7 Best Shows Like Ultimate Survival Alaska Update 04/2024

Shows Like Ultimate Survival Alaska

Find the toughest shows out there by grabbing some squirrel meat.

Only History’s survival competitionAlone is as unique as it is popular. Do not die! is the only rule for those who are dumped into the wilderness on this show, which is open to men and women from all around the world. Winners earn half a million bucks and bragging rights over the rest of us who’ve spent the last week on the couch in front of the television. AloneSeason 8 debuted on Thursday, June 3 on the History Channel, and now is the time to get ready for more people shoving common reason out of the way because of its toughness.

What should you watch while you wait for the next episode of Alone Season 8? To find shows like Alone, I flew into the far reaches of the streamingverse and scoured the competitions and instructive survival shows hosted by qualified specialists. Get your pocketknife ready, tie your squirrel trap, and stock up on moss because we’ve got seven Alone-themed shows for you.

If you’d like some more ideas for what to watch next, please let us know. Many of them are available. The finest reality competition shows on Netflix and the best apocalypse shows to binge-watch are also on our list of must-sees.

1. Survivorman


Survivorman, which aired on several networks from 2004 to 2015, was the first of many survival shows that put people in perilous situations for our viewing pleasure. A different survival challenge awaits Les Stroud in each episode, from Canada’s brutal snowscape to the Australian outback, where he has to get through it. A major feature of this show was that it was one of only a few in which the subject was also responsible for recording themselves, which Alone takes from, stressing real-world survival. Despite the presence of a crew, he was practically alone. However, despite Stroud’s subsequent decision to convert Survivorman into a Bigfoot-hunting show, his early seasons are still some of the best survival television out there. The Discovery Channel and Pluto TV (free) are also good options for watching.

2. Out of the Wild: Venezuela

Out of the Wild Venezuela

The third season of Out of the Wild pitted nine people with little or no prior survival experience against the harsh environment of Venezuela, as a nod to the popular television series Survivor. A presenter was not there to welcome them to a tribal ceremony, and there were no staged challenges, eliminations, or immunity idols. It was a simple matter of getting from one place to another, with a few stops for supplies and campgrounds en route. Unfortunately, those “points” were located on dangerous rocky terrain or cliffsides where even the slightest slip may result in a fatal fall. Inexperienced players pose a greater risk than in past survival shows, and more than half of the original nine participants bail before the final destination is reached over a month later. It’s possible to stream Season 3, however Season 2 is located in Alaska, and Season 1 has four teams of 10 players.

3. Win the Wilderness

Win the Wilderness

Winners of 2020’s Win The Wilderness will be competing against five other couples in Alaska’s Alaskan environment in a series of survival tasks that will be filmed in the rugged wilderness. In contrast to Alone, which is a more standard reality competition series, this one boasts an interesting prize for the winner: a three-story house, airstrip, guest cabin, and greenhouse in the middle of Alaska that is 100 miles from the nearest road! Due of their age, current owners Duane and Rena Ose can no longer maintain the hermetic property they built on their own but will gift it to whoever they think most deserving. Although each couple has their own set of strengths, limitations, and survival skills, Win the Wilderness is unique in that you get to watch a variety of survival techniques in action without anyone being in any real danger. Visit Netflix to see this.

4. You vs. Wild

You vs. Wild

Any of Bear Grylls’ many episodes will satisfy your craving for more Alone if you can bear the reality that he isn’t always as remote or in danger as he claims to be. Grylls’ interactive Netflix series You vs. Wild, on the other hand, is a novel take on the genre that allows viewers to make the life-or-death scenarios for Grylls themselves. Is it better to eat some raw shrimp for nourishment or not? You push a button on your TV remote when you get to a moment where Grylls can make a decision—like Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch—to choose one of two possibilities. If you’re looking for a good time and a chance to learn a thing or two about how to deal with various situations, this is the game for you! This is for those who have never competed in a survival show before.

5. Dual Survival

Dual Survival

Discover’s Dual Survival pits two men against the wilderness, rather than simply one. A major difference between this show and Alone is that both players are survival experts who have various methods for avoiding death, and there is no competition… except with each other. They are presented with a new area each episode and Dual Survival shines at teaching you multiple ways to survive everything, from the two guys’ contrasting philosophies. In order to prepare for going on your own, you need see “Dual Survival.” Surely you’re going to try out for Alone, right? Pluto TV (free), Hulu, and Discovery+ are all places you may watch Pluto TV (free).

6. Naked and Afraid/Naked and Afraid XL

Naked and Afraid-Naked and Afraid XL

Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid franchise, which launched in 2013 and quickly became a sensation, may not have been possible without the popularity of Alone. During each episode of the extreme survival series, a pair of strangers are dropped into the wild with nothing but their resolve to survive, a single handy object, and their bare butts. Naked and Afraid XL expanded the concept after becoming a hit, bringing back veterans of the series in groups of 12 or so to live for 40 days and 40 nights together for a season. Naked and Afraid is more like Survivor without the ridiculous games, whereas XL is more like Survivor without the stupid games (unlike the contestants). Naked and Afraid is available on Discovery+, Hulu, and iTunes Naked and Afraid XL is available on Discovery+, Hulu, and Netflix.

7. Mountain Men

Mountain Men

It’s true that these Alone participants can survive for up to three months in the wilderness, but what if you had to live in the wilderness for the rest of your life? “interesting people living in insane places” (or “insane people living in interesting places”) is a growing trend in television, and History’s Mountain Men is no exception. The show follows people who live in remote areas such as Alaska, Montana and Maine, where storms and predators bear down on them on a daily basis. Survival in the mountains isn’t really about the minute-by-minute struggle, but rather how long you can survive for. Bonus: This podcast features a slew of disgustingly long beards.