10 Best Games Like Fantage That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Games Like Fantage


It is a fantastic educational MMORPG virtual world created by Fantage.com, Inc. There are numerous online games and activities that you can participate in as part of the game’s virtual environment. Aside from that, Fantage allows you to explore a vast virtual environment, communicate with other users, meet new people, and take part in a slew of instructive, amusing, and knowledge-enhancing activities while having a blast doing it. To begin with, you can design and modify your online Cartoon Avatar by making and altering their clothes, enhancing them with all the available products and gadgets, etc. Explore the gaming world and meet new people from all around the world, play games together, or just speak with them about their hobbies. As part of Fantage’s unique economy structure, players are able to spend three different types of currency to buy items: eCoins (a virtual currency), Stars (a virtual currency that may be redeemed for real money), and Gold (a virtual currency that can be exchanged for real money). Fantage has it all: stunning aesthetics, fantastic gameplay, and plenty of ways to keep you entertained.

#1 Animal Jam


Virtual world video game by National Geographic Society, Animal Jam is an MMO and a Fantasy-based virtual world. Educating children and teenagers about various subjects is the primary goal of this educational game. The game takes place in Jamaa and lets you explore a variety of different ecosystems. Collaborative facts, games, social interactions, and virtual towns are found in every context. Your role in this lovely game is that of an animal beautifier who decorates and supervises the living areas of the creatures she beautifies, as well as an adopter of new virtual pets. It’s all about you taking care of the adorable virtual pets in this game. As a result, do you feel up to the challenge? It is a safe and secure platform for all ages, and a terrific place to meet new people from around the world and build friendships online through the game.

#2 Poptropica

Developed by Pearson PLC, Poptropica is a fantastic educational MMORPG virtual world simulation. For children ages 6 to 15, the game is appropriate. A vast gaming world, several objectives, and a fun-filled multiplayer environment are just some of the benefits of this game. Besides that, you can dress up your avatar in whatever you like. Among other things, you can experiment with hairstyles and other makeup techniques to achieve a cool look.

It allows you to personalize and construct your own clubhouse, where you may host parties and get together with your closest friends. It’s possible to have fun while also learning with Poptropica’s wide range of character customization possibilities. In addition, Poptropica provides stunning visuals and sounds, engaging gameplay, and a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which you may communicate and socialize with other players with a similar interest.

#3 Club Penguin

Club Penguin

New Horizon Interactive, Rocket Snail Games, and Disney Interactive collaborated to create Club Penguin, a browser-based MMORPG that can be played by anybody. A virtual world controlled by penguins serves as the setting for this game, which requires that you take on the role of a penguin in order to participate. On an online gaming platform, the player interacts with other players, solves puzzles, communicates, and virtually hangs out with pals.

The game is geared toward youngsters ages 6 to 14, although it can also be enjoyed by adults. The game has a parental control feature that allows you to monitor any chat or other distractions your children might be engaging in so that you can intervene if something goes wrong. Playing Club Penguin is a lot of fun because it’s a Virtual World Simulation with a lot of exciting features.

#4 Amazing World

An MMORPG that allows you to explore an absolutely gorgeous and colorful game environment, engage in a variety of fun-filled activities, solve puzzles, play games and communicate with other online players and make new friends is Amazing World! There are many ways to modify Zing in the game and the fun-filled adventure leads to Nix fleeing the scene because of Zing’s no-violence mischief. There are a variety of exciting activities and games to play in the Amazing World educational gaming environment, as well as attractive sights.

#5 Webkinz


It’s a virtual pet-loving world for kids everywhere. Players can create and customize an online Pet Avatar to help them immerse themselves in the game’s world. Registration on the Webkinz website can begin as soon as the pet Avatar is available. Because Webkinz is geared at children, it requests the email ID of a parent or guardian before allowing access to the game’s environment. A Canadian toy company, Ganz, launched the game in 2005. They are identical to the characters in the Webkinz video game, which Ganz sells. Ganz offers its customers the opportunity to find a secret code on their purchased toy and use it to create a virtual pet that is identical to the real thing. If the gamers don’t already own a pet, they can choose from among the hundreds of virtual pets accessible in the Webkinz realm. The Webkinz allows players to log in, choose a pet, and begin playing the game. Aside from being able to care for them, they can also dress them up in a variety of ways, earn KinzCash by participating in various contests, and finally, bring their Plush toys to life in a virtual Webkinz World of their own creation! Webkinz is a great location for kids to hang out online because of all the exciting things they can do, including dress up their pets, feed them, decorate their rooms, play games, and discover new things. Webkinz is a must-see for pet lovers who want to have a good time with their virtual pets. Please give it a shot.

