10 Best Games Like Terraria That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Games Like Terraria

Since its release almost a decade ago, Re-epic Logic’s 2D sandbox game Terraria has quietly become one of the biggest and most played independent games, selling over 27 million copies to date. This big and deep game is both familiar and different. It combines Metroidvania-style gameplay with retro-style action and crafting like Minecraft, all in a 2D space.

The charming pixel art gives the game a look that draws the player in and keeps them there. With so many different types of games and so many ways to play, it can be hard to find games that are all the same style. Still, there are many options that use some of Terraria’s most important parts. This list will cover several good games that are most like this independent gem.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

This interstellar odyssey is a survival game that puts three colonists on an asteroid. It’s easy to get lost in this game. A hostile space rock will need to be tamed and farmed, and players will have to learn to make do and build a space colony as they go. Oxygen Not Included is a lot like the underground plundering or Re-Logic game in question, but it has a cute and colourful animated style.

Even though the game is simple in some ways, its procedurally generated maps and many tasks to handle at once keep players guessing. As the name suggests, players will also have to be careful not to lose their precious oxygen, which adds a unique challenge to the game.

Cube Life: Survival Island

This little-known alternative to Minecraft first came out on Wii U as a clear copy of Minecraft. It has recently reappeared on Switch. Even though Cube Life is overshadowed by Mojang’s game, which has finally found a home on Nintendo’s console, it is different in a few ways. It has a lot of the things that people know and love about Minecraft, like the passive creative mode and the blocky graphics.

This game, on the other hand, has a set (not random) island setting and a story mode, so it’s a bit more like a traditional game. Cube Life is a good first game for people who don’t want to jump right into Minecraft or Terraria because of how hard they are. Its idea of staying on an island should also appeal to people who liked Re-survival Logic’s game.



This PC hidden gem is like taking the survival and management aspects of Minecraft or Terraria and putting them on the open sea. Like Re-romp, Logic’s Raft requires players to use their brains and a variety of items to stay alive in a dangerous, hostile environment, either alone or with a friend.

As you might expect from a game set on the ocean, it has less going on. Still, there are plenty of things to do on the life raft while doing tasks, and there are plenty of shark attacks to avoid.

Ark: Survival Evolved

This survival game by Studio Wildcard looks as far away as you can get from 2D pixel art with its smooth, realistic graphics. But if you look past the beautiful graphics, Ark: Survival Evolved is a lot like Terraria at its core. The game starts players off on a huge, dangerous island full of dangerous animals and other hazards. In typical Terraria fashion, you need a lot of different things to build and craft with.

Ark’s progression is also similar, since it has both an open world and a loosely connected “arc” that involves killing a few bosses and going to a scary dungeon at the end. The game appeals to both your fight-or-flight instinct and your own sense of adventure. The end result is an experience that is engaging and hard to stop doing.



A great game has a timeless appeal that makes the player want to play it again and again. This is true for Terraria and also for this game from System Era Softworks that not many people know about. Like Re-title, Logic’s Astroneer has a simple-looking but deep wilderness that you can explore and settle in any way you want.

It feels like a mix of Minecraft and the sci-fi movie The Martian, since an astronaut has to go to different planets to find materials and resources for crafting. These tasks let them finish challenges, build buildings, and change the shape of the land. The game has a lot to offer people who want to explore on their own, but the co-op mode adds even more depth and fun.

It Lurks Below

Both visually and in terms of game play, this game has a lot in common with Terraria. It Lurks Below is a survival-based action RPG with stats and character classes that will please RPG fans. It Lurks Below also has underground levels that are made randomly and are full of enemies, items, and fun.

The game came out in 2018, and there have been updates and support for it ever since. There are a lot of things to do in the game, like cooking and farming, quests, making potions, holiday events, and collecting weapons.



Crea is often compared to Terraria, but its RPG style and structure make it stand out in a big way. The player levels up instead of improving their gear, and the game’s talent system lets them learn more than 80 skills (comparable to a skill tree).

You can learn about the game’s history and lore, fight monsters with different skills, make things with a powerful crafting system, and explore randomly generated worlds and dungeons. People who like both RPGs and Terraria will enjoy this game.


This sandbox game is a fun way to unwind at the end of a long day. Alchemage is a clone of Terraria, but in a good way. It has a lot of the things that players love about Terraria, like great music, weather, and graphics. Still, it stands out because it has a soft, storybook-like look.

The players find themselves in a strange land and have to work to get back home. Along the way, players can build homes and shelters, explore as much as they want, fight monsters, and play with friends in multiplayer mode.



People often call Starbound “Terraria in space” because it looks, feels, and plays a lot like Terraria. But in Terraria, you can only play on a single randomly-generated map, no matter how big it is. In Starbound, you are thrown into an adventure that takes you to different worlds.

Fans of Terraria will love how different each world in Starbound is. Each world’s geography is made up of more than a dozen different types. This way, every time you go to a new planet, you’ll have a different experience. Even though no single planet in Starbound is as big as a map in Terraria, there are so many different places to explore, each with its own wildlife and environmental challenges, that you’ll never run out of things to do.

You would have to look hard to find a game like Starbound that is more like Terraria. Fans of Terraria should find it easy to switch to Starbound because of these similarities.


Scrapnaut is a simple survival game with a steampunk look and a focus on building a home base. Players explore a world in the future that wants to choke you to death, but you won’t let it.

Use your intelligence and creativity to make a safe place for yourself in this harsh landscape. You can plant and harvest crops, build a home and walls, and even set up water and electricity systems for the most comfort.

Outside your walls, monsters roam the land. Make weapons and armour to give yourself the best chance of staying alive. You can only find valuable materials and rare weapons that are important to your survival on a scavenging run. This means that players have to leave the safety of their home bases and risk a run through the dangerous outside world.

Scrapnaut has a lot of potential, even though it’s still in Steam Early Access. It doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before—a lot of the mechanics and systems should be familiar to fans of survival sandbox games—but the way it’s put together makes it a fun game to play.