15 Best Steven Seagal Movies That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Steven Seagal Movies

This is a list of Steven Seagal’s greatest action films, from Under Siege to Half Past Dead.

This decade was noted for the ascent of low-budget action films to blockbuster status. Everything from Die Hard to Lethal Weapon has something for everyone who was into mindless action flicks, from the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme to Dolph Lundgren.

In recent years, Seagal has virtually become a caricature of himself, comparable to Jean-Claude Van Damme in certain respects. Prior to taking on the real-life character of a Buddhist and a part-time law enforcement officer, Seagal had been in a wide range of action films at that time, including revenge films, cop flicks, and prison pictures.

Shawn S. Lealos will be updating this page on August 15, 2020. Even though he is no longer a bankable movie star, Steven Seagal has managed to keep his name in the public eye. DTV movies keep coming, he’s had a reality TV program, and is still a famous B-movie action hero. We’ve added a few more Seagal films to this list so that you can see more of the aikido-practicing action hero if you haven’t already. If you’re a fan of Steven Seagal, here are 15 movies that will keep you entertained.

15. THE KEEPER (2009)


When Steven Seagal and Keoni Waxman collaborated on the 2009 film The Keeper, they formed a lasting partnership. Seagal and Waxman have collaborated on nine films, and Waxman was a cast member on Seagal’s TV show. In this film, Seagal starred as a Los Angeles police officer who was shot by his partner when he refused to steal money from a drug bust. Because of his age, he was forced to retire, but a kidnapping of an old friend’s daughter brings him out of retirement.

14. FIRE DOWN BELOW (1997)

Assault Down Names like Randy Travis, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Kris Kristopherson, and more made appearances in the film, which has an odd relationship to country music. No one can prohibit toxic waste from being thrown into mines in Kentucky, which is causing a lot of environmental damage. In the wake of the death of a former EPA CID agent, Seagal, a CID agent named Jack Taggert, goes undercover to bring down the operation.

13. THE GLIMMER MAN (1996)


Steven Seagal reprises his role as a cop in The Glimmer Man, which sounds like a comic book movie. Former government operative known as The Glimmer Man, he now works for the Los Angeles Police Department. He and his partner, Keenan Ivory Wayans, a hard-nosed officer, take on a serial killer known as The Family Man, who murders entire families. Things take a personal turn when the latest victim is the ex-wife of The Glimmer Man’s ex-wife.


The sequel to Steven Seagal’s best-known film, Under Siege, is called Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. To follow Die Hard and Speed, this film shifts from a ship to a train, only changing the setting. There is no one here who can compete with Tommy Lee Jones, but Kurtwood Smith is a constant presence (Robocop).


Unlike Scream, Executive Decision did not shock the audience until later in the film. That scene in Scream where Drew Barrymore appeared and people assumed she would be a huge part of the movie, and then she was killed? That was done by Executive Decision.

Lietenant Colonel Austin Travis of the U.S. Army is Steven Seagal’s character in the film. In spite of this, Travis sacrificed himself and died early in the mission, allowing Kurt Russell’s Army Intelligence officer to save the day.

10. HALF PAST DEAD (2002)


Ja Rule (Steven Seagal’s character inHalf Past Dead) started shooting at FBI agents, and Seagal was captured and imprisoned as a result. Following his arrest, the inmate finds himself in a dangerous situation when the Alcatraz Super Jail comes under attack by criminals in search of their loot.

This was released in theaters, and it’s on par with The Rock, but it doesn’t quite measure up to the latter’s greatness. As a result, there are numerous battle scenes starring Steven Seagal… albeit set against a tacky and somewhat silly backdrop. Despite the fact that this is a feature-length film, it doesn’t appear all that impressive for a theatrical release.

9. EXIT WOUNDS (2001)

As a police officer, Steven Seagal doesn’t just bend the laws, he shatters them and then creates new ones just for the sake of it in Exit Wounds. Not only does he break up criminals, but he has a cause to distrust his fellow officers.

In the wake of an assassination attempt, he teams up with a mobster (DMX) to uncover the mystery, eliminate the baddies, and save everyone’s lives. Anthony Anderson, Michael Jai White, Bill Duke; Tom Arnold; Bruce McGill; and Eva Mendes round up the rest of the cast.


Steven Seagal’s On Deadly Ground was a bizarre film at the time. A former or current cop, the man was known for kicking everybody who got in his way—and that’s when he wasn’t out on a murdering spree. Rather than focusing on himself, he plays an environmentalist who is dedicated to preserving the planet.

In order to silence him, they frame him for a crime he didn’t commit when he speaks out about the environmental devastation his employer has caused. Another film by Seagal is included in this collection. In spite of its heavy-handed message, the acting is excellent and there are some excellent fight scenes.



Urban Justice may be one of Steven Seagal’s best-looking and most spectacular direct-to-video films. As a father investigating the murder of his son, a police officer, he plays an important role. Afterward, he goes out to wreak havoc in the L.A. gangland where it all transpired.

Even if the police officers are not directly culpable, after he hears that they may be hiding the truth from him, he turns his attention to them.

However, it’s Seagal’s signature fight scenes and vehicle chases that really elevate even Eddie Griffin’s big-screen performance.

6. MACHETE (2010)

Steven Seagal doesn’t simply portray a former military/current officer who goes on a vengeance spree in every one of his films, as Machete proves, but it’s vital to understand that he’s not just one actor. Robert Rodriguez made a pure exploitation film featuring Danny Trejo as Machete, who annihilates everybody who stands in his way.

Seagal gets to play a scene-stealing villain for the first time, a role he hasn’t played in a long time thanks to returning co-star Danny Trejo. It was also the first time he had appeared on the big screen in eight years. In the end, Seagal ends up on the other side of the revenge plan after killing Machete’s wife.



Steven Seagal plays Gino Felino, a police officer whose colleague was gunned down in the street as his family looked on, in Out for Justice. The result of this is that Gino sets out to track down this man and exact vengeance, but he is met with an army of side characters who stand in his way.

Steven Seagal has a lot of people to beat up and/or kill until he can find his partner’s killer and bring him to justice. Look at the pool hall sequence, which is one of the best combat scenes in any action movie, to get a sense of how wild Seagal is.

4. HARD TO KILL (1990)

Seagal plays Mason Storm, a police detective who uncovers evidence of a mafia gathering. As a result, he is ambushed by the criminals, who shoot and kill him and his wife. He survives, but not before spending seven long years in a coma.

To save him, a nurse (Kelly LeBrock) helps him get out of harm’s way when the hit squad returns to finish the job, and they use some training techniques to help him recover his weakened muscles. He goes on a killing spree with the help of the only officer he can rely on.



To play an officer who retires after his partner is killed while on a disastrous mission in Mexico, Steven Seagal plays John Hatcher. Upon returning to his hometown, he is shocked to learn that it is the epicenter of an ongoing gang conflict. After his niece is shot, he has a change of heart about it.

To sum it up: Action-packed from start to finish, from shootouts to vehicle chases to fight sequences to one-liners to a brilliant villain. Steven Seagal movies are known for their epic final showdowns, and this one is no exception. The plot is similar to Walking Tall, but this is pure Seagal and is one of the best action movies of the ’90s, despite the similarities.

2. ABOVE THE LAW (1988)

As well as serving as Steven Seagal’s feature film debut, Above the Law also served as the first time in 17 years that a screenplay by Seagal was used in a Steven Seagal film. The story goes that a former aikido student requested him to act in the film, and he accepted since he was confident that he could turn anyone into a movie star.

He’s an ex-CIA agent turned cop who also happens to be an aikido master and has ties to the mafia through his family. He’s now investigating a bombing at a local church. Based on his explanation, you can predict what will happen next when he discovers that a CIA kill squad targeted a Senator.

1. UNDER SIEGE (1992)


Steven Seagal’s most recognized action film, Under Siege, is also one of his greatest. A chef on a battleship, Casey Ryback is his name. Soon, a gang of villains will seize control of the ship. Tommy Lee Jones is commanding the bad guys in a way you’ve never seen before. Jones had the most fun in a movie with this character, who is completely out of control.

Erika Eleniak, a Playboy Playmate, serves as his sidekick in the film, which has a fantastic combination of crazy battle scenes, terrible deaths, and humor. The baddies, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, are what really makes this film stand out.