14 Best Anime Like Quintessential Quintuplets Update 05/2024

Anime Like Quintessential Quintuplets

The most important thing In the recent anime seasons, Quintuplets proved that there were harem shows that could be enjoyed by the entire family.” A surprising level of complexity for its genre, the female cast of quintuplets not only has their own body language and personality but also a distinct dynamic with the main character, with heartfelt drama and comic humor only acting as the frosting on the cake,

This series quickly rose to the top of anyone’s list of recommended Shoujos due to its surprisingly clean humor and delectably intricate romance plot. Fans of The Quintessential Quintuplets will, however, be able to fill in the time until the second season by checking out our list of recommended anime.

Updated September 15th, 2020 by Sean Cubillas: The year 2020 was difficult for several industries. For anime in particular, the pandemic interrupted the development of several anime and delayed them until the next couple of years. Unfortunately, the second season of The Quintessential Quintuplets, which was supposed to premiere earlier this year, falls into this category. While fans will have to wait just a little longer for the antics of their favorite quintuplet girls, here are a few more anime that fulfill the desire.

1. ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?

ORESUKI Are You The Only One Who Loves Me

One of anime’s most unusual subgenres is harem anime. However, for obvious reasons, they aren’t precisely suitable for all people. If only there were more shows like this in the world, The Quintessential Quintuplets is one of them.

Are You The Only One Who Loves Me?, ORESUKI Quints will love this combo. It’s a parody of the genre, but it manages to deliver on the sincerity of the genre’s romance while also injecting lots of tongue-in-cheek meta-humor into the mix. For those who either despise harem anime or have watched far too much of it, this is an excellent choice.

2. Assassination Classroom

The Quintessential Quintuplets has a major educational and tutoring component, even though it isn’t the main focus of the series. In the event that someone is interested in the difficulties and joys of teaching and learning One of the greatest remedies is Assassination Classroom. A powerful extraterrestrial has demolished a chunk of the moon and is now threatening to wipe out the entire planet.

If the Japanese government gives in to his requests, the foreigner will be allowed to… teach high school in Japan. There is a lot of pleasure to be had seeing this lovely creature change the lives of young kids, even when the students themselves are tasked with assassinating their teacher.

3. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

The most important thing Quintuplets has a solid understanding of the principles of anime’s unique kind of romance. At times, the audience can’t help but be on the tip of their seats waiting to see who will fall in love with whom in the quints’ sex scenes. Many people’s first introduction to Shoujo and comedy anime was Ouran High School Host Club, which exhibits the same pure desire for romance.

Her hard ethic and intelligence lead her to gain admission to a top school in this series. As a result, she is now obligated to work with one of the school’s most prestigious clubs in order to repay her debt. For some strange reason, she had to dress as a boy in order to join the school’s equivalent of the host club!

4. Mr. Osomatsu

Identical siblings are the focus of the comedy The Quintessential Quintuplets. In terms of concept, Mr. Osomatsu may be the closest thing to the quints if those are the only qualities required. Mr. Osomatsu is one of the industry’s most cherished comedy series, and its current incarnation delivers plenty of new chuckles thanks to enhanced animation.

The sextuplet brothers (one more than the quints) are the stars of the show, which follows their antics as they put on a variety of skits and pranks that range from the mundane to the outlandish.

5. Hibike! Euphonium

Anime from Kyoto Animation, the anime studio that defines sweetness and cuteness, drew viewers into the high school band’s emotional roller coaster. If you enjoy attractive girls and Shoujo dramas like those found in The Quintessential Quintuplets, then get ready for Hibike! Euphonium.

This show contains a slew of female characters whose stories of love, self-discovery, and romantic entanglements weave together to provide a compelling drama. On top of that, this series has some of the best diegetic music utilization in anime.

6. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku

If you enjoyed Quintuplets for its Shoujo-style romance, you might enjoy this lighthearted adventure about two nerds falling in love. One of the things that sets this apart from other anime is that the primary ship comes together in the very first episode. A blossoming romance becomes less about “Will they?” and more on the sweet intricacies of a blossoming romance.

