8 Best Mario Party Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Mario Party Games

Mario Party is a game that can either make or break friendships. It has always been a competitive game, trying to find out who can become the Superstar and be the talk of the town. It has always been that way (or who gets the last slice of pizza sitting on the counter). That’s not the only thing that has changed over time. There have been more and more Mario Party games released, and it looks like there has been a shift in the type of game it wants to be.

Some games are better played with your family than with your friends, and some are just plain bad to play with anyone, even yourself. Which versions of the party still work today, and which ones don’t? Analyzing all of them is the only way to figure out how they all fit together.

Worst: Mario Party: The Top 100

Mario Party The Top 100

There have been many Mario Party games over the years, and there are bound to be some that people love after so long. However, it still doesn’t make sense for Nintendo to put together a compilation of the “best” 3DS mini-games and put it out for everyone to play.

Quite simply, this was a way for Nintendo to get money from people. Despite the fact that some of the mini-games in the game are well-loved classics, others make people wonder why Nintendo put them in the game. More of a problem is that there aren’t any game boards, which takes away one of the main things about the show. As a result, it is one of the worst games that Nintendo has ever made. Until Super Mario 3D All-Stars came out.

Best: Super Mario Party

It was a long time before the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017, but the Mario Party games were in desperate need of some attention. After the last two main console games didn’t do well with long-time fans, Super Mario Party came in and added some welcome changes to the game’s formula.

This isn’t to say that the game is perfect by any means, but the addition of different dice based on who you choose adds a new layer of strategy that wasn’t there in previous games. It’s also possible for players to interact in new ways because of the way the console itself works. This is a shame, because this was a good foundation for a new game to build on.

Worst: Mario Party 4

Worst Mario Party 4

First Mario Party on the Gamecube was a huge step forward for the series in terms of how it looked. That’s not to say that the next games on the purple lunchbox would not be better than Mario Party 4.

Mario Party 4’s boards are very big, which makes many games feel long. While there aren’t many bad minigames in the package, there aren’t many good ones, either. There isn’t much to say about the game now, even though it was thought to be a big step forward when it came out.

Best: Mario Party 8

When Mario Party 8 came out, it was the first Mario Party to come out on Nintendo’s most popular console ever. It had a lot to live up to. As a good thing, though, the game comes together to make one of the best in the series so far.

Motion controls have died a painful death in the gaming world, but the way they are used in Mario Party 8 makes sense as a casual party game for people who don’t play games. People who like the series have seen better boards from other games. The core minigames, however, are good enough to keep this game interesting. Most importantly, this is the only Mario Party game on the Wii that still has the same gameplay as the rest of the Mario Party games. There is no need to drive from 9 to 10 in a car here.

Worst: Mario Party

Worst Mario Party

While some gamers still love the original Mario Party on the Nintendo 64, fans have to admit that the first game in the series isn’t very good and has gotten worse over time. This is why some people still love the game.

Legend has it that the controls for some of the mini-games in this game will make your hands hurt. Nintendo did send gloves to parents who were worried about their kids’ hands getting hurt by the controls. It’s also very hard to balance the boards and gameplay in Mario Party. Even though that’s part of the game’s charm, it gets too much when you add things like “Chance Time.” Even though it’s important to pay respect to the game that started it all, it shouldn’t be called one of the best.

Worst: Mario Party 9

In this game, you could say that the Mario Party series went downhill from here on. Mario Party 9 came out with a new type of game play. Traveling together, the players now take turns going on a linear path, collecting Mini-Stars and defeating bosses in order to become the Superstar, which is the goal of the game. However, the boss fights are a good change of pace, but the loss of independence hurts the game a lot.

Mario Party, even though there were a lot of luck-based parts to it, also let you choose your own path to get items, extra coins, or land on certain spaces. This game lets other people make those decisions for you, taking away the power that fans of the previous series had.

Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars

When it comes to Mario Party fans who love N64 games more than any other game, there’s only one game that can beat them: one that combines the best parts from all of them into a new and modern package. The best ideas from Super Mario Party and Mario Party: The Top 100 have finally come together in this game. It brings back the best minigames from both games, but it doesn’t have the board game style that made the older games so popular.

“This game should have been played a long time ago, but it’s better than never.” For years, fans have been asking for Mario Party Superstars to do what they want. Instead of having weird board gimmicks, different dice types, and stinker minigames, it looks back at all the great ones they’ve done and brings them to the Switch. Boards from the original trilogy and games from the whole series are all here, but now with much better controls, online play, and a great selection of Mario characters to play as. This is the best way to play the whole series. Mario Party is a great game whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting out. There’s no better way to see the best of the game.

Mario Party 2

Nintendo isn’t a company that likes to do the same thing over and over again, but they do. This is a way to make some of the best games that the company has made, as well as some of the worst. When they made Mario Party 2, they changed just the most important things from the rough draught that was the first game and made an all-time great. Because this sequel was made in less than a year, it somehow knew what problems the first game had, where it could grow, and what new features would be the most fun. Everything that fans love about the series was in this game.

Before Mario Party 2, there were no items, no duel or battle minigames, and less interesting and unique boards. Even more than that, though, each character has a unique outfit that fits the theme of the board being played. This is a touch that is only available in this game. If you want to see cowboy Donkey Kong or pirate Yoshi, come to the movie theatre. This is the only game that can do it. Items added a little bit of skill and planning to the game, which was mostly based on the roll of the die. The minigame selection was not only big, but also very unique. They all came from here, and there aren’t any bad ones in the bunch.