10 Best Anime Girl Killing Someone That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

anime girl killing someone

It is true that serial killers have appeared in a few noteworthy anime characters. Only a few of them made it into the public eye.

It’s rare to see a hero kill a bad guy or even a villain murder an innocent person directly in a shonen show, even if the bad guy is defeated in an epic battle. In part, this is why serial killers are so rare in anime.

However, most anime fans are unaware that serial killers have made a few prominent cameos in the genres of shonen and seinen. But because anime as a whole didn’t do particularly well with their audience, most of them went unnoticed. Spoilers coming!

1. Barry The Chopper (FullMetal Alchemist)

Barry The Chopper (FullMetal Alchemist)

Since his appearance in one of the most popular shonen shows ever, Barry is a character that is easily forgotten by many viewers. A guard called Number 66, Barry was responsible for protecting the Fifth Central Alchemical Laboratory from intruders in the television show.

Barry used to be a serial killer who took great pleasure in chopping up his victims into tiny pieces, earning him the moniker “Chopper.” When he saw blood, he got excited. He was a sadistic person who enjoyed killing people.

2. Tatsumi (Death Parade)

Tatsumi (Death Parade)

After the murder of his wife, Tatsumaki is depicted as a broken man. He made a promise to avenge her death, and he was successful in doing so. His belief in “a higher purpose” quickly changed, though.

It was because of this, and only because of this, that he began killing those in society he perceived as “scum” and passing judgment on their actions. In order to achieve his goals, he ended up injuring a lot of innocent people.

3. Moral (Hamatora)

Moral (Hamatora)

In the first season of Hamatora, Moral serves as the show’s main antagonist. Having the power of the Minimum Holders and giving it to non-Minimum Holders is his only goal.

The vast majority of his subjects die as a result of his illegal and non-consensual experiments. Apathetic toward their plights, Moral admits that he has no problem exploiting others to get what he wants.

4. Ryuunosuke (Fate/Zero)

Ryuunosuke (Fate-Zero)

His entry in the Fate series was the most disturbing. During his very first scene, he is shown to be having a good time as he explains how he intends to kill a small boy. There are also the bodies of the boy’s parents and siblings lying in the same room.

Ryuunosuke’s mental state is clearly messed up, and this is evident in his constant desire to find novel ways to kill people and his admission that he particularly enjoys killing children.

5. Gaku Yashiro (Erased)

Gaku Yashiro (Erased)

Gaku’s portrayal of a serial killer in Erased was as realistic as possible. He was shown as a simple elementary school classroom instructor with a friendly and affable manner.

He was a ruthless killer who hid behind a slick persona. When he killed someone, he made sure that he could find the victim on his own, and that an innocent person could be blamed for the crime.

6. Leif And Jessica (Hellsing)

Leif And Jessica (Hellsing)

Hellsing fans remember the pair fondly despite their status as minor adversaries. This group of vampires was certain that killing 13 people would make them indestructible. They were wrong.

For this, they murdered and pillaged people’s houses and scribbled profanity on the walls with their victims’ blood. For the sake of keeping their victims from becoming ghouls, Bonnie and Clyde disposed of their victims’ bodies.

7. Killer B (B: The Beginning)

Killer B (B The Beginning)

When it is revealed that Koku was the black-winged killer, known as Killer B. by authorities, in later episodes of the show, viewers are shocked.

As soon as Koku became his alter-avatar, he changed. He was ferocious, calculating, and unrelenting. When he decided someone was worthy of death, he would target minor criminals who had just served a few days in jail for their crimes.

8. Madam Red (Black Butler)

Madam Red (Black Butler)

Inability to bear children causes Angelina (Madam Red) enormous animosity when she performs abortion procedures on prostitutes who want to get rid of their unwanted children. She kills the ladies she is jealous of and enraged about.

A morbidly curious shinigami, Grell Sutcliff, chooses to assist in her killing spree. The Victorian press dubbed the two of them “Jack the Ripper.”

9. Hollywood (Durarara!!)

Hollywood (Durarara!!)

Ruri, like Koku, appeared to be a typical person. A make-up artist for movie stars, she eventually found fame as a fashion model and pop sensation.

However, at night, her dhampyr blood enabled her to conduct atrocities that were difficult for normal human beings to accomplish. She gained notoriety for mutilating her victims’ bodies while left their limbs and heads unharmed.

10. Shion Sonozaki (When They Cry)

Shion Sonozaki (When They Cry)

After Satoshi’s disappearance, Shion became a delusional woman. Revenge and wrath engulfed her in the wake of Satoshi’s “death,” so she went on a killing spree.

Rika, Mion, her grandmother, and Satoko are all killed by her. Suicide by jumping from the eighth story of the hospital she was admitted to is her method of ending her life. The only difference between her and the other serial killers on this list, however, is that she asks for forgiveness towards the end of her life, unlike the rest of the murders.