Although the series is well aware of the clichés that have made Shoujos so popular, it also does an excellent job of parodying and praising those, as well.

7. Baka and Test

Baka and Test is one of the most absurd high school dramas ever produced for those who prefer the character-driven and slapstick humor of Quintuplets’ clumsy girls and even the show’s core focus on studying.

Class-based school Baka and Test allows its characters to battle one another using holographic avatars, using their test scores as combat stats. Getting good marks now bears much more funny stakes, giving the normal anime comedy a decent sci-fi coat of paint. This is a pleasant series with a touch of sweet romance.

8. Nisekoi

Look no further than one of Shonen Jump’s most popular comedy series if you’re looking for a clean harem. When the yakuza’s son, Raku Ichijou, is coerced into an unofficial relationship with the daughter of another gang’s leader, Chitoge Kirsaki, in an effort to bring the two groups together, Nisekoi takes on the role of peacemaker.

As a result of this, the plot revolves around a couple who are forced to pretend they’re in a relationship in order to keep their romance alive, while simultaneously dealing with their own insecurities. Raku’s high school crush, an unfulfilled commitment to an ex-lover, and a variety of other girls all enter the picture, raising the stakes even higher.

9. Amagi Brilliant Park

Amagi Brilliant Park (2014)

A parody of Hibike! Euphonium’s Shoujo, Slice of Life norm, Amagi Brilliant Park is the exact opposite. You’re looking for a good laugh to go along with Quintuplets’ adorable antics? They’re everywhere in Amagi Brilliant Park.

This story follows a motley gang of amusement park rejects, each one embodying the opposite of who should be representing a family establishment, as they work with a marketing genius to get their consumers back to their park. These adorable animals struggle to act with any civility yet remain heartwarming as they work tirelessly to save their loved ones.

10. Clannad

In the vein of Quintuplets, Clannad is an adaptation of the popular dating sim (besides the quintuplets thing).

The stories of several high school pals help drive a young Tomoya Okazaki through a difficult and confused transitional moment in his life, despite the fact that they are essentially sketched on rose-tinted animation cells..

Some of the most adorable and endearing character interactions and plot arcs in Shoujo history are on the horizon, as are some of the most heartbreaking. That doesn’t even include a melancholy anime finale that has set a new standard.

11. We Never Learn

We Never Learn is based on the concept of The Quintessential Quintuplets and follows Nariyuki Yuiga, an unremarkable high school student who is now tasked with tutoring two of his school’s brightest students, one of whom is a total master of the subject while the other is struggling. Natural geniuses, on the other hand, have a hard time learning new things from scratch.

Nariyuki must adapt to each one’s unique personality qualities if he wants to be a successful tutor. They and his closest friend, as well as a few other girls, are all tutored by Nariyuki, who goes to great efforts to do so.

12. Gamers!


The Quintessential Quintuplets is all about balancing the many interests of its protagonists and bringing them together in romantic tugs of war and high school awkwardness. Characters have numerous humorous and even terrifying encounters because of the habit of balancing various opposing groups.

Gamers! revolves around a group of people who share a common interest in video games. Each character in the novel comes from a different social class and has a distinct relationship with video games.

Although their preconceptions and love interests are at odds, this anime raises the standard for how high school adolescents can be affected by misunderstandings.

13. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun uses the Shoujo formulae listed in this list to build its own unique, comedy and romance story that plays with Shoujo cliches just as much as it celebrates them.

When Sakura Chiyo, a high school student, finally expresses her feelings for her crush, she finds herself working as an assistant in his secret Shoujo manga studio. Some genuinely unique romances spring up around the series from here, which describes, parodies, and honors the stereotypes it teaches its audience about.

14. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children

On this list, Tsurezure Children is the series that is best for those who just want to enjoy the cuteness and catharsis of romance series. In essence, each episode distills the most heartwarming moments from various romance shows into a manageable length.

Because of this, each new episode builds on the one before it in an ever-so-slightly incremental way. There isn’t any unnecessary exposition or downtime in this film. To get immersed in these characters, you just need to know their intents and body language, as all else comes from pure performances.