9 Best Games For 4k That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Games For 4k

When it comes to shopping for a new TV, almost all of the ads point to movies. There are a lot of good 4K HDR movies that can help you get used to your new TV. There aren’t as many games that can do the same thing. The standard for HDR in games is very low, with some implementations that look great and others that make the image look like it’s washed out and flat. The good news is that we’ve done the hard work for you and found the 10 best games for a 4K HDR TV.

Gears 5

Gears 5

With games like Gear of War, Microsoft Game Studios and The Coalition have shown over and over that games can look good even if they’re only made for one piece of hardware. Gears 5 follows that trend, with high-resolution textures, smooth frame rates, and great visual effects. As a bonus, we think this game has one of the best HDR implementations we’ve ever seen.

Gears 5 gives you a lot of control over how HDR is used in the game. You can change the brightness of the lightest and darkest parts of each scene. This means that poor HDR implementations don’t look as sharp as they should, which makes for a more realistic but not distracting experience. If you have the money, Gears 5 looks great on an OLED screen.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Another game from Microsoft Game Studios, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, is the first game we’d play to show off the new HDR colour. Even if you don’t use HDR, the whimsical art style can bring out the most contrast in a scene without cutting the whites or blacks. That Moon Studios can get so much power from the Xbox One is even better. The game runs at 60 frames per second and has 4K resolution and HDR support for the Xbox One X, which can play it.

Since the game was released, it has had a lot of updates that have made it run even better. Improved HDR on Xbox One, dynamic resolution scaling, and an FPS limit were added in a major patch in May. Even in the most demanding scenes, the frame rate will stay steady because of these changes.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

This is one of the best Star Wars games that has ever been made. It’s also good for the eyes. It makes the world come to life in a way that other Star Wars games haven’t. When HDR is on, lightsabers and laser beams look like they’re made of real particles.

The environments are also very different. Fallen Order’s planets each have a unique look, which shows off the art powerhouse that is Respawn Entertainment.

The Last of Us Part II

Like our first three posts, there are no particle effects in this one. The Last of Us Part II is a dark story with dark visuals to go with it. However, there’s beauty among the destruction, with sprawling cityscapes overgrown with foliage and infected spores growing to begin to new life. The visuals in The Last of Us Part II might make your PlayStation 4 Pro sound like it’s about to die, but they’re still beautiful.

God rays are important for HDR. The tight-packed world of The Last of Us Part II makes lifelike streaks of light, giving life to a world that was otherwise dead. The game isn’t a one-trick pony. You can show off your 4K HDR screen’s muscles because there are so many different set pieces.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

There are still a lot of games out now that look bad compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, which came out in 2017. It’s a show-stopping visual trick. There is a long history of beautiful graphics made by Guerrilla Games, which dates back to when the PS2 first came out. In many ways, Guerrilla set the standard for how first-person shooters would look in the PS3 and Xbox 360 era.

That doesn’t mean Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t a rough-looking game. Open-world game with lots of colour and life. There is a sequel called Horizon Forbidden West. It looks better, but not by a whole lot. That doesn’t mean the PS5 won’t be able to make great graphics. Because Guerrilla did so much right years ago, this shows how much they did right now

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Anime and HDR are a great match. Dragon Ball FighterZ isn’t a very hard game. It even runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch. It’s still very beautiful. When you play this game, it’s all about the cool effects. There are a lot of different colours on the screen when someone punches, slams the ground, and does special moves.

It’s more than just pretty. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a great fighting game that stays true to the anime that made it.

“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” (PS4, X1, PC)

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Showing off how HDR works in “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” is easy because the game takes place in a jungle. Lara Croft, the heroine of the game, makes her way through dark caves, sparkling canopies, and crystal clear water as she looks for ancient artefacts.

There are new features in the game that work better on the Xbox One X. The developers took a lot of time to make Lara’s hair and her acrobatic climbing animations look good. “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” and many of the other games on this list have a camera mode that lets players take pictures of their favourite scenes from all sides.

“Forza Horizon 4” (Xbox One, Windows Exclusive)

The “Forza” series is made for the Xbox One, and it features beautiful recreations of more than 500 real-life car models.

“Forza Horizon 4” is a great game for 4K HDR TVs because it has a great mix of real-world detail and crazy colours. There are a lot of different weather conditions and hundreds of miles of open road to explore between races.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” is probably the most impressive-looking PlayStation 4 game. The game recreates an impressive version of Manhattan for Spider-Man to visit.

In Spider-Man games, players can explore New York City from every angle thanks to Spider-ability Man’s to swing. 4K resolution makes it even easier to see skyscrapers in the distance.