Similar Movies Like Camp Rock (2008) Update 06/2024

It Takes Two

In a way, it feels like you’re back in Cabin 8. Almost.

Summer camp, how I miss it. If you want to meet new people, spend your days boating, and pick up new skills outside of the classroom, head to the lake. Movies about summer camp will transport you and your family to one of the happiest places on earth, regardless of whether you’ve been before or not.

For those who have fond memories of summer camp or want to introduce their children to the concept, there’s a film out there for everyone. The truth is there’s nothing better than spending long nights in the bunk with your friends, eating food from a canteen or mess hall, and occasionally breaking into song or dance when the mood strikes.

Others, such as the ones in Race for Your Shorts Charlie Brown and Heavyweights, cater to children who already have a strong sense of character and a desire to bond with their peers.

On the other hand, let’s be honest: all of these summer camp movies are incredibly exaggerating about how much fun it is.

1. A Week Away: A Musical

Unhappy teen Will must decide between juvenile detention and a Christian summer camp if he wants to stay out of trouble this summer. Because of music and some new acquaintances at summer camp, Will learns about the healing powers of faith and kindness.

2. Bibi & Tina: Girls vs. Boys

Bibi & Tina- Girls vs. Boys

Bibi and her friends are pitted against the boys in a treasure hunt at summer camp in this international film from Germany.

3. Camp Cool Kids

Camp Cool Kids

When it comes to Zach and his younger brother, Spence, they couldn’t be more dissimilar. Zach must make new friends, overcome his fears, and confront the bullies who stand in his way of victory when they find themselves on opposing teams during their camp games.

4. Camp Nowhere

The kids are bored with their usual summer plans, so they convince a former teacher to pretend to be a counselor at a pretend camp where they are free to roam around.. However, when their parents come to visit, things get a little complicated.

5. Camp Rock

Camp Rock

Mitchie aspires to be a musician one day. And so, as an aspiring musician, she seizes the opportunity to attend Camp Rock, a music summer camp. Her dreams can become a reality if she has the confidence and an unlikely friendship with Connect 3’s arrogant lead singer (the Jonas Brothers).

6. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

This year’s group from Camp Rock is back for another season. However, Camp Rock is under threat from Camp Star, which is located across the lake and has a substantial amount of money behind it.

7. Daddy Day Camp

Daddy Day Camp

For a group of children, Camp Driftwood is purchased by two dads, who restore it and run it themselves.

8. Fred 3: Camp Fred

The 70th Annual Summer Camp Games take place at Camp Iwant topeepee, where Fred meets new people and competes against them.

9. Go! Go! Cory Carson Summer Camp

Go! Go! Cory Carson Summer Camp

Cory Carson joins his best friend Freddie at Camp Friendship in this episode of Go! Go! Cory Carson.

10. Heavyweights

A neurotic fitness trainer, played by Ben Stiller, buys Camp Hope and turns it into a fitness nightmare for its hopeful clients. Campers are determined to unite and make the camp a safe haven for outcasts where self-confidence can grow.

Although Heavyweights discusses body image and weight extensively, it may send mixed messages to young people who are already struggling with their own self-esteem.

11. It Takes Two

It Takes Two

In the film, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play orphan Amanda and rich girl Alyssa, who are virtually identical in every way. The two decide to switch places after meeting by chance at a summer camp to prevent Alysa’s father from marrying a wicked stepmother.

12. Magic Camp

On his way down, Adam Devine’s character finds his love of magic again with the help of some outcasts from his alma mater’s magic camp.

13. Moonrise Kingdom

A 12-year-old New England boy flees his summer camp to find his pen pal, Suzy. Meanwhile, a search party is dispatched to find the couple in the wilderness so they can be brought back to civilization.

According to Common Sense Media, the movie is PG-13 because there is some smoking, kissing, and plot lines that might be a little confusing for children under the age of 14.

14. Once I Was A Beehive

Lane spends the summer at a bible camp with a group of religious girls her age after losing her father unexpectedly to cancer. Lane is dealing with the loss of her father while also trying to make new friends.

15. The Parent Trap (1961)

Susan and Sharon, identical twins who were split up at birth, are now grown women. In this 1961 film, the two children swap places after meeting by chance at a summer camp in the hopes of reuniting their estranged parents.

16. The Parent Trap (1998)

As Annie and Hallie, Lindsay Lohan portrays two identical twins who were split up at birth due to their parents’ divorce. The two girls decide to switch places after meeting by chance at summer camp and permanently reunite their parents.

17. Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and his pals travel to Camp Remote to take on a team of bullies in a series of competitions in this Peanuts original film.

18. The Rainbow Tribe

In this 2011 drama, a group of kids at a summer camp helps their counselor get through a personal crisis.

19. The Baby Sitter’s Club

The Baby-Sitters Club, Kristy Thomas’s successful babysitting business, is struggling to become a summer day camp for her and her six best friends. When a group of adults threaten to close the camp, the girls will stop at nothing to keep their entrepreneurial dreams alive.

Even though this film isn’t about a dream sleepaway camp, Kristy and her pals’ summertime plans to start a babysitting day camp are still quite creative.