15 Femboy Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Femboy Anime Characters

Anime has a wide variety of characters, but why is the anime femboy so popular?

Anime femboys and anime traps have taken on many connotations over time, but they all refer to someone who isn’t able to live up to society’s expectations of what men should look like.

He has a softer, more feminine appearance most of the time.

The reverse trap, on the other hand, is a female with male characteristics.

These are the people who don’t fit the gender norms we’re used to.

Many people believe that the anime traps are gender-bending devices, however this is not the case.

Cross-dressing is used to make the characters appear to be of a different gender, while in reality, they lack a clear sense of gender.

People who identify as transgender aren’t snared by the trappings of a certain gender.

Fans of anime may become perplexed as a result of this.

Femboys, as you may have heard, are males who like cute things and wear girly apparel.

In anime, where the bulk of the characters’ voices are sung by women. Unless they are directly acknowledged by the actors themselves, it is impossible to tell them apart from other girls.

They’ve become fairly popular in the manga and anime world due to their outlandishness.

Despite the fact that some people are opposed to them, the majority have come to terms with their existence and have come to love their unique personalities.

What is a femboy in anime?

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular anime femboys for your perusal.

Let’s get the word out there!

15. Souta Takanashi, Working!!! (2010)

Souta Takanashi, Working!!! (2010)

Working!! !’s” main character, Souta Takanashi, is voiced by Takanashi.

He’s a server at Wagnaria on the side.

Also, he is a transvestite who dresses as a waiter. Souta is a sucker for all things diminutive and adorable. He, on the other hand, has an aversion to everyone over the age of twelve. He portrays them as a ferocious and repulsive creature. Kotori is the name he has given to female friends.

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14. Tetra (Log Horizon 2nd Season)

Among our top ten favorite characters is Tetra, the star of the galaxy!

Tetra is a man, despite the fact that his avatar looks to be female.

Only by chance did he wind up playing the game with a female character could he succeed.

Tetra enjoys slamming people, especially Naotsugu, with her fists.

Even though Naotsugu is an enemy, Tetra does not regard him as one. Tetra is also a man, and as a result, he has relatively few fans. The term “boku,” which can be used as a casual way of stating “I” by guys, is also employed in this passage. “bishoujo,” or “beautiful chicks.” Tetra is also known to call himself thus. Finally, Tetra has created a complex web befitting an anime femboy.

13. Haku (Naruto)

Haku From Naruto

One of Naruto’s first characters is Haku.

His appearance is so enviable in the comic, it even mentions it in the manga itself.

While he doesn’t go out of his way to look like a woman, his looks can be deceptive.

He’s perhaps the most typical anime femboy on our list in terms of his personality.

Finally, the narrative of his upbringing will leave you in tears.

12. Shiota Nagisa (Assassination Classroom)

When Nagisa sees him in a cross-dress, she gets tremendously agitated and appears more feminine than she generally does.

We couldn’t leave him out of this list because of how lovely he looks while dressed in a feminine fashion.

A gloomy backdrop does explain why the performer appears so much older than her actual age.

He was born a boy because his mother was infatuated with having a girl in her child, but she forced him to seem like an adult female.

Despite the boy’s protests, his mother insisted he get his hair trimmed.

11. Felix Argyle (Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World )

Felix Argyle

A bous point is awarded to Felix for the successful fusion of two distinct fetishes.

This femboy/catboy is a true multi-genre artist.

Of course, his use of the word “nya” is priceless.

One of Re:most Zero’s loyal characters is also on the side of the master.

Felix is fiercely protective of his owner and will go to great lengths to ensure her safety.

10. Hideri

Hideri is a happy-go-lucky youngster who dreams of becoming a pop star.

As is only natural, he has decided to be one of the many female idols.

In addition to his fondness for little things, he has a more boyish personality.

He has a unique ability to crack jokes and deal with insects that no one else who isn’t female has, and that’s what sets him apart.

9. Aoi Hyoudou Kaichou wa Maidsama

The romance comedy Aoi Hyoudouis both hilarious and endearing.

If you enjoy romantic comedies, this is a perfect pick for you.

The show also features Aoi Hyoudou, a character who plays a significant role.

His father, Satsuki, is the owner of the cafe where Misaki, the protagonist, works.

Aoi Hyoudou’s facial features, in particular, give him a feminine appearance.

His eyelashes are lengthy and his eyes are enormous.

When he wears the Aoi-chan, he has curly blonde hair and an old outfit from his aunt to make him look like a lady (the most famous internet idol).

In Aoi’s case, it’s difficult for her to convey her emotions. Finally, Aoi appreciates being a woman since she gets to toy with men’s emotions and enjoys being a woman.

