Top 8 Shows Like Lethal Weapon That You Need Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Lethal Weapon

If you’re a fan of Lethal Weapon, you should watch these eight shows.
Since their inception, police procedural shows have come a long way. The first wave of mediocre genre shows made them tired, but they re-invented themselves as complex and multilayered psychodramas with detectives torn by moral ambiguity after that. Such shows, as they undergo transformation, cleverly incorporate comedy, drama, and adventure tropes to keep genre fans enthralled. When it comes to television detective series, there aren’t many that have managed to deviate from the prototype and tell a story or feature characters that are so distinctive they stand alone as a work of art unlike anything else. A step in this direction is taken by the Fox series “Lethal Weapon.”

Following the exploits of Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, two detectives with contrasting methods of operation, ‘Lethal Weapon’ is based on the famous film series of the same name. Gibson and Glover play Riggs and Murtaugh respectively in the movies. In contrast, the mantle was handed down to Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans in the television series. The story of ‘Lethal Weapon,’ told through layers of comedy, action, and drama, is a story about friendship and having each other’s backs at its core. We’ll get right to it: our picks for the best shows like ‘Lethal Weapon’ now. Some of these shows, such as ‘Lethal Weapon,’ are available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

8. 21 Jump Street (1987 – 1991)

21 Jump Street (1987 – 1991)

As soon as the series premiered in 1987, it instantly became a hit with young people everywhere. 21 Jump Street follows a team of young police officers as they investigate and solve a new case at the end of each episode. When they’re not on the job, they’re doing undercover investigations at universities and high schools across the country. When Johnny Depp’s debut role as officer Tom Hanson became popular, the show served as a springboard for one of Hollywood’s most illustrious careers.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” catapulted Johnny Depp to stardom, making him one of the most well-liked young Americans. The show places a high value on moral messages, and each episode is carefully crafted so that the message is clear by the time it is finished. “21 Jump Street,” along with “Married… with Children” and “The Tracey Ullman Show,” helped Fox become one of the nation’s top four broadcast networks.

7. Knight Rider (1982 – 1986)

Knight Rider (1982 – 1986)

‘Lethal Weapon’ is a buddy cop show where the friendship between the two main characters is the driving force behind the story. Now, if you’re looking for a surprising turn in the story, I suggest starting with ‘Knight Rider.’ Famous for its focus on a couple’s relationship, this 1982 show adds an interesting twist: one of the characters is a futuristic car with extensive modifications.
Lieutenant Michael Arthur Long, a police officer who suffered a fatal injury, is taken under the wing of billionaireWilton Knight, who presents him with this amazing artificial intelligence creation. ‘Knight Rider’ focuses on Arthur’s many adventures, as well as those of his car. Campiness pervades the show; dialogue and action sequences are both at times cheesy.

6. Gang Related (2014)

Gang Related (2014)

After watching ‘Lethal Weapon,’ watch ‘Gang Related,’ on Fox if you want to see another high-octane police drama. Ryan Lopez, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, is at the center of the story. However, Lopez has a shady past as an illegal Mexican immigrant who sneaked into the country. A special multi-agency unit known as theGang Task Force has been formed around him, and as an undercover officer, he is required to infiltrate gangs.

Besides the fact that one of the people who raised him as a child is now working for a criminal organization called the Los Angelicos, Ryan has no problems. The show never tries to be a serious cop-drama that fills our plate with the clichés associated with action shows featuring police officers as the main characters. With Ryan, an illegal immigrant turned army veteran turned police detective, ‘Gang Related’ does make an important political commentary that cannot be ignored. Has he not proven himself a true patriot by serving his country? All of this could be undone if he enters the country illegally.

5. Rush Hour (2016)

Rush Hour (2016)

“Rush Hour” is a television adaptation of a phenomenally popular film series based on the exploits of two police officers, much like “Lethal Weapon.” This hilarious buddy-cop series follows the exploits of detectives Lee and Carter, who team up from the East and the West to take on dangerous criminals.
Anyone on the face of the planet would have failed miserably in their attempt to recreate the enthralling chemistry that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker had in the original film series. the casting of Jon Foo and Justin Hires was no exception. CBS cancelled the show midway through Season 1 because it had failed miserably. Later episodes were then aired at inconvenient times just so the show could come to a satisfactory conclusion. Season 1’s plot was panned by critics for being hollow at its core, in addition to bad casting choices.

3. S.W.A.T. (2017)

S.W.A.T. (2017)

In the current crop of undeniably popular action/crime dramas is S.Wat (2017 –), a film that can easily be classified as one of those. Following tough cop Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, a veteran of the Iraq War who has survived the horrors of the police force, the CBS crime drama series premiered in 2017. Some cases necessitate more muscle than brain, and that’s when Hondo and the rest of the Special Weapons and Tactics unit are called in.

As a tough taskmaster, ‘S.W.A.T.’ delves into the humane side of our protagonist, who must be firm with criminals who commit crimes out of desperation. With his loyalties split between his colleagues and the neighborhood he works in, Hondo has developed an uncommon rapport with both the good guys and the bad guys in the law enforcement community.

2. Miami Vice (1984 – 1990)

Only ‘Miami Vice’ has had a greater impact on American culture since the advent of color television. although Colin Farrel and Jamie Foxx in Michael Mann’s 2006 film are the most popular exponents of this franchise now come close to how important this show was in terms of American music, menswear and New Wave culture that emerged during 1980s.
The story revolves around Miami drug detectives Sonny and Rico as they take on the city’s criminal underworld. Elvis, Sonny’s pet alligator, guards his sailboat, which he doesn’t own. This seemingly insignificant detail gives you a glimpse into the kind of world you’re about to enter. You’ll agree that there’s never been anything cooler on television if you watch it for its excesses and not with a critical eye.

1. Castle (2009 – 2016)


The crime comedy-drama “Castle” is adored by fans for its unique portrayal of a novelist and a police officer who work together to find the people responsible for several murders. The author in question, Richard Castle, is a well-known crime novelist. When the police approach him after a murder is committed in a manner similar to that described in one of his books, his life takes a turn for the worse.
The case is being investigated by Detective Kate Beckett, who brings Castle along for the ride. Castle agrees to go along because he thinks it will help him get over his writer’s block. ‘Castle,’ which has been a critical and commercial success for ABC, is one of the network’s best efforts to date. This character-driven crime-drama is made all the more enjoyable by the on-screen chemistry between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion.