5 Best Movies About Anger That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Movies About Anger

Films can convey a wide range of emotions. Depressed people can turn to a comedy, while those who want to contemplate more deeply can turn to their favorite arthouse film.

Pictures like action movies and gangster films have lasted because they are good at calming people down. You get to live another person’s life for two hours and do things that the normal person wouldn’t be able to do.

Afterwards, there’s a third form of film, one that truly causes us to lash out. You may only be able to see these movies once per few years due to the fact that they’re so disturbing.

Here are 10 great films that will make you angry.

  1. Falling Down (1993)

Falling Down (1993)

A fantastic movie to watch when you’re unhappy with the world, Falling Down is on this list as a form of treatment. It’s all about one man’s horrible day (played by Michael Douglas) and how he gets to the end of it. His thoughts on life and society are also made on this journey.

In spite of the fact that the main character isn’t a “nice man,” it’s a joy to watch him traverse the world. Though Douglas’ character, played by Michael Pena, is lashing out at a variety of characters throughout Falling Down, the scenes play almost comedically.

  1. Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1973)

Thriller A Cruel Picture (1973)

To say that this movie is difficult to watch would be an understatement. To start, thriller: A Cruel Picture is meant to make you uncomfortable. This video attempts to communicate its thoughts rapidly by aiming for the extreme, therefore there is no middle ground. As a youngster, she is sexually raped and loses her ability to speak; as an adult, she is forced into heroin addiction and prostitution.

It’s a “rape revenge” film that makes Thriller: A Cruel Picture worthwhile. The directors go so far in the uncut version of the film to intercut real pornography to give the impression that the main character is really being sexually abused that it dares you to quit watching.

In the end, the protagonist’s unending suffering is rewarded as she exacts her vengeance. To get the payoff, the filmmakers first go to great efforts to annoy you.

  1. I Stand Alone (1998)

I Stand Alone (1998)

It was Gaspar Noe’s debut feature length film that set the tone for what would become a radical career. In I Stand Alone, a butcher who is fed up with life uses nearly every minute of its 92-minute running length to rant about it.

From the main character’s rage through his actions and the film’s climax, the film is designed to upset you from beginning to end. As gloomy as this film is, it shouldn’t be seen at the wrong moment in life.

A title card at the end of Noe’s film, I Stand Alone, warns viewers not to watch any further should the picture become even more depressing. Even though this method was adapted from an older film called Homicidal (1961), we’re never quite sure what to expect when Noe utilizes it.

  1. Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)

Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)

Goodbye Uncle Tom is one of those films that defies belief. Slavery is the subject of a documentary made by a pair of filmmakers who travel back in time to make it. The film’s synopsis is ridiculous in and of itself.

It’s hard to enjoy this picture for a variety of reasons. To begin, making a film about slavery in the context of “exploitation” cinema is tricky. A grindhouse picture isn’t necessary to further exploit slavery’s already repugnant premise. For the second time in recent memory, this picture was marketed as a “documentary,” like the filmmakers’ earlier works (Mondo Cane, and Africa Addio).

Goodbye Uncle Tom is a film that tries to be both a documentary and an exploitation film at the same time. Seeing reenactments in an exploitation film is nauseating because they cross the line from entertainment to exploitation. As a result, filmmakers Jacopetti and Prosperi are able to construct a truly horrific film out of one of the worst eras in human history by manipulating it.

  1. The Accused (1988)

The Accused (1988)

It is a harrowing and disturbing film that recounts the trial of a gang rapist and the subsequent legal proceedings that ensue. First major Hollywood picture to properly convey horrendousness of sexual assault, this film is noteworthy. The film’s climactic rape scene is both gruesome and shocking at the same time.