10 Best Movies About Housewives That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies About Housewives

If you enjoy Bravo’s The Real Housewives reality series, you should check out these movies with similar plots.

Every location on Bravo’sThe Real Housewivesfranchise has more than enough drama to go around, and it’s easy to forget that the ladies involved are supposed to be close friends. Every season has at least one major brawl, a trip that goes awry, and a slew of minor disputes..

For those of you who enjoy watching reality TV, there are a number of movies that you may enjoy on a Saturday night as you relax at home. Films like this that deal with friendship or riches are worth a look. Enjoy the show with your girlfriends virtually, but don’t get into any fights.

10 Friends With Money

Friends With Money

Friends with Money (2006), starring Jennifer Aniston, is one of the actress’s best roles to date. Olivia (Aniston) is a member of a group of pals that enjoy a more luxurious existence than she does.

For those who are fans of The Real Housewives and are curious about whether or not money can bring happiness, this movie is a must-see!

9 Wine Country

Wine Country witnesses a group of close friends on a vacation. Though nothing goes quite according to plan due to their individual baggage, they nevertheless try their best to enjoy themselves while drinking wine and laughing.

At first, the women are reluctant to share their deepest secrets with one another, preferring instead to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is perfect in their lives. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies frequently do this because they want to appear classy and go on a vacation or throw a fancy dinner party. It’s inevitable that people will begin to be open and vulnerable.

8 The First Wives Club

The First Wives Club

The First Wives Clubis a funny take on ladies exacting revenge on the ex-husbands who destroyed their hearts.

Fans of theReal Housewiveswill adore this film, as many of the women on the reality show have gotten divorced and this is often a topic of conversation. Tamra Judge’s fights are well-known to viewers, but she has also spoken up about her traumatic divorce from Simon, which she has described.

7 Sex And The City 2

Sex and the City 2is about a group of pals on a vacation toAbu Dhabi, despite the fact that movie has received poor reviews.

It’s not hard to see the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills taking a trip like this one, considering they generally plan a major vacation every season. In addition to long dinners with lots of alcohol, they enjoy shopping, sightseeing, and extended dinners with friends.

6 Bridesmaids


Bridesmaids is a great comedy for fans of the Real Housewives of New York City. What a fantastic and wacky film.

For those familiar with the Bravo series, you’ll remember that the ladies can get a little crazy whether they’re on vacation or at a theme night at a friend’s house.

5 The Other Woman

Almost like a modernized version of the original

The Other Woman, a 2014 film starring Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann, is based on the 2014 book The First Wives Club. They’ve come to terms with the fact that they’ve been seeing the same guy for some time, and it’s not a pleasant realization.

In the midst of such a horrible scenario, the female characters in this film are sprightly and entertaining. This film will appeal to fans of the Real Housewives franchise because, like that show, this one is about women standing up for one another when they aren’t engaged in physical conflict.

4 Girls Trip

Friends With Money

GIRLS TRIP is a 2017 film that follows a group of female friends as they travel to New Orleans for a vacation.

Because they enjoy watching women supporting each other and having fun in real life, Real Housewives viewers will enjoy this movie as well.

3 Edge Of Seventeen

As serious as other films about friendship can be,Edge Of Seventeenis a lot of fun to see nonetheless.

When one of their best friends starts dating the other’s brother, they begin arguing. Friendship squabbles are nothing new to Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers, who have seen several of the women quit speaking to one another on several occasions. When it comes to Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson on RHOC, this is especially true.

2 Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

The film adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, is a favorite among Julia Roberts fans.

This is a fantastic story about a woman who decided to go on a major trip without thinking about the consequences. Anyone who enjoys living vicariously through the lavish vacations of the Real Housewives of New York City will enjoy this film. It’s a pleasant diversion from the realities of daily life.

1 Legally Blonde

As one of the most famous and popular movie characters ever, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde will always be a fan favorite.

In the end, the film is about a young woman’s journey for happiness and self-discovery. Being intelligent and polite and genuine to yourself is more important than having a lot of material possessions, such as a lot of clothes and a lot of popularity. Everybody can benefit from that lesson, and Real Housewives viewers will be able to identify with it because they like watching the ladies be kind to one another and support one another through life’s ups and down.