10 Best Evil Anime Girl Names That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Evil Anime Girl Names

Everyone has a soft spot in their heart for anime characters. Unlike any other motivational speaker, they have inspired them more than any. Viewers are influenced by both the protagonists and antagonists in a story. The heroes are more endearing to children, while the villains are more relevant to adults. The motivations of the villains are usually rooted in some sort of personal tragedy.

The character development of some villains, however, is superior to that of others. There are many great stories and action sequences thanks to these villains. Some are even in charge of the entire plot of the show.

10. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

A villain in the anime My Hero Academia is Himiko Toga. This character is an integral part of the League of Villains and a prominent opponent. In the Forest Training Arc, Provisional Licensing Arc, and Shie Hassaikai Arc, she was the major opponent. By injecting herself with another person’s blood, she is able to transform into that person. She is able to properly mimic the voice even if she doesn’t know how to speak. The longer she remains altered, the more blood she injects.

Small, freckled Himiko Toga is constantly seen smiling or blushing. She smiles even when she’s killing someone, revealing her wicked nature. As demonstrated during her battle with Tsuyu and Uraraka, she is a mentally unstable young lady. In the same way as earlier villains, she is unable to adapt to modern society. After admiring and desiring to kill Stain, she eventually becomes him.

9. Echidna

Anime character Echidna is the Witch of Greed in Re: Zero. Prior to her introduction as a supporting character in Arc 4, she has been mentioned numerous times. Echidna invited Subaru to her Tea Party, where he met her for the first time. When Subaru first met her, she was shown to be an incorruptible, polite, and immature woman. However, she is a cold-hearted lady who only cares about herself. When Subaru started going back without asking her permission, she became agitated.

Echidna is shown as a tall, white-haired maiden. As the Witch of Greed, she is fascinated by all aspects of life. The Return by Death is of interest to her, so she extends her hand to create a contract with Subaru, becoming the Return by Death’s advisor in the different possibilities. The other Witches have dubbed her clumsy after she set fire to the woodland to keep warm. For refusing to sign a contract, she withdrew Subaru’s access to her Castle of Dreams.. However, in the anime, she solely expresses anger and hatred for Emilia and Satella.

8. Lucy


Anime series Elfen Lied’s protagonist and anti-hero is Kaede, or Lucy in her insane form. Also, she is the Queen Diclonius, a human evolution. As a result of Kaede’s Dissociative Identity Disorder, she has three distinct personalities: Lucy, Nyu, and her voice.

Originally, Kaede is depicted as a frightened, depressed, and irritated child. Her horns have always been a source of ridicule and derision for her. Even at the orphanage, she was tormented because of her horns. When her dog was killed in front of her by the orphanage children, she developed a hatred and anguish towards Humans. If she could get her hands on their house, she’d slaughter the entire family without feeling any remorse or shame.

7. Rize Kamishiro

It was Rize Kamishiro who first posed a threat in Tokyo Ghoul’s first season. Binge Eater was the ghoul who went by that moniker. Ken Kaneki became a one-eyed ghoul after his kakuhou was implanted into her body following the Steel Beam Incident. Dr. Akihiro Kanou subsequently found her alive and utilized her kakuhou to create other one-eyed ghouls.

In the opening scene, Rize Kamishiro is seen to be a thin, chest-length-haired female. She deceives people and then preys on them as a ghoul who has successfully assimilated into human society. One of Tsuneyoshi Washuu’s illegitimate children, she was a member of the CCG board. She escaped from there and the V group and arrived in Tokyo. ‘ After making more one-eyed ghouls, she was utilized as the host for Dragon, which was indirectly responsible for the disaster in Tokyo. Ken Kaneki later put her out of her agony.

6. Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima

Anime character Junko Enoshima is a member of Class 78th at Hope’s Peak Academy and a member of the Killing School Life. The moniker “Ultimate Fashionista” is rightfully hers. Danganronpa/Zero, a series of two novels, was the first Danganronpa spin-off to be released after the popularity of the original video game. In addition to being a fashion designer, she’s also the originator of the Ultimate Despair movement. Ultimate Analyst is a secret talent that Junko possesses.

