10 Female Anime Characters With Black Hair That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Female Anime Characters With Black Hair

Have you ever pondered the reasons behind our adoration for anime? What do you believe to be the most important factor? Why not? But it’s not that difficult. Black-haired anime chicks are the answer. If you don’t believe me, look at these 21+ black-haired anime heroines and you’ll be convinced of the truth.

10. Ako Tamaki/Ako

Ako Tamaki

The “And You Never Thought There Was a Girl Online” anime character Ako Tamaki is a gaming girl. She is an introverted, reticent young woman. As a supporter, she is also married to a Russian-named player while she plays online games. Even though they’re married to each other in the game, when they meet in real life, she has no idea why they’re not deemed married in real life.

The fact that you’re married to her for the sole purpose of boosting your eSports stats makes her a desirable gamer girlfriend. What more could you want for in a partner?… Oh, and she has a lot of cleavage, too. This is a yandere who is a low-ranking yandere, but she’s still cute and plays the support character, so you’ll be fine.

She has the greatest screen time because she is the main character’s “wife,” but it is not enough. When you’re done with this show, you’ll be in desperate need of more.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a yandere girlfriend, I highly recommend her.

9. Akame

The anime “Akame Ga Kill!” features a famous swordswoman named Akame. To begin with, she was sold to the Empire, where she was trained to be an assassin, but she subsequently became the head of Night Raid, a group whose purpose is to remove the corrupt monarchy.

She is a vicious assassin who can have a tinge of sweetness every now and again, but the majority of her scenes feature her engaged in combat. A powerful swordswoman, she wields the even more lethal weapon known as Murasame. Because of its curse, even a small cut can kill a person.

Akame, despite the fact that her name is in the title, is not the protagonist of this anime. As a result, her mere presence increases the activity in a scene by an astounding 80 percent. You can be sure that if she engages in combat, it will be spectacular.

If you’re a fan of action sequences, blood, and story twists, she’s for you.

8. Hestia


She is the Goddess of the “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” anime. Despite her diminutive stature, appearance, and demeanor, she is in fact a deity. A poor goddess, she has only one family: Bell.

She has unusual features for an anime character in that she has the face of a child, making her a “loli,” but she also has a lot of curves. Hestia pulls off this look flawlessly, making it a difficult combination to pull off. Fans began referring to her as “Loli Big .” Please fill in the blanks, but here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with her enormous intellect.

Unfortunately, she isn’t always on the screen, but when she is, she makes the action memorable for the audience.’ Even though she isn’t the protagonist, we always look forward to her scenes when we watch this anime.

However, if you just want to see a goddess having a good time, she’s not the best choice. I believe Hestia is an excellent candidate for the position.

7. Akiyama Mio

From the “K-on” anime, Mio Akiyama is a member of Ho-kago Tea Time. Despite her maturity, she can be a bit of a fearsome feline at times. She’s the bassist and backup singer for the band.

This world has never seen a bassist as adorable as hers. In addition to being from a moe anime, which lends her a certain level of cuteness, she’s also really endearing because of her acts and looks. If you want to avoid making her cry and even starting a conflict, don’t steal her strawberries.

When watching K-on, it’s difficult to pick a favorite character because they’re all so adorable. While Mio is adorable, so are the other four characters.

My recommendation if you enjoy charming music and/or girls is to check her out. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, as well. Thank you very much.

6. Chitanda Eru

Eru Chitanda

The “Hyouka” anime’s Eru Chitanda is the president of the Classical Literature Club. Even if it sounds unusual, she’s only a normal high school student with no mysterious powers, so don’t worry.

Maybe I’m exaggerating just a smidge. One unusual capability she may possess is the ability to manipulate people’s minds. To get the world’s laziest man to solve puzzles for her, she only has to say “I’m curious” to him. Her large, adorable purple eyes or brain manipulation are to blame. The choice is yours; I’ll let you know.

I don’t want to get into a debate about this, or I can, but I’m sure I’ll come out on top.

As a fan of non-murder mysteries, I recommend her to those who enjoy reading about everyday mysteries that most people don’t pay much attention to.

5. Shiina Mayuri

It’s no secret that Mayuri Shiina is one of the most talented cosplayers in the Future Gadget Lab, but she’ll tell you that her most crucial role in the series is that of a hostage (a childhood friend of the protagonist Hououin Kyouma from the Steins; Gate anime).

