9 Best Sleepover Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Sleepover Games

Sleepovers. Kids love them, but parents don’t. I mean, what’s not to like about staying up as late as possible, laughing at anything you can think of, and eating so much junk food that your bellies felt like they were going to burst? We all have great memories of sleepovers, right? Maybe! But if you’re a busy parent like me who likes (and needs) her sleep, a little planning and preparation can help your kids have fun and make memories while you keep a little bit of your sanity.

I like to have games and activities ready to keep guests busy so they don’t get into too much trouble, or at least that’s what I hope. So, as part of our series of kids party games, here is a fun group of sleepover games for kids ages 8 to 14 that will make your child’s next pyjama party the best ever.

Flashlight Tag

Tag is a fun game for kids of all ages. Tag is a fun game, but why not take it to the next level at the upcoming sleepover? Give each child a flashlight and let them run around the yard at night (safety first!). They will love using the light at the entrance to “tag” and “freeze” someone in place. It’s so much fun to watch the light beams try to find and tag each other as they bounce around the yard.

Dance Off

Turn the music up loud and let them dance all night. Doesn’t everyone love a dance party? Make up some fun number signs ahead of time and “score” them as they show off their movies. I think? Every time, they’ll get a perfect 10!

Freeze Duel

To play, you’ll need two wands and to like Harry Potter. Start by giving each player a wand. When the music starts, the players act like they are in a wizard’s duel, but the one who freezes first when the music stops wins. The winner of each round dances against the next player in line until a winner is chosen for the whole Freeze Duel.

Scavenger Hunt

This sleepover activity may take some work on your part, but your kids will love it. Plan ahead and write out your clues so that when the big sleepover day comes, you’ll be ready to hide them and the kids can start right away. The most important thing is to not forget the treasure. This can be anything you want, and it’s a fun way to make sure the treasure is something they can all enjoy at the sleepover. Spa masks, journals, or even some fun bubbles or water guns are all great “treasures” that can be waiting for the winner of the scavenger hunt to find.


Charades is a fun, old-school party game that I’m sure has lasted through the years because it makes people laugh. Check out our helpful guide on how to play charades and print out our family movie charades cards to get the fun started.

Who Am I?

This is a simple, funny game that is similar to Hedbanz or Celebrity Heads. For each player, you will need a piece of elastic long enough to go around a child’s head and some small index cards. Have the kids make a list of their favourite singers, actors, movie or book characters, etc., and write each one on a note card. Then, mix the cards up and put them face down in the middle of the table.

Each player picks a card from the stack and puts it, words facing out, into their elastic headband without looking at it. Now, everyone can see what cards the other players have, except for their own. Starting with the youngest player and going clockwise around the table, players take turns asking one question about the character card on your head to try to figure out which character is on their card. For instance, a player might ask, “Am I a man or a woman?” Do I play a part in a movie? Am I a person, etc.? The other players respond by saying yes or no.

If a player is sure they know who their character is, they can take a guess when it’s their turn. The winner of that round is the first person to say who they are. The other players can then take turns asking questions about that player’s card until all of the characters have been named. When a round is over, each player picks a new card from the pile and play starts over. The winner is the player who is the first to correctly name five characters.

Create a Commercial

Separate the guests into small groups. Give each team a random item, like a can of baked beans or a roll of toilet paper, and a theme, like school, hospital, or restaurant, and have them make a 20-second commercial for their item. You can do these for the other teams or record them on a device and show them. Teams win prizes for making the most creative and funny commercials.

Hot Polish

Place everyone in a circle. Add a few bottles of bright nail polish (how many depends on how many people are coming) and turn on some music. The bottles are quickly passed around the circle in a clockwise direction until the music stops. When the music stops, the person to the right of the person holding a bottle has to paint one of their toenails (or fingernails) with the colour of the bottle they are holding. The music starts up again, and it keeps going until everyone has painted their toenails.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a classic game for sleepovers, and this free printable from Mom of 6 takes it to a whole new level. There are 50 truth questions and 50 dares, all of which are for kids in the tween age range. All of them are silly and fun, but not “too old” for young girls.