10 Best Haunted House Movies That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Haunted House Movies

Our top picks for the scariest haunted house movies ever are The Witch in the Window and We Are Still Here.

Haunted house stories are among the most common in the horror genre, if not the most popular. Throughout the ages, there have been several stories like this one. All across the world, people claim to know where a haunted house is located.

These movies are so popular because of their unpredictability. In spite of the lack of variety in the setup, the execution is almost soothing. Considering that home is where the heart resides, this makes sense. As a result, it’s understandable why haunted houses have such a profound effect on humans. Let’s take a look at ten of the scariest haunted house movies ever made as we explore the history of horror film.

10. The Echo (2004)

The Echo (2004)

Having a place of one’s own is exciting for Marvin, but he has one minor issue. As you walk down the corridor, you’ll hear a loud dispute between a couple. Marvin is unsure of what to do when the building management refuses to intervene in the arguments. When Marvin eventually decides to become engaged, he finds himself in a scenario he never expected.

“The Echo” is an excellent slow-burning ghost story that defies its restricted resources. Yam Laranas’ “The Echo” Everyday indiscretions can continue beyond death, and it is never too late to do the right thing. This English-language remake was directed by Laranas in 2008 and stars Iza Calzado, who appeared in the original Filipino film.

9. Sweet Home (1989)

To chronicle the restoration of his own paintings, a film team visits a reclusive painter in his mansion. Paranormal occurrences occur during the crew’s stay, and they are related to the painter’s innermost secrets.

Sweet Home was a film adaptation of the Capcom video game of the same name, and its impact may be seen in subsequent survival horror titles. Dick Smith (The Exorcist), who worked on the visuals for the Sweet Homemovie, is responsible for the film’s impressive realistic effects. Toho hasn’t published Sweet Home on a home video format other than Laserdisc, which is a pity for fans.

8. The Pact (2012)

The Pact (2012)

After the death of her mother, a woman returns to the house she grew up in. There are a series of supernatural events linked to the house because of her fear over her childhood.

People returning to their childhood homes and confronting their history is one of the most common horror motifs. Anxiety that stems from childhood trauma is very common. As a result, The Pact taps into people’s repressed memories of their own families. However, you can’t deny that you feel the full weight of the protagonist’s struggle in this film.

7. The Innocents (1961)

Despite her lack of expertise, a woman named Miss Giddens is hired as a governess in a Victorian home. Because he is an uncle to two young children, the owner prefers to spend his time traveling and meeting new people over taking care of his own. Infancy orphans Flora and Miles have been cared for by their uncle since the day they were born. Miss Giddens now cares for the youngsters, ignorant that a supernatural entity may or may not be influencing them.

Based on Henry James’ novel The Turn of the Screw, this 1961 film adaption is one of the best examples of psychological horror ever made. It’s well-acted and emphatic, and it’s hauntingly beautiful. The Innocents is clearly a source of inspiration for modern horror masterpieces like The Others.

6. The Haunted (1991)

The Haunted (1991)

New town, new Smurls: the devoutSmurl family relocates. When the Smurls’ house is plagued by a ghostly occurrence, the Smurls’ new neighbors turn their backs on them. With the help of The Conjuring’s ghost-hunting Warrens, the Smurls are able to evict the evil spirit that has been haunting their home.

Fox was the original broadcaster of this film. Because of the film’s tone and acting rather than its production values, The Haunted succeeds.

5. The Witch in the Window (2018)

In order to flip the house, a divorced father invites his son along for the ride with him. In the course of their work on the property, they learn about the former owner, who they now believe to be a malicious spirit.

In spite of its seemingly simple storyline, The Witch in the Window is an excellent addition to the genre of supernatural dramas. First and foremost, the film aims to improve the bond between the father and son. It isn’t just the safety of the characters that you care about, but also their emotional well-being.

4. We Are Still Here (2015)

We Are Still Here (2015)

They relocate to a remote property in the New York countryside following the death of their son. There is a family of dormant, malevolent spirits lurking in the shadows because of their grief.

This ghost story has a more’realistic’ vibe than its predecessors. The acting is really genuine and unobtrusive, and it’s never overbearing. The scares are accentuated by visual effects that stay with you long after the movie concludes. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning. Or, more accurately, the absence of it. When the soundtrack is kept to a minimal, it increases the level of tension.

3. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

In the Belasco House, a mansion that was once the residence of a serial killer, researchers and their crew enter. His victims’ souls are rumored to inhabit the house. He (Lionel) is the squad’s leader, and he is dubious, whereas the rest of the crew are believers. In order to prove or disprove the presence of paranormal activity, they enter this residence together.

One of the best haunted home movies is The Legend of Hell House, based on the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson. In terms of scares, the film is an overlooked 1970s ghost story.

2. The Entity (1982)

The Entity (1982)

Shockingly, a single mother who has been physically attacked is made to believe that the incident did not occur. This is because there is no tangible proof to support the claim that someone broke into her residence. However, after consulting with two parapsychologists, the woman learns that she may in fact be dealing with a ghost problem.

The Entity terrifies us on a completely new level. For starters, the film is more relatable than a typical ghost story. In addition, Barbara Hershey’s unvarnished performance is a must-see.

1.Ghostwatch (1992)

A field reporter is dispatched to a council house in Northolt, North London, for the purposes of a live television inquiry there. One woman and her two daughters are certain that their home is haunted. Toward the end of Halloween, the reporter and the show’s hosts conclude that there is more to the unusual story of the family.

On the night of Halloween in 1992, BBC1 broadcast this occurrence. Audiences assumed that this special was authentic until after the event. In other words, it’s not faked. Since the original screening of Ghostwatch was so controversial, the movie has not been screened in the UK again.