Top 10 Ninja Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Ninja Anime Characters

One thing that is universally recognized as uniquely “Japanese” is the ninja. Like American cowboys, European knights, and countless others, these feudal secret operatives are legendary throughout the world’s cultures they inhabit.

When it came to assassination skills, real-life, historically accurate ninja were aces in eluding detection. Most anime depictions of shinobi focus on the mythical aspects of ninja lore.

Also, many anime ninjas are able to use magic known as ninja arts, which includes spitting large balls of fire, conjuring tornadoes, and killing people from the inside merely by staring them in the eye.

The greatest realistic (and not-so-realistic) anime ninjas – and just men for the sake of this list – are showcased in the following gallery.

15. Miharu Rokujou

Miharu Rokujou

Nabari no Ou is a Japanese animated television series.

Miharu, a 14-year-old middle school student, initially had little interest in the ninja world.

In fact, he initially resists the idea of joining the “Ninja Club,” but destiny has other ideas.

Miharu is destined to rule the ninja world as a result of her possession of the Shinra Banshou ninja technique.

The plot and destiny of Miharu, even if he is apathetic and “dead inside,” are reminiscent to Naruto.

They’re both male ninja characters who are voiced by women, and they’re both female ninja characters.

14. Shirou Amakusa Tokisada

Ninja Resurrection is an anime series.

Shirou Amakusa, the tragic villain from the Ninja Resurrection OVA, is not to be confused with Fate/main Apocrypha’s antagonist.

Shimabara Rebellion, where Japanese Christians fought their freedom to practice Christianity from the Tokugawa Shogunate, and were subsequently wiped out by the Tokugawa, is the inspiration for both of these characters.

In Ninja Resurrection, his haunted ghost returns to revenge his fallen friends’ deaths.

Even though he was hailed in Japan as the Messiah’s successor, he transforms into the devil and starts a demonic assault.

13. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

This is a one-punch movie:

One Punch Man’s ninja, Sonic, is a stereotypical ninja.

He’s a ninja master, and he and Saitama have established a sour enmity.

While Saitama may have the ability to single-handedly whip Sonic, it does not necessarily indicate that this ninja is ineffective.

Superhuman reflexes and physical fitness allow Sonic to go at the speed of sound, putting him leagues above your average heroic character.

12. Souei

Anime: The Reincarnation of Me As A Slime

Before meeting Rimuru Tempest, Souei was a relatively powerful Ogre.

The mythology of Souei the Ninja was born at this time..

He becomes a Kijin, a human-like monster with a horn, after being named by Rimuru and gaining a portion of his strength.

As Souei begins his new life serving Rimuru from the shadows, he becomes an expert in just a few weeks.

To the point that he begins training new recruits and creates a secret police force for Rimuru’s benefit, What a display of leadership abilities!

11. Kakashi Hatake

The Naruto Anime

The first time you meet Kakashi, it’s impossible not to fall in love.

Despite his relative youth, Kakashi is a formidable ninja who can take on the greatest of his generation both in Konoha and the ninja world at large.

He has access to the Mangekyo Sharingan despite the fact that he is not a Uchiha in any way.

He’s also a master of devastation, and he even has a band of ninja dogs under his command.

His enigmatic demeanor and fascination with the hot Icha Icha novels add depth to the character’s distant demeanor.

10. Zenzou Hattori

Zenzou Hattori

Gintama is a Japanese anime series.

In the world of ninja fiction, the “Hattori” name has a specific importance.

We have high expectations for any “Hattori” because it is the name of one of the most renowned ninjas in Japanese history.

There is no doubt that Zenzou Hattori isn’t one of the most noble or renowned ninjas. Then again, he’s one of the most formidable.

First seen as Iga clan head and member of Oniwabanshuu during show’s first episode

We’re also told that Zenzou has hemorrhoids, which is frequently mentioned by other characters in Gintama.

Although Zenzou’s reputation as a tough guy has been damaged, we still admire him for it.

9. Goemon

Ganbare Goemon is an anime.

Goemon, the protagonist of the Mystical Ninja video game series, was one of the best-known ninjas before Naruto came along.

In contrast to the game’s more psychotic ninja, the anime Goemon is kind and loving.

If you think of him as anything like Robin Hood, except Japanese, he’s the embodiment of the noble thief.

Goemon’s use of enormous smoking pipes as weapons has always been one of my favorite aspects of the series. Your lungs will be damaged and your enemy’s HP will take a hit.

8. Sasuke Uchiha

The Naruto Anime

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a problem with Sasuke’s reckless pursuit of vengeance against his family and against his brother Itachi.

