10 Best Games Like Silent Hill That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Silent Hill

List of excellent games like Silent Hill for those that enjoy a good scare. You’re sure to find a new go-to horror game on this list!

Resident Evil and Silent Hill, two legendary Japanese survival horror series, have inspired many of today’s top survival horror games.

In addition, Silent Hill fans haven’t had a new mainline game since the release of Silent Hill in 2012.

Konami has been rumored to be working on a Downpour reboot.

We’ve compiled a list of the best horror games like Silent Hill for PC and consoles in 2022, as well as the best horror games like Silent Hill on PC.

As more titles become available, we’ll be adding them to this list, so be sure to check back often and let us know if we’ve missed any of your favorites.

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1. Them and Us

Them and Us

To begin, we propose that fans of Silent Hill play TendoGames’ Them and Us, a reimagining of the classic survival horror genre.

When a bus carrying Alicia and her friends goes down in an American wilderness in the late 1970s, the young woman manages to get out of the vehicle and escape.

Zombies and other creatures attack Alicia as she wakes up in a strange mansion, forcing her to battle for her life.

A third-person tracking camera with over the shoulder shooting is an option for those that prefer to play with a fixed camera while controlling a tank.

2. Tormented Souls

Various platforms are supported, including: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X/S, and the Nintendo Switch

Tormented Souls, a new take on classic psychological horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, is due next.

At an abandoned mansion, Caroline Walker investigates the disappearance of two sisters.

In order to find the truth, Caroline must battle for her life after waking up nude and connected to an odd machine.

While exploring the mansion and its grounds, you’ll be solving puzzles similar to those found in Silent Hill, as well as foraging for supplies and fighting back against terrifying creatures.

3. Eldervale



A tribute to early 2000s classics like Silent Hill, Eldervale is another indie horror game that emphasizes exploration and mood.

It’s up to you to take on the role of young woman, Ophelia Delaney, who is haunted by memories of her youth at a large estate where terrible things happened.

Ophelia returns to the Delaney Institution in search of answers, both physically and figuratively, where she will have to face her demons.

Using maps, consumables, and puzzles to find new ways through the game’s scary settings are all a part of the gameplay, just like in Silent Hill.

4. In Sound Mind

Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One X/S/X

Using frightening landscapes as metaphors for characters’ inability to cope with their psychological trauma is a strong suit of the Silent Hill games.

In Sound Mind, a cerebral indie horror game in which the player character has weird visions and interactions with a variety of terrors, is another game that effectively tackles this topic.

After waking up in a weird building that takes on a life of its own, you meet other victims who have been subjected to the same experimental substance that is ruining their minds.

Silent Hill-style puzzles and boss fights are present in the game, which tells a unique and disorienting story about sentient mannequins and a mystery feline friend.

5. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water

Various platforms are supported, including: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X/S, and the Nintendo Switch

It’s fantastic to see Koei Tecmo recreate one of the most beloved entries in the Fatal Frame series, another horror franchise that doesn’t get nearly as much attention these days.

Fatal Frame, the series’ fifth main game, is now available.

Special cameras allow players to catch supernatural events, such as the presence of spirits, in Maiden of Black Water.

When it comes to gameplay, Fatal Frame is all about traversing a haunting landscape while solving puzzles and uncovering information.

You’ll find improved visuals and a photo feature that lets you capture your scariest moments in the latest version.

6. Alan Wake Remastered

Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S

When a writer named Alan Wake goes on the hunt for answers about the disappearance of his wife in Bright Falls, Washington, the story takes place in this imaginary town.

To add insult to injury, events from his latest horror novel continue to occur even though he has no memory of creating it.

Alan must use light and other weapons to battle the Taken, who have taken over the people, animals, and objects of Bright Falls.

Any Silent Hill fans who wish to play Alan Wake should consider purchasing this edition that includes the main game with its two expansions and improved graphics.

7. The Medium

The Medium

Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One X/S/X

Another Silent Hill-style horror game with fixed camera angles, The Medium is a throwback to the genre’s earlier days.

After being summoned to an abandoned hotel by a psychic named Marianne, the plot follows the psychic’s efforts to uncover the hotel’s past and rescue the ghosts imprisoned within its walls.

Marianne has the ability to travel between the worlds of the living and the dead, allowing her to communicate with the dead and influence the environment.

Silent Hill-style gameplay is evident in the smart puzzles and the heavy emphasis on exploration in this game.

8. Resident Evil 2

Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One serve as the three primary computing platforms.

As far as modern gaming trends are concerned, Resident Evil has fared better than Silent Hill.

Those looking for an old-school horror experience with all the latest technology will be satisfied by the 2019 remaster of Resident Evil 2.

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield return as the two characters that find themselves stranded in Raccoon City after the city is infected with zombies.

It’s the same game in many ways except that the tale has been changed to give more prominence to supporting characters than it did in the original.

9. Lost in Vivo

Lost in Vivo

Indie developer Kira produced and published the psychological horror game Lost in Vivo, which deals with claustrophobia.

After their dog falls down a broken sewage drain during a storm, your character ends up in a maze of underground tunnels.

You’ll come across other characters who are afflicted by strange or psychological phobias while exploring the labyrinth-like sewage tunnels.

Instead of relying on cheap jump scares, the game employs its environs to create an eerie atmosphere, much like Silent Hill did.

10. Detention

Technologies Supported: PC/Laptop/Nintendo Switch/Linux/Mac/Android

Detention, one of the best-known indie games on this list, pays homage to the likes of Silent Hill while combining its own unique visual flair, atmosphere, and story.

Students assume the role of Wei Chung Ting, a Greenwood High School student who wakes up to discover the school vacant save for one other person.

As a team, the two will begin to uncover dark secrets about Greenwood High, including the terrible creatures that now roam its halls.

Silent Hill-style parallel universes or realms are used to guide players through the game’s slow-burning narrative.