14 Best Anime Girl Beats Up Bullies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Girl Beats Up Bullies

Anime girl beats up bullies

Bullying is something that no one enjoys, but it happens. Humans have a tendency to target others who are perceived to be different or inferior in order to deal with their own insecurities. Even so, it doesn’t make it acceptable. It’s not uncommon for anime to help people sift through difficult emotions, as is the case with many other situations. It’s fair to say, though, that some of the responses to bullying in anime are…bad and absolutely not advised.

1. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

The best teacher I have ever had A thug-turned-teacher who ends up saving a lot of troubled children is the premise of Onizuka. In addition to bullying, there are a number of issues that young people face on a daily basis. As a result, the entire class began to lash out at their professors because of an incident in the past that was reminiscent of bullying.

2. Peach Girl

“Girl power” has been dialed up to eleven in this series. Much of the story is around a girl who is ridiculed because she is tanned and blonde from frequent use of a swimming pool (mostly by her best buddy). Having both of these characteristics indicates that you’re a gyaru—Japanese loose ladies.

3. Another


Bullying, even in the midst of terror, serves a purpose in this series. It’s imperative that the class choose one individual to ignore for the entire year or someone will die. The individual they select is gloomy, but they are also going through a dreadful situation. You can see how bad things are for her and what she’s going through if you don’t look at it as a horror series.

4. Magical Girl Site

Do not fall for this show’s anti-bullying strategy. Magical Girl Site is a series in which a young girl acquires magical powers and uses them to exact revenge on those who have wronged her. Not a great example of how to deal with bullies, but some enjoyable fiction violence that isn’t taken to real life isn’t going to harm anyone.

5. The Lost Village

The Lost Village

Everyone in The Lost Village is fleeing from something, and they all appear in the film together. To live in a village that no one has ever heard of, they decided to meet on the internet and go to it. Of course, things go horribly wrong. In the end, many of them face their issues here.

6. Narutaru

The bullying storyline in this series is quite dark. Bullies can’t get to the main character because she’s so genuine. They have set their sights on his friend, who has the top marks in the class. In order to avoid the pain of her parents, she tries to lower the grades she receives. In this show, as you would imagine, she ultimately reaches a breaking point and exhibits some surprising viciousness.

7. Hell Girl

Hell Girl

Short stories based on a website where people can swap their souls for the souls of other people. Even while not every episode deals with bullying, it is a recurring theme across the show’s seasons.

8. Hana Yori Dango

It’s a bit of a strange one. The story begins with a young lady who receives a full scholarship to attend a prestigious private school. In the beginning, she’s bullied by the girls, then bullied by the boys who run the school, and then falls in love with one of them. Despite his best efforts, she is put off by… He’s a bully, and he’s also a bit of an a—hole. He gradually wears her down, but the girls keep bullying her until the popular boy puts them in their place as thots.

It’s one of those love stories that’s enjoyable to see, but may not be the most accurate depiction of real-life romance.

9. Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo

The primary character in Girls Bravo was a child. As a result, he was a victim of female abuse. He now gets hives everytime a woman comes close to him. As a result, he is sent to a realm where men are few and women are plenty.

10. Big Windup

The middle school baseball team bullies Big Windup’s protagonist mercilessly. As a result, he has lost his desire to participate in the activity and his self-esteem has been damaged. This series focuses on a more laid-back crew that ends up rescuing him.

11. Dear Brother

Dear Brother

There is a lot of girl drama and bullying in Dear Brother, just like in Peach Girl. When a student moves to a new school, this is what they fear the most. Everyone there is rude and abusive to the point of being practically criminal.

12. Flowers of Evil

A person who feels humanity is so disgusting that the art style reflects it has produced Flower of Evil. When a popular girl’s gym suit gets stolen by an ostracized student, the story follows the kid who gets caught. In this program, it’s not going to work out that way. So as not to be considered a pervert by his classmates, she takes complete charge of his life. He is bullied in order to escape being bullied.

13. Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Masamune-Revenge kun’s tells the story of a former overweight kid who returns to woo the girl he was rejected by as a child. After making her fall in love with him, he intends to suffocate her. An employee of the girl’s that follows her around is regularly harassed by her. Honestly, the show is a shambles of bullying.

14. March Comes in Like a Lion

Bullying is a major theme of March Comes in Like a Lion’s second season; however, it is barely touched on in the show’s first. It was so popular in Japan that it was incorporated into anti-bullying efforts. One of the best depictions of how bullying affects people and why some people bully may be seen in a subplot involving one of the supporting characters.

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