7 Best Anime Song Playlist That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Anime Song Playlist

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These anime songs are perfect for kicking back and relaxing to, especially if you’re anything like me.

Here are my picks for the seven best anime song playlists on Spotify right now!

To find new music to add to your personalized playlist, or if you want something pre-made, these are excellent options.

Find out more about these playlists to discover even more fantastic anime tunes!

Use the TOC at the bottom of the page to get to a certain playlist!

1. Anime Music


This is one of several playlists I subscribe to in order to discover new anime music for my own collection. My favorite way to use it is to let the music play in the background while I’m writing or doing other things.

Anyone looking for an up-to-date anime playlist should check this out!

This anime music collection includes songs by LiSA, UVERworld, and many more!

2. Anime Hits


In my opinion, Spotify’s own Anime Hits playlist is one of the best out there. The problem with this is that it’s never been updated, so you’re stuck with this 100 songs.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a mix of popular anime songs, go no further than this playlist!

3. Anime Songs / Japanese Songs


This is a list of anime that I follow myself. I’ve discovered some great new music that I hadn’t heard before!

This is an excellent one for anime fans looking for something a little different in their playlists. There are some great song ideas to be found there.

GRANRODEO is one of many artists on this anime music playlist.

4. Ultimate 100 Anime Musics


There are now 120 songs in this playlist, which is still growing. It, too, features some of the finest anime music accessible for listening.

There are, however, a few songs that aren’t directly tied to anime. This, however, is a simple blunder.

Hello Sleepwalkers is one of the numerous anime songs featured in this collection!

5. Anime Openings


If you just want to listen to anime openers or are looking for new ones to add to your own playlist, this is the list for you!

The Oral Cigarettes and many more are featured in this anime music collection!

6. Anime Playlist (1999-2020)


A collection of anime music from the years 1999 through 2020. This is a mix of new and old tunes! It’s really worth taking the time to listen to it while you’re doing other things.

BURNOUT SYNDROMES and many other anime songs are included in this playlist!

7. Anime Bangers Playlist


Finally, we have Anime Bangers Playlist to bring things to a close. Some of the most well-known anime openings can be found here! Listening to this while studying is a great way to keep your mind focused.