In other words, Itachi was a wanted criminal who had been actively hunted by law enforcement agencies around the globe.

Somehow, they were going to find him.

Why didn’t Sasuke simply join the Anbu?

At least he was able to achieve the authority he desired after all that effort. He became one of the most powerful ninjas of his time after obtaining the Mangekyo Sharingan.

7. Jubei Kibagami

Jubei Kibagami (Ninja Scroll)

The Ninja Sword

In 1993, Ninja Sword was a hugely significant film. For pre-2000s anime viewers, Jubei Kibagami is a sort of ninja icon.

Despite being on the run, this ninja is an expert swordsman and a cunning combatant.

When a fight breaks out, he has a wire attached to the handle of his Katana that he uses to keep himself armed at all times.

With his sword in hand, he can create a vacuum that will murder everybody in its path.

Yagyu Jubei, a legendary Japanese folk hero, is the inspiration for this character, however his deeds in the film are more fantasy than historical truth.

Itachi Uchiha is the sixth member of the group.

6. Itachi Uchiha

In the Naruto series, Itachi is a beloved character because of his terrible past and emo opioid addict appearance.

This formidable ninja is not afraid to use force when necessary.

That doesn’t excuse him from murdering his family, suffocating his brother to make him a power-hungry madman, and committing several other crimes as a member of Akatsuki. He had a good cause.

Maybe he doesn’t have the best character.

His Mangekyo Sharingan-related talents allow Itachi to annihilate the majority of his opponents as a ninja.

5. Gennosuke Kouga

The Basilisk

My favorite ninja-themed TV program is Basilisk, but Genosuke Kouga is one of my favorite characters.

The fact that Gennosuke has been trained to kill hundreds of various ways doesn’t change the fact that he is a peaceful person at heart.

As a bit of a thinker, he’s more interested in the future than the past, which contrasts sharply with the majority of the characters in Basilisk.

As a ninja, Gennosuke has to balance his duty to the Koga ninja, his love for the rival Iga princess Oboro, and his charitable nature.

4. Jiraiya


The Naruto Anime

Men all across the world look up to Jiraiya.

He had a huge influence on Naruto as a child, and his light-hearted demeanor was a big success with the audience.

Though he’s an experienced and wise old ninja, Jiraiya’s sexual escapades and other flaws help to humanize and connect with the audience on a more personal level.

Naruto’s zany mischief-maker persona comes to mind when observing him.

When it comes to tremendous techniques like spitting oil from his mouth and the huge Rasengan, people consider Jiraiya to be the best of his generation.

3. Aoshi Shinomori

Rurouni Kenshin is a popular Japanese anime.

In addition to Aoshi Shinomori from Rurouni Kenshin, another contender for best anime ninja is Akira Toriyama from Bleach.

In spite of the show’s primary focus on samurai, Aoshi’s abilities in battle, stealth, and reconnaissance set him apart from the rest of his cohorts.

The OP Samurai Kenshin would be sweating bullets in a fight with him since he is so powerful.

It doesn’t stop there; at the age of 15, the Oniwabanshuu’s top dog, he’s a smart leader, too. He’s cool and collected by temperament, yet he’s driven by compassion for his fellow soldiers.

Because of his reputation for using mindfulness and meditation to sharpen his focus and power, this man serves as a sort of role model for anime fans interested in cultivating these practices.

2. Black Star

Soul Eater, an anime

It is possible that Black Star is not the protagonist of Soul Eater. However, he appears to be a favorite of the show’s creator and is easily one of, if not the, most powerful characters on the show.

Tsubaki, a gorgeous ninja friend of Black Star’s, transforms into a broad variety of ninja weaponry for the assassin to use.

The ninja god’s power stems in part from his ancestry.

One of only a few remaining Star Clan assassins, this man is the sole survivor of an infamous family of killers.

In the beginning, Black Star had a hard time controlling his abilities. But he never slowed down in his efforts to improve as a shadow weapon meister, and he never gave up.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Uzumaki Naruto From Naruto

The Naruto Anime

A story of an underdog’s triumph is universally adored.

As for Naruto, he’s among the greatest ever.

Naruto, who was bullied as a child for being the keeper of the terrifying Nine-Tails demon, spent his childhood working hard to gain the respect of his peers.

He was able to become a world-class ninja by putting in a lifetime of dedication and hard work in order to save Konoha (and the rest of the world) from the likes of Pain and Madara.

As a result of his accomplishments as a ninja, he became the Seventh Hokage, achieving a childhood aspiration.

In addition, I’m pretty sure everyone knows this guy’s name.