9 Best Board Games For 7 Year Olds That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Best Board Games For 7 Year Olds

The best board games for 7-year-olds help them learn how to think. This helps them learn how to set goals and keep them, too. If you don’t know what to talk about, a board game is a great way for you to interact with others without having to think about what to say.

When we looked at all the best board games, we made this list for you. You don’t have to worry. Check out this list to find things to do with your family or friends on a low-key evening.

Quick Cups

Quick Cups

If you want to play a fast-paced game with your family, try Quick Cups. Make sure you can think quickly and move even faster in this fun game! Race to put your cups in the right order before the bell rings. What could be more simple?

If you win the game, you get a card. I won when I had enough cards. Those over the age of 6 are the best at this game because they can move quickly. Anyone can learn how to play this game. It’s hard to believe how different each card is until you see it.

Rubik’s Race Game

In Rubik’s Race Game, children over seven play a fast-paced tile game against only one other person. The game looks like a modified Rubik’s Cube from the 1980s with a screen that separates the two sides of the game board from each other. Use a shaker to move the board in a new way.

It doesn’t end there. The game can be played in many different ways, such as with a Rubik’s cube to help kids think of more patterns. There is a new pattern in the old game, and both sides work to match it. The game looks easy, but it takes skill and speed to win!

Clue Junior

Clue Junior

There is no murder in the Clue Junior game for kids. They can figure out a whodunnit mystery on their own level and without killing anyone. After that, they need to figure out who ate the last piece of cake before the other sleuths on the case find out. Pieces and the board work better for kids to have fun without having to worry about death.

Make sure you don’t worry. The game has changed a little, but it’s still a strategy game that helps kids think about and solve problems. A biologist with a sweet tooth is one of the fun new things that have been added. It can be played by up to six people who are at least five years old. Most seven-year-olds love this game because they find mystery interesting at this age.

Uncle Wiggly Game

In the game Uncle Wiggly, young kids with younger siblings can have fun for a few years before giving it to their brother or sister. If your seven-year-old is still having trouble reading, you might want to get this for them.

To help kids learn to read and follow directions, the farm animal game moves down a squiggly path with numbers on each side. It’s a game that helps kids learn, but it also has simple instructions and a colourful board that make it fun for younger people. It might not be fun for adults, though.

Sequence Five In A Row Fun For Everyone

Sequence Five In A Row Fun For Everyone

Sequence five-in-a-row is a fun game for seven-year-olds, but it also lets them think about how to play. Card from your hand: Put a card from your hand on the discard pile and put a chip on the sequence board. Place five chips next to each other and you’re done! The person or team that scores the most sequences wins the game, so they win. The Jacks make the game more interesting and fun because they can help you make a sequence or stop your opponent from making a sequence.


Portable board that folds up

Suitable for two to twelve people to play.

Children of different ages can play together.

Easy to learn

Some felt cards may not be very good.

Skillmatics Guess In 10 Card Game

The Skillmatics Guess in 10 card game is easy to play, but it has a lot to offer in terms of learning and having fun. This card game has 50 different animal cards and six clue cards. The game is played in groups. You pick a card from the box and let your opponents guess the animal by asking strategic questions about the animal. When you look at the clue cards and bonus questions, you can figure out how to play the game. The person who correctly guesses the first seven cards will win.


Ideal for two to six people.

A game that is easy to play while travelling

Useful content for people of the right age

An educational game.

It’s good for family nights.

A good choice for adults as well

Memory-building game

There are more themes that can be extended.


They might not say everything that they say.

Hasbro Gaming Battleship Board Game

Battleship Board

Remember the game where there were only ships to sink? Here’s a new version of the battleship game that adds planes to make the fights more interesting. Ships and planes come in two battle case boxes. Then there are pegs in the boxes to mark the hits and the misses. The game is full of suspense and excitement because it lets kids think about how to destroy the enemy’s fleet and make a plan to win.


Travel-friendly and easy to store.

To use when you forget some pegs.

Realism in the design and details

Almost as good as the original Cons

Planes and ships may not fit into the box.

Ravens burger Labyrinth Board Game

There are two to four people who can play the Labyrinth board game from Ravensburger. It’s a maze game that can be played by people ages seven and up. It is time to set up a board and deal out a deck of cards. When your turn comes, look at the top card and make your move to get to where you want. Every time you play, the game moves in a different direction. You can use the extra tile piece to move the maze. This mysterious game lets kids think and play strategically while having a lot of fun.



It’s a simple but hard game.

Simple-to-store box

Stable cardboard tiles

Beautifully made pawns

Design that is easy for kids to get around

In this lesson, we learn about how things happen and why.

Ideal for keeping kids busy for 20 to 30 minutes

The cards may not be very good.

Taco VS Burrito The Card Game

Taco VS Burrito The Card Game

Taco VS Burrito’s new card game is for people who are seven and up. Besides 32 action cards, there are 24 ingredients and four cardholders in this strategic game for kids. It also comes with an instruction booklet. A cardholder is given to each player so that he or she can make the most valuable meal. When you deal the cards, you put the rest on the table as draw cards. When it’s your turn, draw a card and then play a card that fits your plan. It stops when one person doesn’t have any cards. Add up the food each person ate to find out who won.


It’s easy to learn and play.

Fun and funny ingredient lists

A good choice for a family game night

Competitive game extension game is now available on the market.


Some people might not like the ingredient cards.