content. Although it looks and feels different from Borderlands 3, the grind is just as genuine and just as magnificent as it was in Borderlands 3. With the right gear, you can prove you’re the greatest warrior of all time.

4 Bulletstorm


The Nintendo Switch version of this game was recently released, and it is also available on Origin. It takes place in the year 2614 and contains a plethora of OP abilities and bodies that tumble around like ragdolls. Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale lend their voices to the FPS as well.

Bulletstorm’s trash hordes and similarities to Borderlands will be appreciated by fans of the series. The biggest distinction between Bulletstorm and Borderlands is that Bulletstorm takes place in a futuristic city, whereas Borderlands takes place in a desolate wasteland. Pro tip: Bulletstorm’s finest mechanic is referred to as The Leash.

3 Titanfall 2

Fans of Borderlands may find Titanfall 2 to be a little too stodgy for their taste. Even though it’s not as spontaneous as Borderlands, the gunplay in Titanfall 2 and the brief but engrossing solo campaign are both great.

Titanfall 2’s gameplay features will be both new and familiar to Borderlands aficionados. They’ll also form a close friendship with BT, a far superior robot than Claptrap. One can only hope that Respawn will be able to produce more Titanfall games rather just Apex Legends material.

2 Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves

Despite the fact that Sea of Thieves has been out for three years, developer Rare has seen a steady stream of revenue. The combination of a witty animation style and a lively universe creates infinite entertainment. Sea of Thieves, like Borderlands, is best enjoyed with buddies.

The crew can go looting, defending their ship, or just sailing around the ocean. There are two things that every player has to do, no matter what they do. A sea shanty is the first thing they should be playing at all times. They also need to stroke the dog (or parrot, cat, or any other pet).

1 West Of Loathing

West of Loathing isn’t as fast-paced as Borderlands, but it does a better job of focusing on RPG mechanics. In addition, it retains a Western shoot ’em up look (albeit with stick figures). As a result, West of Loathing is a game that Borderlands fans are likely to enjoy.

The game is not only amusing and engaging, but it also provides a chance for players to take a breather. It has full controller support, as well as remote play features. Make a beeline for the boozed-up horse by donning one of 50 hats.