10 Best Anime About Adults That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime About Adults

Adults will be able to enjoy these shows because of their sophisticated ideas, specialist subject matter, or lack of action.

For all of its global popularity, anime has grown into an industry behemoth thanks to its wide range of genres and tales. However, despite the fact that anime is a form of animation, its subject matter is far more diverse than most Western cartoons. Adult-oriented anime like as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto have gained worldwide acclaim because of their appeal to children.

However, anime aimed towards an older audience tends to be overlooked or receive less attention. While it’s possible for kids to become interested in adult-oriented shows, it’s more likely that they’ll miss out on some of the show’s underlying themes.

1. Odd Taxi Has Bright Colors In Its Animation But Dark Themes In Its Story

Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi, at first appearance, appears to be a surefire hit with the younger demographic. Colorful shapes and an anthropomorphic animal cast bring this piece to life. As a serious novel with profound implications about the darker side of life, Odd Taxi has no further attraction for children. There is a lot of terrible stuff going on in Odd Taxi, from depression to organized crime to addiction. Adults may not be able to relate to the primary cast because they are all in their 30s and 40s.

2. Social Themes In Psycho-Pass Are Best Understood By Adults

If you’re looking for a crime thriller that’s immersed in social subtleties, Psycho-Pass is the show for you. Even though Psycho-Pass has a unique visual style, it is not assured that teenagers would like the series as much as adults. While Psycho-Pass also has an adult cast, it’s a show that not every kid can relate to or find interesting.

3. Work Relationships In Wotakoi Are Unrelatable To Kids

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku

A light-hearted romantic comedy with loads of anime, game, and manga references, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku takes place in an office with adult characters despite the fact that it’s a comedy. To add insult to injury, many otaku humor references earlier video games and shows that are more likely to be appreciated by an adult audience.

Wotakoi, on the other hand, deals with adult relationships and adult problems with a variety of complexities that kids may not be able to grasp.

4. Spice & Wolf Focuses On Economics, Which Appeals To An Older Crowd

There are several episodes in Spice & Wolf when Lawrence and Holo’s journey is quite dialogue heavy, which can be a turn-off for a child. Spice & Wolf doesn’t shy away from discussing the complexities of currency exchange or the finer nuances of deal-making because even the most engaged people can become bored. When it comes to the Spice & Wolf books, adults are likely to have an easier difficulty keeping up with the book’s content than children.

5. Death Parade’s Concentration On The Afterlife Is More Appealing To Adults

Death Parade

As a general rule, most people aren’t comfortable with their own mortality. Death is a particularly difficult subject for people their age to deal with. When it comes to death, Death Parade doesn’t have much to say about the ephemeral nature of existence. For the most part, Death Parade’s episodes deal with themes such as what it means to live a meaningful life and the regrets of those who didn’t. Children may find the Death Games appealing, but the serious themes of life and death may scare them away.

6. Existential Horror In Serial Experiments Lain Relates More To Adults

Serial Experiments Lain’s protagonist, a young adolescent, is the face of the show, yet the show’s subject matter is anything but kid-friendly. A child may initially be able to identify with Lain’s struggle to fit in and other social concerns, but the series’ final focus is on existentialism. As the story unfolds, Lain comes to grips with the fact that she isn’t really human after all, and the program doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing her inner turmoil at this turning point.

7. Baccano! Has A Hard-To-Follow Narrative That Can Get Wordy


It’s one of Baccanostrongest !’s aspects and what sets it apart from other anime is the way the narrative strands are all over the place. Although the story is challenging for adults to follow, it may be much more difficult for children to keep track of and be interested in.

As well as spanning multiple historical periods, Baccanoabrupt !’s switches in location and time may be confusing to younger viewers. Alternatively, they may have no interest in the past at all.

8. Settling Past Mistakes Is Cowboy Bebop’s Message For Adults

With so many years under their collective belts, the mostly mature cast of Cowboy Bebop might look back with some regret or resentment on the past. Cowboy Bebop, a show about coming to terms with the past, might not have the same impact on children as it has on adults. Some amazing space and ground combat is featured on the show despite its muted, noir-esque style that may put children to sleep.

9. Death Note Gets More Political Than Kids Might Care For

Death Note

The story of Death Note, which aired in Shonen Jump and includes a young protagonist, becomes more and more complicated as the series progresses. The premise is simple enough for younger audiences to grasp, but the journey and the destination are more likely to captivate an older audience. Conspiracy-level killings involving Light Yagami and L are only solved by geniuses, and the social commentary on justice may be overlooked by a younger generation.

10. Paranoia Agent’s Psychological Themes Are Primed For Adults

Stress affects everyone, regardless of age. Paranoia Agent’s plot purposefully draws attention to this reality. Paranoia Agent does have some scenes with youngsters acting out because of their extreme stress, but the majority of the show’s protagonists are adults coping with issues that can only be experienced by adults. In spite of the series’ focus on school bullying, it is likely that younger viewers will become disinterested in the problems faced by its more mature cast members.