9 Best Movies About Young Love That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About Young Love

There are many films about adolescent love in the cinematic history, but Say Anything stands out from the crowd.

Awkward, confusing, and endearing to audiences, these early relationships between teenagers and young adults have been the subject of some of cinema’s most memorable romantic comedies. Andie, a record store clerk in Pretty in Pink, falls in love with the rich kid who lives on the nice side of town, whereas in Love, Simon the title character comes to terms with his sexual orientation while falling in love with his online confidant.

Even if they’re lighthearted, like TheFundamentals of Caring or darker, like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, these films are all about love. For a variety of reasons, each one of these movies is worth seeing, regardless of the place or the persons involved.

1. The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016)

The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016)

When it comes down to it, The Fundamentals of Caring fulfills its title’s promise. Actor Paul Rudd stars as Ben, a new caregiver assigned to take care of wheelchair-bound adolescent Trevor. Along the way, they pick up Dot, a mysterious hitchhiker with a sharp wit, and Trevor falls in love with her.

This upbeat story about friendship, daydreaming, and love has a lot to offer viewers. During a week-long road trip, Trevor experiences his first kiss, first date, breaks out of his routine, and inspires Ben to write a book.

2. Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (2015)

While visiting Rachel, a terminally ill student at his school, budding filmmaker Greg falls in love with her wit and creativity. With the help of his best friend Earl, he sets out on a mission to make a home movie about her in order to prolong her life.

However, there are some humorous moments in the film, such as the boys’ version of A Clockwork Orange, “A Sockwork Orange,” which features ominous sock puppets. In contrast to other romantic comedies featuring a sick protagonist, this one never descends into melodrama. Greg’s heart is broken when Rachel dies at the end of the story. I highly recommend Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, a film that features some of the best acting and music in recent memory.

3. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008)

New York City’s Lower East Side is the setting for this one-of-a-kind story. This week, Nick and Norah are scouring the city in search of clues to help them find Where’s Fluffyupcoming ?’s secret show. Even though they fail, Norah takes Nick to the Electric Lady studios where her father owns, where Nick plays a song for her before they have sex on the sofa.

For a young love story, this is a flash-in-the-pan affair that doesn’t drag on for weeks or months or even years like some other films can.

Richard Hawley’s song “Baby, You’re My Light” plays during a melancholy scene when Nick and Norah temporarily part ways, and was inspired by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan’s novel of the same name.

4. The Half Of It (2020)

An Asian-American student named Ellie is asked to help Paul compose a love letter to his high school football infatuation, and Ellie ends herself falling in love with the receiver of the letters, a young woman named Aster.

This leads to a typical love triangle, with Paul falling for Ellie and Ellie’s letters revealing her genuine feelings for him. Squahamish, a small hamlet in the Canadian province of Quebec, is the setting for the film, one of Netflix’s best female-directed offerings.

The typical girl-meets-boy tale is dethroned in The Half of Itus. Ellie’s connection with Paul, who protects her from bullies and provides meals to her ailing father, is at the center of the story. Meanwhile, she sends culinary critics favorable letters about his sausage concoctions. Despite the focus on their friendship, Ellie and Aster still share a kiss, and Ellie and Paul still find love, despite the fact that they are friends. There are some adorable moments in the film and it is a must-see.

5. Pretty In Pink (1986)

Pretty In Pink (1986)

As Andie falls in love with Blane, a rich preppy boy at her school, the cult classic John Hughes film follows their blossoming romance.

Duckie, Andie’s best friend, is infatuated with her, and he does a humorous and dramatic dance in the record store where she works in order to show his affection.

A lot is said about young love throughout the film, but the ending may cause some controversy. Despite the fact that the initial ending had Andie ending up with Duckie, she finally chooses Blane. After bad reviews from early audiences, Hughes rushed to rewrite the script. One of cinema’s most iconic school dance scenes is featured in the film, and it is also one of several outstanding movies that feature one of Hughes’ best female characters in his whole career.

6. Love, Simon (2018)

There has been a follow-up to Love, Simon, called Love, Victor, because of the premise’s longevity. An online romance between “Blue” and Simon, a gay high schooler who hasn’t told his friends and family yet, is explored in the film.

The film has a strong sense of immersion, and viewers are likely to develop strong attachments to a number of endearing characters, such as Simon’s friends Nick, Leah, and Abby, as well as his progressive family. When someone threatens to leak Blue’s and Simon’s messages or expose him to the entire school despite their support, Simon has a difficult time dealing with it. Without being overly sentimental, this heartwarming teen rom-com puts the focus on gay characters and explores the emotional journey of coming out.

7. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Julia Stiles portrays Kat, a brash, antisocial adolescent who has no desire to date. It is only after Patrick (Heath Ledger) is paid to date her that she warms up to him, because he is equally misanthropic “bad-boy” Patrick (Heath Ledger).

10 Things I Hate About You, which is a modern rendition of The Taming of the Shrew, has everything go wrong in a Shakespearean manner. An endearing young romantic comedy duo in Kat and Patrick explores the now-cliched subject of someone falling in love with someone they’re just dating because they’re in it to win it. As a result, there are a number of interesting supporting characters, like David Krumholtz, who plays a sardonic best friend, and Larry Miller’s overly concerned father. In an attempt to discourage his daughters from dating, he wears a fake baby belly in one amusing scene.

8. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

New Penzance is the setting for Wes Anderson’s funny and absurdist story of a youthful romance. A young boy and a local girl, Suzy, sneak away from their summer camp with nothing but a future of romantic adventure and wonder. So far so good. But then Camp Ivanhoe, Suzy’s parents, the island police chief and social services begin to follow them. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse:

Inspired by Anderson’s childhood fantasies, the story offers a fresh take on youthful romance. When it comes to running away with their favorite person for a fun-filled life, most children can only dream about such an adventure. The film reimagines romantic conventions while remaining relatable enough to have audiences coming back for more.

9. Say Anything… (1989)

Say Anything... (1989)

One of John Cusack’s most well-known roles is that of Lloyd Dobbler, a down-on-his-luck romantic with a boombox who wears a trench coat and only has one life goal: to fall in love with Diane, a bright student from a wealthy family. That is why her family isn’t very impressed with Lloyd, who assures them that he doesn’t want to “sell, purchase, or process any thing as a career.”

The critically acclaimed film, directed by Cameron Crowe, explores class, post-graduation potential, modern relationship dynamics, and, of course, love itself.

It undermines the heteronormative dynamic in which the woman follows the male as he starts on a successful professional career…. When he finally accompanies her to England, where she will attend university, the male character in Say Anything simply wants to love and support his girlfriend.