10 Best Tycoon Games Roblox That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best tycoon games roblox

There are a lot of tycoon games in Roblox. There are games for all kinds of people, from running a tropical resort to owning your own grocery store, so you can play them. Start at the bottom of the management chain and work your way up until you get to the top.

Tycoon games are fun to play in Roblox, and this list will help you find the best ones in 2021. Check out our Roblox codes list if you need any codes for these games.

1. Super Hero Tycoon

Super Hero Tycoon

Super Hero Tycoon is one of the most popular Roblox tycoon games out there. It usually has between 15,000 and 20,000 people playing at the same time. You want to collect superheroes and show them off, like some kind of bad guy.

Progress through the game and you’ll get things.

There will be more heroes and you will keep building your base. There are a lot of superhero tycoons in this game. Do you want to be the biggest and best?

2. Car Dealership Tycoon

You can tell that Car Dealership Tycoon is a lot more down-to-earth than some of the other games on this page. No superheroes or anime characters are in this game. You can buy and sell cars like a real wheeler dealer, though.

There’s a Winter-themed Ice Race event in the game right now, which is why it’s so popular right now. If you want to build, customise, and run your own dealership, this is a good place to start. They also have a lot of different cars and colours to choose from, too!

3. 2 Player Computer Tycoon

2 Player Computer Tycoon

A computer for two people to play together To make things more interesting, Tycoon is a “team”-based tycoon game, which isn’t like the other games on this list, As a tycoon, you have to work together with your team to grow bigger and earn more points. The tycoon with the most points at the end of the timer gets a lot of cosmetics and other items.

He or she wants to build bigger and better computers as his or her main goal. With a computer from the 1990s, you’ll start out with a computer that squeaks and has a big keyboard. You can move up to a triple-stacked set-up with a gamer mouse, keyboard, and three screens, though. Plus, don’t forget about that cool gaming chair.

4. Hospital Tycoon

Hospital Tycoon arrived earlier this year and is currently one of the most popular tycoon games in Roblox – it also has a brand new Xmas update with new holiday-themed items and cosmetics. For people who like games about building and planning, Hospital Tycoon is the right game for you.

While playing, you’ll meet people who need help and help them. You’ll also have fun with friends as you run the best hospital on the server. Getting as big as you can is the only thing that counts here. This game also has private servers, which means you don’t have to play on slow servers with a lot of people.

5. Gym Tycoon

Gym Tycoon

Tycoon games in Roblox are all about becoming a Gym Tycoon, which is what this game is all about. There have been a lot of Gym Tycoon games on the platform over the years, which has led to this modern game. The goal is simple: work out, get bigger, make money, and run the largest and best gym on the server! The more you work out, the more money you’ll make,

As a Roblox player, you’ll start out as just another person lifting small weights on the beach. Soon, you’ll have grown in size, bought better equipment, and be able to show off to other people in the game. Gym Tycoon will reward you for your hard work, so start lifting!

6. Tropical Resort Tycoon

If you want to play a Tycoon game on Roblox, you should play Tropical Resort Tycoon! You can build a whole resort with a lot of different buildings, vehicles, and challenges to do. Complete tasks and earn money to get new features for your resort.

The island is huge and there are a lot of places to explore. It’s yours to build on. It has added two new vehicles and made some changes to its airport. It also has the ability to build an airport rescue station. Includes a fire truck.

7. Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a restaurant management game that gets new things all the time, like the new mediaeval update with skins and music that comes out every few months.

Your chefs and you will have to make a lot of the food. Cook the best food and your customers will stay happy. This is how it works: Definitely one of the best tycoon games because of how often it adds new things.

8. Theme Park Tycoon 2: Build Your Own Amusement Park

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is a game that lets you run an amusement park. It lets you build and run your own amusement park, from rides to bathrooms. While your resources may be limited when you start, your amenities can grow as more people come to your place.

You need to plan the layout of the park so that it can fit as many people as possible given your money and space constraints. It is possible for two players to work together, making new friends and getting ideas for their own parks.

9. Dungeon Quest: Best Hack-and-Slash Action RPG

Dungeon Quest Best Hack-and-Slash Action RPG

This online role-playing game is based on dungeon crawlers, like those from the Diablo series and the Gauntlet game. In the game, you spend your time going into dungeons, finding treasure, upgrading your inventory, and then doing it all again and again. The game has very good graphics that set it apart from other MMO games.

Compared to games like World of Warcraft, Dungeon Quest isn’t as intimidating to newcomers. It has a lot of different equipment and maps, but it’s not for everyone. Even though the game is very action-packed, it has a good mix of strategy and action, so it can be fun for both casual game players and people who like to hack and slash.

10. Work at a Pizza Place

If you want to get a job at a pizza place, we think you already know the answer. But no, this is not a simple job. During this fun game, you can play many different roles. The manager, the supplier, the cashier, the pizza boxer, and the delivery guy are all on the list of people you can choose from to work at the pizza place.

In this game, there are a lot of ways to move forward, and you need to think about each one in its own way to make the most money at the store. There is a great way to pass the time on Roblox. You can play this game. It’s one of the best Tycoon games that you can play on the market today.