8. Titus Alexius, Magi

Titus Alexius, Magi

As of Titus Alexius, the reigning Magi of Reim,

He apprenticed under the previous Magi before becoming a professional magician.

His appearance resembles that of a fellow Mag from Reim .’s. Located in Reim is Mag. Compared to most men, he is also shorter and has a fairer complexion.

His is a female voice with a high pitch.

Aladdin made a blunder in his interpretation.

When he met her, she was a young woman.

In addition, he exhibits traits that are both masculine and feminine. As a descendant of the previous Magi, he has a lot in common with his ancestors.

Even though he was married to his mistress, he still has female admirers.

7. Chihiro Fujisaki, Danganronpa (2013) 

When Chihiro was a kid, he was bullied for being too frail for an adult, and it made him a target for bullies.

Chihiro disguised herself as an attractive girl in order to avoid the wrath of her critics and bullies.

It simply made him more afraid that he would be bullied if others found out his true gender in the future.

6. Saika, Oreigaru

Sakia is, in my opinion, the purest female in the universe.

In every sense, he is a wonderful human being who radiates warmth and kindness.

He is also the epitome of innocence.

In Oregairu, Saika was one of the main characters.

However, the MC in the concert is able to restrain himself because he is an adult.

When the MC comes into contact with Saika, his heart begins to race.

That Saika gets all worked up over Hikigaya (the Oregairu’s MC) playing with him is just too darn cute.

5. Pitou, Hunter X Hunter 

Pitou, Hunter X Hunter 

When Neferpitou first appeared, it appeared to be an insect that resembled the Neko girl.

The himera-ant Neferpitou, while generally happy and upbeat, also exhibits dark and sadistic tendencies.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also uses their bodies as if they were his enemies. They become puppets in his hands.

When Gon took on his opponent, he showed another side of himself.

His efforts to protect Komugi were so extensive that at times he resembled a mother figure.

Togashi is an anime femboy that adores Kurapika and Kalluto.

4. Seishiro Tsugumi (Nisekoi) 

Raku is a high school student and the heir to the Ichijou yakuza clan, which he inherited from his father.

Raku was born and raised in a yakuza household, yet he has no desire to join the ranks of the criminal organization.

He prefers to spend time with his girlfriend, Onodera.

As a result of a territory dispute with the Bee Hive Gang, Raku was compelled to enter a phony relationship with Kirisaki Chitoge (the Bee Hive chief’s daughter).

This serves to widen the chasm between the sexes.

Raku, on the other hand, has sworn an oath to marry his ex-sister. boyfriend’s

This was more than a decade ago, after all.

Raku is attempting to work with his long-standing friendships with Chitoge, despite the difficulties.

To his amazement, he’ll soon discover that the promise of long ago is beginning to come back.

Bishounen Tsugumi, a young girl with a beautiful face and demeanor, can be misunderstood.

As a result, many people fail to recognize Tsugumi as a youngster because of her girlish appearance.

Tsugumi is more comfortable fighting in a masculine outfit since she feels more at peace in it.

Tsugumi has fooled anime characters and the general public.

In spite of the ribbon on her head, Claude still doubts that Tsugumi is a girl.

Claude has no concept of Tsugumi as an adult lady because she was reared as a male to make her.

Changing gender is difficult if you look like a conventional male.

Raku is a manga/anime femgirl character.

3. Gasper


Gasper Vladi, a half-vampire with the ability to slow down or stop time altogether.

Because he thinks it’s cute, he enjoys donning female clothing.

In addition, he was a shy person at first. In contrast, as the series progressed, his confidence and bravery grew.

2. Hime Arikawa 

Hime Arikawa appears to be a handsome young man who ended himself in difficulties because of his parents’ financial obligations to him.

But he ended up becoming their servant and dressing in cross-dress at school since the student council managed to pay off the debt.

Despite the fact that he began cross-dressing for no particular reason other than the fact that he had no other option than to be a lady, he quickly got pleased of the experience and began to value it.

1. Hideyoshi Kinshita, Baka To Test Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi Kinshita, Baka To Test Shoukanjuu

It is a romantic comedy anime called “Bakato Test to Shoukanjuu.”

The story takes place in a school where kids are separated based on their grades.

Students in higher grades can sit in a nicer section of the classroom, while those on the other side of the room (i.e. Class F) are forced to sit in an uncomfortable configuration.

The cartoon’s hero, Akishisa Yoshii, is out to prove the worth of his class.

The show’s protagonist is Hideyoshi Kinishita. Hideyoshi Kinishita is also a cute, charming kid who can dress like a woman, making him even more adorable. Many people are perplexed by his appearance and fail to recognize him as a man. Those of Hideyoshi in women’s attire sell for more money than those of Akihisa in women’s clothing (yes anime is weird). His preference is that people treat him as male, yet this side of his is making him happy.