Junko is a young woman whose charisma and taste have shook the country. Her fame was built on the fact that she was “not a fake”. Ryko Otonashi, known as the Ultimate Analyst, is an alter ego of hers. As a whole, she’s a sick, vicious, and pitiless creature that only cares about making people miserable.

5. Annie Leonhart

An early opponent in Attack on Titan was Annie Leonhart, better known as The Female Titan. As part of a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan for Marley, Reiner, Bertolt, and Maurice entered Paradis. Many people died during the Female Titan Arc, including Levi Squad’s brutal murder.

Eldian Annie Leonhart lives in Marley with her husband and two children. When Reiner, Bertolt & Maurice were assigned to a mission to rescue the Found Titan, she was one of four people to join them. In spite of her hard upbringing, she’s always been a reclusive, introverted youngster who lacks empathy. While Annie has showed no emotion, she does feel some sorrow and regret because she spoke to a corpse after the battle of Trost and was unwilling to kill Marco when he learnt of their identity.. Inside Annie, a small girl who just wanted to finish the job and return to see her father is hidden. For every failure at capturing or fleeing from Eren, she would be seen weeping because she had not yet returned home.

4. Isabella


The Promised Neverland’s Season 1 adversary is Isabella. Orphanage Mother Isabella cared for the orphans in her care at the orphanage. A loving and caring mother who cares for her children is depicted in the film, but the real her is a cold-blooded woman who has no interest in these children. Emma’s leg was damaged by Isabella in order to keep her from leaving.

Isabella was an orphan when she was a child. She was placed in a “orphanage” a year after she was born. When her lone buddy was shipped away, her despair and melancholy were so great that she attempted to leave the orphanage by climbing the enormous wall of the building. When she returned to her Mama and saw the enormous cliff on the other side, her expectations were dashed. In the aftermath of their escape from Grace Field House, Emma and Ray, along with 13 other orphans, acknowledged defeat and said goodbye to their families.

3. Lust

Fullmetal Alchemist’s lone female nemesis was Lust. She was a Homunculi, which gave her a wide range of talents, including the ability to regenerate. To seduce and deceive others, she is the embodiment of her father’s desire. Shockingly sadistic, she revels in hurting and humiliating her victims. With whoever she had a special bond, she is generally paired.

Only Lust, despite her moniker, has shown no signs of having a personality. Gluttony and Greed were always hungry, but she was never pampered, and she had no interest in anyone else. In spite of this, she flirted with and seduced others in order to carry out her father’s plans. She somehow correctly prophesied that Mustang would lose his vision after opening the Gate of Truth, as she said, “I look forward to the day when those eyes will be wide with misery.”.

2. Esdeath


Akame Ga Kill’s main opponent was Esdeath. She held a high position in the Empire’s military. The Prime Minister named Night Raid as the leader of the Jaegers as she became increasingly effective in the assassination. As an enemy, Esdeath was a formidable adversary, but as a superior, she was the most compassionate and caring of all.

Fighting was a way of life for Esdeath. She had a high opinion of those she deemed deserving. Because she lived by her father’s maxim, “The strong survive and the weak die,” she was a vicious individual. In spite of Tatsumi’s rejection, she continued to feed him one of her specialties, showing how completely in love she was with him. For Tatsumi’s sake, she wanted him to join her as a subordinate so she could save him. When he refused her proposal, she threatened to kill herself if he didn’t become hers.

1. Medusa Gorgon

Medusa Gorgon, better known as Dr. Medusa in the anime Soul Eater, was a key antagonist. She was a snake witch determined to learn more about her dark blood and bring the Kinshin back to life. Her hand-to-hand combat skills, despite being a witch, were impressive. She was quite perceptive and quick to pick up on new information.

A key component in this plot was her daughter, Crona, who was the mother of Crona’s son, Cronus. She is the third of the Gorgon Sisters to be born. She lacks empathy for others and sees everyone as a specimen or a tool for her purposes. To date, Medusa has been shown to be even more evil than Asura. Maka’s Majin Hunt technique, which is centered on eradicating all evil, is the only weapon capable of taking her down in the series because she is pure evil in every sense of the word.

In certain cases, the Antagonist is the star of the program, either because he or she is a fan favorite or because he or she is the most popular character. Many anime villains have a compelling past that justifies their actions. These female villains are to blame for some of the most exciting battles and heartbreaking deaths in film history.