10 Best Woody Allen Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Woody Allen Movies

Voting for the director’s best work was open to the general public. This is what people had to say about their favorite Woody Allen film, as submitted by our readers.

10. Sleeper


“Throughout Sleeper, Allen paid homage to Keaton and Co. with a slew of visual and slapstick humor. The President’s nose was squashed by a steamroller, a gigantic banana skin, and an expanding cake mix. orgasmatron, robot servant, dog, etc.) are only a few of the memorable concepts. It’s hardly a satire, but there are plenty of chuckles to be had.” It’s Alfie All by Himself.

9. Midnight in Paris

“A fantastic story with plenty of clever “inside” comedy, strong performances from performers who were pushed to the limit, and stunning photography all contributed to the overall enjoyment of the film. It was a lot of fun.” Frank Absher is the author of the book

8. Stardust Memories

Stardust Memories

“This slammed book is a masterclass in storytelling. Even though movie was panned by reviewers upon its initial release, this is Woody Allen at his absolute best – faux-Euro filmmaking at its finest. Woody Allen’s view of the public’s strange adoration of the famous is presented in Stardust Memories, which, like Celebrity, was made many years later. And the long shot of Charlotte Rampling at the end? Genius.” Tim

7. Love and Death

“With Diane Keaton in her most memorable comedy role as Woody Allen’s first foray into the dark world of Bergman and Dostoevsky, this is one of the “early, funny ones.” Some of the funniest material he’s ever written may be found in the first five minutes of the film.” Wieland Schwanebeck

6. Take the Money and Run

Take the Money and Run

“When I first saw it in 1970, I was in Nui Dat, South Vietnam. It didn’t seem to matter that the army projectionist was playing the reels backwards, because nothing like a war can convert the bizarre into the normal. While on leave in Vung Tau, I picked up a bootleg cassette of Allen’s standup routines. The videotape I burned from an old Betamax tape that was recorded off-air in the 1980s came from a VHS tape that I copied to a VHS. This is one of my all-time favorite comedies, and it never fails to make me chuckle.” The Jim Stewart

5. Broadway Danny Rose

“Allen and Mia Farrow are at their best in this film, which is truly a classic. My image of Woody’s dilemma in the restaurant as he tries to run from the pursuing mobsters has been etched in my mind for years.” There are no words for Raymond Williams.

“I’m a huge fan of the main character because of his unwavering faith in his clientele, his generosity, and his kindness. Danny’s expression when Nick informs him he’s got a new agency is what really sells the movie for me. Woody Allen wasn’t always a brilliant actor, but in this scene, he’s at his finest.” It was Kevin Finn’s birthday.

4. Hannah and Her Sisters

Hannah and Her Sisters

“With the exception of Manhattan, I associate a romantic New York with Hannah and Her Sisters. In a city that no longer exists, you can still find Pageant Books and Tower Records as well as cinema theaters where you can still see a Marx Brothers film, and a bohemian, undeveloped, Top Shop-free SoHo. One of Allen’s most vivid and tenderly written female characters is a trio of conflicted sisters; they are flawed but not harshly condemned; the casting was perfect. Allen has also written his best character for himself, second only to Alvy Singer in terms of writing credit. In two hours, this film captures the last gasp of a romantic, current and artistically vital New York City. Everything about this film feels painterly, wistful and smart. One of his final films, it avoids the bitterness of his latter works.” Kara Manning’s name is Kara Manning.

3. Crimes and Misdemeanours

“For the most part, Woody does away with his trademark teenage tendencies in this film and instead gives us a brutal critique of the kind of privilege that allows one to commit murder while also receiving high honors. This is a gripping and ethically resonant film with real weight. Allen’s script could be applied to a slew of high-ranking officials like Kissinger, Nixon, Obama, and countless more who are protected from accountability by their reputations. An understated work of art. By comparison, most of his other works appear to be very light in weight.” This is Keith Harrison’s name.

2. Annie Hall

Annie Hall

“Anarchic early films and more introspective works of the eighties are perfectly balanced in Annie Hall, which has serious issues but also tons of humor. The “driving visions” of Christopher Walken, the “what he/she is really thinking” subtitles, and Allen’s questioning of bystanders about their sex lives are all highlights of the film. Both the chemistry between the two protagonists and Allen’s performance as a lead actor have never been bettered, except perhaps for Manhattan. However, Annie Hall surpasses Manhattan in terms of screen time and speech because Diane Keaton, the best female Allen interpreter in her biggest role, is on par with Allen in this film. Among his female characters, she is the most fully realized, from her ties and checks attire to her off-beat quips. The character and the film have never been bettered in the rom-com genre.” Cockburn’s name is Neil Cockburn.

1. Manhattan

“New York City is a city he loves, and it’s a personal self-portrait in Manhattan, which is one of his best films to date. Either the closest of all Allen’s films to portraying the outspoken artist’s actual opinion of himself, and is a lighthearted tragedy or a darkly tragic farce.” Shepler, Christopher

“All of Woody Allen’s trademarks are present: wit and wisdom, as well as a heartfelt, suffocating romance. Black & white cinematography with Rhapsody In Blue and fireworks make one of the greatest, most iconic openings in film history. Because Allen saw the film as a failure, it made it much more suitable for him to make it” He is Mahinder Kingra.

“It’s all over! Against the backdrop of a solo violin, two characters consider the end to their romance. This is an orchestra that overpowers the violin, while the city engulfs them and their relationship in a swirl of color. There has never been a more wonderful way to express love in the city than this.” In the face of the challenge,