#6 Moshi Monsters

What is your level of familiarity with children’s online platforms? I’d say quite a few, with Moshi Monsters being one among them. Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters is a popular online MMORPG for kids 6 to 10 years old, with more than 80 million registered users. You can play as one of the six main characters (Luvli, Katsuma, Zommer, Davlo, Furi and Poppet) in the game environment of Monstro City and interact with other online gamers as well as making new friends. Moshi Monsters was released in 2008 and is still going strong today. Playing and winning games, chatting and connecting with other online players, and organizing and beautifying your personal rooms all contribute to the Moshi Monstrs economy system. A terrific Virtual Environment game to play and enjoy, Moshi Monsters features an open world, stunning visuals, and an addicting gaming experience.

#7 Toontown Online

Toontown Online

A browser-based MMORPG video game by Disney Interactive and Schell Games, Toontown Online is called Toontown Online. Toons and Cogs are two groups of animals and robots that have been feuding for centuries. Instead of making the town a pleasurable place to live, the Cogs repeatedly invaded it with the purpose of taking control and left a terrible mess behind them. The user chooses a side, creates an avatar, customizes it to his/her liking, and enters the game world. Players can use the resources found in the game world to create Toon Town, which they can then use to play more games and solve puzzles. Players can interact with one other via conversing, playing games, and accomplishing other activities together. Depending on how much time you wish to spend playing the game, you can purchase an online subscription plan. Toontown Online is a great game to play because of its brightly colored setting and variety of characters.

#8 ToonTown Rewritten

Free-to-Play browser-based MMORPG ToonTown Rewritten is based on Disney’s closed game Toontown Online. Instead of being a product of Disney, the game is the work of a global group of gamers who are passionate about the franchise. The game is now in Beta Phase and may be played online and for free. ToonTown Rewritten, like its predecessor, takes place in a charming ToonTown populated by lovable and amusing Toon characters. The evil Cogs are on the attack in Toontown, attempting to seize control by converting all Toons into Cogs and repurposing the Toon-built structures as Cog structures. If the Cogs are defeated peacefully, the Toon Town will be saved from the threat of destruction. The Toons can overcome the Cogs by making fun of the Cogs, because the Cogs are incapable of taking a joke. Cogs can join the fight against the Toon joke Attack. Targeting and Signature Cog Attacks allow Cogs to inflict harm on the Toons. The type of Cog and the level of experience of the Cog are the two most significant factors in any Cog Attack. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Cog or a Toon, if you’re the one that assaults and damages the most. They can also fulfill numerous tasks, such as receiving a job from a shopkeeper or from the headquarter officer, in addition to battling Cog. For the Toon, some of the challenges include fighting and defeating the Cogs and delivering other objects. Toons can visit NPCs after completing the mission to receive rewards. ToonTown Rewritten is a fantastic recreation of the original ToonTown Online video game, featuring a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, engaging tasks, and hilarious cog fights. The ultimate ToonTown Online-like experience is waiting for you.

#9 zOMG!


Massively Multiplayer Online Anime RPG zOMG! was created and distributed by Gaia Interactive. Teens are encouraged to express themselves through the game’s enormous online community. In a fantasy world populated by thousands of people from all over the world, there are a range of character classes to choose from. You can play as either a male or female character in this MMORPG, and then accessorize your character to your heart’s content. Navigate the beautiful landscape, fulfill goals, engage in combat, and team up with other players in order to progress. You can gain XP points to level up your character and go further in the game by engaging in social networking, exploration, and battles. Achieve great prizes by defeating creatures and defending your world. A game called zOMG! is one of the most enjoyable ones to play and enjoy.

#10 Fishao

In Fishao, or Fish Always Online, you may fish in a virtual world while interacting with other players. It’s a lot of fun for people who don’t like fishing, but want to spend time with others and meet new people. Fishao is a place where you can meet new people, go fishing with them, exchange ideas and thoughts, and just have a good time in a beautiful setting full of exciting things to do. Fishao has a unique graphic style, a wide range of character customization choices, and a fantastic gameplay that sets it apart from other similar games. If you’re a fan of virtual world games, give it a go. You’ll enjoy it.