Mayuri’s famed “Tutturuu!.” lines are well-known. She is one of the group’s most adorable and innocent members. A lot of anime characters and fans enjoy her because she doesn’t know what they’re doing, but she’s always there for you, even when you don’t know what you’re doing.

No matter how boring she is, she is without a doubt the most adorable character in this anime, and I don’t think anyone can argue with me on that.

In the case of the others, I think you should check her out and then tell me how right I was. This character is great if you like sweet, ignorant characters.

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4.Hanekawa Tsubasa

Hanekawa Tsubasa

Hiroshi Hanekawa’s daughter The protagonist of the “Bakemonogatari” series, is a normal high school girl. Unfortunately, she is only friends with Koyomi Araragi, who is widely regarded as one of the best students in the school.

Everyone, even the audience, is in awe of her. “I don’t know everything, I just know what I know” is what she always tells us, and we take her at her word. Of course, I have to acknowledge her beautiful appearance. I think you’ll enjoy her as much as I did. Of course, in both forms.

Although I can’t say for sure that she is the best girl in the series, I can say that she is very, very near the top of the list.

I recommend her to anime fans who enjoy class representatives and bright girls because it’s difficult to find a better character in those two categories.


“Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” anime character Megumin is an Arch Wizard. In spite of her great level, she only knows one spell: Explosion!!! It was because of this that only Kazuma’s party accepted her. However, she eventually proves to be a beneficial addition to this group.

Anyone who hasn’t seen her in action is in love with her. Someone or something, because let me just say Megumin is one of the funniest anime characters I’ve ever seen. The Crimson Demons, of which she is a member, are widely regarded as the world’s most powerful magicians. In the realm of fantasy, she is a chuunibyou. Definitely one of a kind, this woman.

Even though there have been and will be arguments over who the best female in Konosuba is, Megumin is the one who consistently wins, therefore she must be loved by the town’s residents.

In a nutshell, I endorse Megumin without reservation. Everyone should be a fan of her, because she doesn’t have a specific character type that appeals to a specific demographic. Maybe a loli, but I’m not going to get into that debate just now.

2. Tokisaki Kurumi

Tokisaki Kurumi

A ghost from the “Date a Live” series, Kurumi Tokisaki, is here. The term “Nightmare” comes from her reputation as the “Worst spirit” due to her heinous deeds. It’s difficult for the main characters to deal with her because her power is time-related; nonetheless, she has helped Shido Itsuka (the protagonist) numerous times.

As a yandere, Kurumi is one of the greatest in anime history. If you were to meet her in person, she would probably kill you if she had the chance. Her unique features, such as her eyes, hair, and face, are all the work of divine handiwork. I should also include her occasional charming moments in the anime, as well as the fact that you might forget that you have a knife protruding out of your body.

However, even though she is not part of the main cast, many fans consider her to be a noteworthy character. There must be a good reason why she is the most popular character in the anime.

I think this character is most suited for yandere fans, but I’m sure everyone will appreciate her..

1. Himejima Akeno

“Highschool DxD” anime character Hisejima Akeno is a demon. Her transformation into a demon was caused by Rias Gremory. She is a powerful wizard. That’s why she’s Rias’ favorite chess piece and best pal. She’s also a member of Issei’s harem, which is why she’s so significant.

As Ara-ara Onee-sama, she is unbeatable. She’s a natural at what she does. She’s older, taller, and eats a lot more than Issei (the main character). Lastly, I should highlight her wonderfully timed Ara-aras. She has the proper curves, and when called upon, she plays the supportive older sister role.

In spite of the fact that she is a supporting character, she has the same popularity as Rias Gremory, and I can tell you that Rias isn’t a boring or horrible character.

Even if you don’t tell your children about her until 20 years from now, you’ll remember her black hair. However, I think onee-sama fans will get the greatest enjoyment out of her character, but that doesn’t imply others won’t enjoy her as well. You’ll fall in love.

I wish you luck in your search for the one black-haired anime girl who inspires or converts you to the world of anime. When all of the following questions were replied “no” in your head. If you want to look for an anime girl with purple hair or the best female anime hairstyles, that’s fine with me. There’s an anime lady for everyone. Without a doubt.