14 Best Kitsune Anime Girl Template That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Kitsune Anime Girl Template

A list of female cute anime fox girl foxes or cute anime kitsune girls has been compiled to satisfy your craving. If you haven’t already, you should know that “kitsune” in Japanese means fox.

Kawaii cute foxes are depicted as wise and long-lived throughout Japanese folklore. At the same time, they possess abilities that show they are formidable beings. The gender of some anime girl kitsune deities is not specified.

In anime, kitsune are referred to as “Kemonomimi,” which translates to “animal ears.” Kitsune and fox girls (bishojo) are among the characters featured in these stories. They are depicted as attractive men (bishonen).

Let the cuteness overwhelm you and force you to make a new waifu choice! I hope you’re ready for this list, because it’s going to be a rough one.

14. Bonbori & Hozuki

Bonbori & Hozuki

It’s common to see these two adorable anime girl kitsune rolling around together. Somebody who excites or enthralls them, or whom they appear to have an affection for

They are identical twin sisters, Bonbori and Hozuki, who wear identical outfits. And they prefer to ignore the thoughts and ideas of others.

Beautiful but childish twins like to play hide and seek and other similar games. Playing one another’s roles is something they enjoy.

13. Tamamo – Anime Fox Girl

Tamamo – Anime Fox Girl

Contrary to popular belief, fox/kitsune girls don’t have to be squeaky clean. It is said that Tamamo is a mature and voluptuous fox girl who is capable of seducing any man. Both Tamamo-no-Mae and the hot springs hotel manager are all-powerful.

With her black yukata and gorgeous features, Tamamo Yu appears to be a human. Her mountainside hot springs hotel company may not be working so well at times.

Tamamo Ya is a cute fox girl anime that you can find at the beach or working at a restaurant.

12. Zakuro – Kitsune Girl

When it comes to protecting her companions, the unstable and bold half-demon girl, Zakuro, is the type. She’s a formidable opponent. With a dagger made out of cherry blossoms, he is ready for fight.

Despite the fact that she comes from a long line of fighters. She still hasn’t mastered the art of controlling the heavenly power she possesses, and her abilities are currently out of control. And depending solely on her formidable fighting prowess.

Susukihotaru and Hozuki, Zakuro’s friends, came to her help. As well as Bonbori, who will help her in the fight against the enemy.

11. Chizuru Minamoto – Blonde Kitsune

Chizuru Minamoto – Blonde Kitsune

In spite of the fact that she may appear to be a typical adolescent anime girl with fox-like ears in high school. 400-year-old kitsune spirit Chizuru Minamoto. The only way to get Kouta’s attention is to live in the human world. She has the capacity to transform into a kitsune when needed.

A human during the day, she can take on the form of an all-powerful kitsune at night. Among her many talents are the following:

Using fusion with Kouta, she releases blue flames that she can control in her kitsune form. Providing her all the tools she needs to exercise her kitsune power of five tails.

10. Yukikaze Panettone – Blonde Fox Girl

Yukikaze Panettone – Blonde Fox Girl

The adorable blonde fox girl from Yukikaze Panettone is a formidable member of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad, something the group takes great pride in. Who sees her comrades as her extended family. Brioche, whom she regards with the utmost respect, is the person she looks up to the most.

The ability to use a variety of weapons such as daggers, bows, and shuriken In order to defeat her foes, Yukikaze relies on her agility. As well as the ability to stop even the most powerful foes in their tracks.

9. Koto – Tanuki Anime Girl

As the mascot and commentator for the Demon World’s Dark Tournament, Koto anime girl with fox ears and an unrelenting passion for bloody combat is a girl who has no limits. She is a vivacious and determined fox. The sight of bloodied and beaten combatants is unappealing to no one.

Through the course of the Dark Tournament, they also engaged in vicious physical combat with one another. Despite the fact that she is a dedicated employee who enjoys her work. She’s a goon for the bad guys running the event from the shadows.

8. Susukihotaru – Cute Kitsune Girl

Susukihotaru – Cute Kitsune Girl

In the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, Susukihotaru works as a half-demon. To avoid making eye contact with humans, she’s a cute cartoon fox girl. Emotional or otherwise, she has a remarkable capacity to read people.

A fox girl who is half-demon, half-spirit, she is touched by her. She’s less fearful of humans now that she’s teamed up with Riken instead of being a hermit all by herself.

7. Dakki ( Kitsune Anime Girl )

A fictional universe based on Chinese mythology has Dakki as the main villain. Kitsune sirens use the emperor as a front for their nefarious schemes. For example, she could use him as a pawn in order to achieve her nefarious goal of ultimate domination.

