12 Best Autistic Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Autistic Anime Characters

1. Tatsuya SHIBA

Tatsuya SHIBA

Tatsuya may be the best candidate for autism in anime. As a result of his exceptional talents, he attracts the attention of people who want to become friends with him, yet he is socially incompetent. His inability to grasp the concept of right or wrong behavior is baffling. At the nine-school games, for example, when he is referred to as a “complete stiff.” It’s not that he doesn’t have feelings, it’s just that like others with autism, he has a hard time expressing or expressing them in the right way. Even in the midst of a crisis, he is able to maintain a calm demeanor. As an autistic person, he may be able to tap into his’superpowers’ by dedicating himself to a few subjects, such as magical engineering, martial arts and combat magic.

Edit: One of his most important abilities is a heightened version of a characteristic found in many people with autism. Overly sensitive pseudo-radar abilities allow him to detect hostility or even just the presence of people through barriers. When he receives any accolades, he does not celebrate. There is little movement in his facial expression or expression of any kind. Until she says something explicitly, he misinterprets Saigusa’s adoration.


Even while she doesn’t have the same number of energy reserves as Tatsuya, she shows many of the same issues and even similar powers as him. Her butler, Hayama, is considered to be her primary mode of communication with the outside world. This ‘autism’ may be a result of her childhood trauma, but her sister also showed signs of social dysfunction, and the two of them had similar problems even before the incident occurred. Because she possesses so little in the way of social graces, her preferred method of interacting with others is to boss them around. In order to run the family and its companies, she has shifted her attention. According to other stories, she hasn’t aged physically in decades, which is regarded to be a typical characteristic in autism as well. You wouldn’t blame her if you understood her family and past, because her level of social anxiety or discomfort is so great that she is rarely seen.

Only a small portion of her personality is depicted in the episode. Her upbringing shows that she was prone to irrational outbursts, unlike an autistic person in the wrong environment. She approaches people as if they were objects rather than living beings, which suggests a history of conflict or a general lack of interpersonal skills. In the aftermath of the huge family catastrophe, her sister revealed that she was not much different from her before and after the tragedy. There are other members of her family who exhibit some degree of autism-like behavior or symptoms, but not enough to prove that other members of her family have it, but they do show that her family has a higher than average chance of developing the disorder if several members are already showing signs.

3. Leon LAU

Leon LAU

Leon has the highest chance of developing autism. He has displayed some of the most typical autism symptoms I’ve ever seen in a cartoon. His restricted interests aside, he’s an absolute genius. But outside of those interests, his thinking is that of a toddler. Even though he is capable of interacting with other humans, his abilities, knowledge, and awareness in this regard are all severely lacking. To the point where he is literally unaware of anything else, like his adoptive sister chatting to him or him walking into a tree, he is arguably the most obsessively focused character in anime history. When I get too focused, he forgets to eat, just as I do. It’s implied that at least one character has love interests, although he doesn’t appear to be aware of or get any signals. Given how unreliable and ignorant he is about almost everything other than his research and specific interests, he might not be able to survive without the help of his sister.

4. Suzune ICHIHARA

It’s easy to mistake her impersonal demeanor for that of Tatsuya, who is known for his dispassionate logic and cold manner. She is more like a machine than a human because she frequently runs calculations or just answers questions as if someone had typed them into Google. A lot of the time she shows no emotion whatsoever and her face changes less than Tatsuya’s does. She appears to be particularly good at doing research and gathering data.

5. Kenshi MASAKI


If he finds anything intriguing, he can quickly lose his concentration and lose track of what he’s trying to accomplish. He is socially awkward and much more so among the girls, and his nonverbal clues are often misunderstood because of this. The same ‘hyper concentration’ trait that many people with autism have makes it impossible for him to be disturbed or interrupted when his attention is focused.

There are various non-NT reaction triggers that make one wonder whether or not this man is representative of a typical neuropathic patient. He had at least some hints that he might have a sensitivity to light and sound. While he lacks social boldness on a par with the ordinary asdie, he has showed some indication of practically every other symptom.

6. Chizuru HISHIRO

Just in episode 5, she demonstrated a pretty common social experience. She’s lost her social skills and her ability to communicate. Another character pointed out that she has no idea what her body is trying to tell her. Although she may or may not express numerous characteristics, she does so with a noticeable degree of intensity.

7. Nureha


Even though Nureha’s personality is very similar to that of Maya Yotsuba, she’s more outwardly expressive and socially active. Even when she’s out in the open or around other people, you can tell she’s still in her cage. An important part of her communication strategy is to use a subordinate.

8. Mikihiko YOSHIDA

I believe that Miki and Mizuki’s compatibility is due in part to the fact that Miki exhibits many of Mizuki’s characteristics. He is introverted, soft-spoken, and rarely stands out. He spends a lot of time in private focusing on his passions, such as spirit summoning, despite his lack of self-confidence. He talks about Mizuki in an obviously inappropriate manner as if she weren’t even there when Tatsuya confronts him about it after seeing him practice and never recognizes this. The mention of kidnapping someone right in front of someone with Autism is definitely not the most appropriate thing to say. However, if you don’t pay attention to the tiny signs throughout the series, it’s easy to miss them when searching for the numerous people with Autism.

9. Shino ASADA


Shino is so antisocial that she spends most of her free time in the virtual reality world. Even if it was brought on by a traumatic occurrence, the recurrence of that memory doesn’t lend credence to the idea that she was particularly outgoing. Because we know so little about her before the tragedy, it’s hard to say whether or not she was always this way. After all, she isn’t exactly a party animal. Throughout her ptsd-like experience and after she has recovered to some extent, she has remained largely solitary, both in and out of games. Because she only had one companion in the game, it’s clear that during her brief sojourn she didn’t mature much. The virtual reality, online gaming, and long-range firearms are just a few of Shino’s passions.

10. Akatsuki

Indication one is that she has always referred to Shroe as her Lord since they first met. To put it another way, this shows that she is socially challenged. Her recollections of her real life show just how crippling and debilitating her disabilities, worries, and self-indulgence were. Even though she may appear more confident and socially able in the virtual world, her real self is clearly autistic, and we can see it clearly in her demeanor. It’s so much of a passion of hers that she creates a class for it in the game and devotes much of her free time to it. With Shiroe and others in non-combat situations, her lack of confidence and problems in handling those situations are made obvious by the few occasions we see her. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, she asks Nyanta for advise as if she has no idea what she should be doing. While watching a practice session for the Raid enemy event in the city, she remained aloof and apprehensive even after the allied group tried to invite or welcome her.

11. Mitsuki SHIBATA


Observing her body movements, I’d point out how she holds her arms and body inward, as if afraid to leave the comfort of her own house and face the outside world. It’s hard to tell when Tatsuya and Miki are talking about Mizuki because she’s so soft-spoken, shy, clumsy, awkward, and quiet. The Autism label fits her perfectly after just a few episodes where she appears in more than a few moments. Regardless of whether or not the author planned to include so many characters with autism in his program, he does so regardless of what he says. Autism is readily evident in their behavior, even if it was not their intention. Mizuki is one of the more obvious examples of this.

12. Azusa NAKAJO

When you look closely at her body language, you’ll discover that she, like Mizuki, is constantly trying to minimize her importance, diminish her importance, or even make herself appear invisible. Her presence on the student council could be interpreted as an indication that she was coerced into joining it by one or more of the other members, rather than her own volition. Just like a typical autistic person, she is obsessed with Tarus Silver and every technology he has ever invented. Tarus Silver is her super preoccupation.