10 Best Most Popular Anime Characters 2021 That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Most Popular Anime Characters 2021

The Winter 2021 anime season featured a dazzling cast of colorful characters that won over viewers’ hearts in droves. Which of the others caught your eye?

Even when we’re “physically” alone, anime has made it possible for many of us to overcome trials together. Winter 2021 has debuted or popularized some of the most vibrant and enjoyable anime characters. It didn’t matter if they were old favorites or fresh contributions to the medium.

These people have reached the pinnacle of their popularity and are probably all over the place by now. In order to avoid spoilers, many anime fans are forced to watch their episodes after seeing them in memes. If you’re looking for a newbie, a waifu, or a husbando, these are your best bets.

1. Kon (Kemono Jihen)

Kon (Kemono Jihen)

Kemono Jihen’s Kon is a bit of a rascal.

Even while she may appear to some as a wild child, one must remember that she actually is.

Even though she’s fourteen, she behaves like a typical 14-year-old, which is unusual for an anime character. She has a gentle and naive heart hidden beneath her brash exterior.

Her unbridled personality is, of course, mostly a result of her extraordinary gifts. As an akemono, she can take on the form of an akitsuneor fox. As far as anime female characters go, Kon is a breath of new air.

2. Kyouko Hori (Horimiya)

Kyouko Hori, a seemingly perfect young lady who possesses both beauty and intelligence, is at the center of the love story in the anime Horimiya. No one anticipated her to fall for a guy like Izumi Miyamura because of her outer appearance, but that’s exactly what occurred.

She has a lot more to offer than just being a perfect little girl. In addition to being a secret borderline masochist, she has a quirky sense of humor. She and Miyamura’s connection is a hoot.

3. Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

Senku Ishigami (Dr. Stone)

The second season of Dr. Stone’s resident polymath genius and protagonist, Senku Ishigami, concluded this winter, and it’s evident that Senku hasn’t lost his touch. For all of his years in the field, he’s still a genius, producing more and more difficult ideas.

Even after a strange phenomenon brought Earth back to the Stone Age, Einstein remains the skeptical but benevolent Einstein of the series, who will stop at nothing to restore mankind’s modern glory. Furthermore, he is one of the most original characters in anime, as a shonen protagonist.

4. Rika Kawai (Wonder Egg Priority)

Who will be the cutest fictional figure in 2021? Check out Rika Kawai if you’re still looking for more. Her name tells it all: she’s adorable. As with any typical outgoing blonde anime girl, she has a few quirks hidden beneath the surface.

In spite of her brash and outgoing demeanor she hides a deep sadness and self-hatred. Wonder Egg Priority doesn’t even have Rika as the primary protagonist. Rika just gets involved in a show about the protagonist dealing with the suicide of a friend. Everyone is happy with her addition because of the richness she brings to the series.

5. Nakano Miku (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Miku Nakano

There’s no need to look any further; she’s right here, in all her shyness. One of my favorite anime characters is Miku Nakano, the nerdy and mute girl from The Quintissential Quintuplets. Having poor self-esteem, she has a reclusive attitude and a negative outlook on life.

However, when it comes to the individuals she really desires, she may be a bit possessive. One of the most interesting characters in the anime is her obsession with the Sengoku era’s most famous figures. She’s introverted, clinging, and a samurai fanatic, making her the perfect girlfriend.

6. Emilia (Re:Zero)

Zerois is back, and it’s just as terrible and frightening for Natsuki Subaru as it was before. Nonetheless, Emilia, the program’s brightest and most powerful magic user, is another star of the show. Her 115 years make her the show’s oldest character.

Despite this, she seems to be no older than an eighteen-year-old due to her half-elf ancestry. In terms of character, she enjoys pretending to be self-centered and cunning. She has saved Natsuki more times than she can remember without his ever asking, but her generosity eventually gets the better of her.

7. Natsuki Subaru (Re:Zero)

ReZero — Natsuki Subaru's

The second season of Re:Zero has made Natsuki Subaru a desirable commodity as well. He is still jaded and suffering, especially with his ability to return to life in the past after being killed.

He’s the same irrational, adventurous nerd from season one. Now that he’s more experienced, he can be of greater assistance to his pals. However, he’s beginning to question his sanity after repeatedly dying and seeing the deaths of his pals, just to rise and find himself a stranger to everyone he knew before.

8. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo fromJujutsu Kaisen, a character resembling Hatake Kakashi fromNaruto, has recently become a sensation in the Japanese manga community. Since he’s not the show’s protagonist, this white-haired charmer is the show’s most powerful character.

A true heartthrob, Gojo.

He steals the stage with his borderline mad antics, cheeky superiority complex, and rebellious demeanor. Despite being in his late twenties and being an anime supermodel in terms of beauty, his designer decided that he had never had an aromantic relationship.

9. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan

Ackerman has matured in the latest season ofAttack on Titan, making her maybe the strongest female anime character in 2021. However, even as she grew older, she remained the protective adoptive sister most anime fans would love to have.

It’s apparent that Mikasa’s heart was destroyed in the season finale of the anime. She was heartbroken when the guy she’d spent her life with rejected her and caused her to weep. Fans stepped in to show their support by casting their votes for her in online polls.

10. Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)

The current Ackerman inAttack on Titan, Mikasa, might be the most important Ackerman at the moment. The contrast between her and Levi Ackerman’s sexual prowess is stark. That doesn’t stop him from being popular, despite being the shortest character inAttack on Titan.

In addition to his typical insecurities about his height and germophobia, Levi has a cold killer attitude and a stern disposition. In spite of this, he’s perhaps the most competent and powerful combatant on the show.