In addition, she manipulates the situation from afar, calling all the shots. This woman is both stunning and powerful, and she makes good use of all the tools at her disposal. It is not always the case in anime that foxes are kind and helpful. A ruthless and wicked antagonist, Dakki revels in the pain and suffering of others.

Time has made this sexy anime fox lady woman a fearsome foe because she is an ancient demon. A woman has the option of occupying the bodies of other women rather than showing off her true, powerful kitsune type.

6. Shiro – Fox Girl

Shiro – Fox Girl

When it comes to hair color and style, Shiro is a white-and-silver fox or kitune girl with red eyes and long white hair with white-silver ears and ends. On top of that, she has two red stripes down either side of her face. Shiro is dressed in a long white gown.

One of the half-legs, moon’s as well as her black stockings and shoulder-length gloves, is given away. She wears a scarlet scarf with a ribbon-like design on her back.

Her neck is also black, with a crimson jewel attached to it. When Shiro is initially presented, she is abrasive. Each and every time we see Shiro for the first time, we are struck by her haughtiness. Because she is convinced that Kuroto is a god and a servant to Kitsune

As a rule, she’s a lot more dynamic and unexpected than Senko. Kuroto and Senko subsequently become friends with Shiro, a white-haired kitsune. He is dispatched to aid Senko with Kuroto because she is perceived to have his “darkness.””” Yasuko’s roommate later becomes her roommate.

5. Yoko – Kitsune Girl

When it comes to Inukami, there are two types: those who are good and those who are bad. He is a spirit dog. Only Keita has been able to control her. However, her answer to the tamer may represent the sum total of her decision to give him what he asked for.

Yoko has two primary skills. A strand is shot from Jaen’s fingertips in the first instance. Dai-Jaen, a larger, more effective variant, is also available. Second Shukichi possesses a special power: she can teleport objects.

Normal dogs frighten this woman to the point where she refuses to interact with them. However, when challenged with evil spirits, she speaks freely. Her escape from Hake led her to discover young Keita, who was with her. The chocolate cake he made for the three days she spent with him became one of her favorites, and she shared it with him.

The reason she wanted to be Keita’s Inukami was because she hoped it would help her and Keita reach an accord. Because of her feelings for Keita, Yoko reacts angrily anytime he engages in sexual activity with other women.

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4. Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Sakura has to devour a kitsune soul that is functional in order to complete her nine tails. She has the appearance of a teen. The Hyper Police Company has brought this beautiful but imperfect samurai to eat Natsuki.

Sakura has long, perky fox ears in her violet hair. Because she is half fox and half human, she has tails that can be unfinished. Sakura, a skilled fox, is able to travel by using a small amount of electricity. Regardless of these talents, this law enforcement kitsune anime lady has a superb settlement.

Sakura has been meticulously constructed for cash and is capable of winning a swap. She gets married and has three children later in the series. There is no doubt that this stunning and attractive woman is a talented marksman.

3. Kuugen Tenko – Fox Girl  Anime

Kuugen is a cute fox deity that once served as the Mizuchi family’s guardian. Kuugen has been imprisoned by a Water Priest because of her mischievous ways. He liberated her from a demon and now serves as their guardian.

At any given time, she can be either a guy or a woman. However, she makes use of the male pronoun ore to address herself. The pronoun was used by both sexes in the past.

The blonde hair, blue eyes, and fox ears of Kuugen, a fox girl anime, get a considerable amount of attention. In public, they leave their caps at home, even if she has the ability to disguise herself.

2. Lily the Fox Mechanic

Lily the Fox Mechanic

Two sprites were given by Winged Cloud, one of which was Lily. She looks like an adorable anime fox. Lily immediately became a household name in the fandom, and is now the most popular character in the series.

Fans drew almost a thousand different Lilys in the first several months, not to mention their own Lily adaptations. Her original sprite is reworked, allowing her to express numerous emotions and attitudes.

Lily was the subject of Noble’s tale. He goes live a lot, and she edits videos and takes care of his Twitch a lot.

1. Senko ( Inugami  Fox Girl )

Senko ( Inugami  Fox Girl )

The Helpful Fox, an animated series Senko-san, if you’re reading this (Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san)

A kawaii cute fox female animation from 800 years ago is given through the natural world to relieve Kuroto of his overworked and frustrating life by introducing him to Senko. When it comes to Kuroto, this kitsune anime lady goes above and beyond for him.

When Senko moves in with Kuroto’s family, she assumes the role of a supportive mother. Cleansing Kuroto is one way Senko wants to show Kuroto he cares about him. Grooming, therapeutic massage, and providing him with lap pillows are just some of the ways you may help him relax.

She becomes irritated when Kuroto puts his health ahead of anything else. Kuroto seemed to be fixated by her fluffy ears, much to her dismay.