20 Best Shows Like South Of Nowhere That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like South Of Nowhere

1. Howards End (2017)

Howards End (2017)

Social and socioeconomic differences in early 20th century England are shown through the interplay of three families: the rich Wilcoxes, the kind and idealistic Schlegels, and the middle-class Basts.

2. YOU (2018)

To get close to an aspiring author, the manager of an excellent bookstore gathers all of her personal information online and on social media. As he discreetly and methodically removes every obstacle – and person – in his path, he quickly becomes obsessed.

3. Famous in Love (2017)

An audition for the lead part in a Hollywood movie lands Paige, a regular college student, her big break in the entertainment industry. With the highs and lows that come with being the new “It” girl in town, as well as her academic workload, she now has a lot on her plate.

4. Game of Thrones (2011)

Game of Thrones (2011)

Westeros is fought over by a group of seven aristocratic houses. Frustration leads to a full-scale fight between the houses. Meanwhile, a long-dead evil is resurrecting in the far north. It is only the Night’s Watch, a forgotten military organization of misfits, that protects mankind from the icy horrors beyond.

5. Looking for Alaska (2019)

One of the first students to arrive at a school for girls falls in love with a female pupil.

6. Belgravia (2020)

An 1840s London mystery full with intrigue and controversy. For decades to come, a chain of events will unfold behind the porticoed doors of London’s most affluent neighborhood when the Trenchards accept an invitation to the now legendary ball held by the Duchess of Richmond on the night of the Battle of Waterloo.

7. The Red Tent (2014)

The Red Tent (2014)

Dinah is her full name. A brief and violent diversion from the more recognized chapters about her father Jacob and his twelve sons in the Book of Genesis provides a glimpse into her existence. It’s a miniseries that explores the complexities of ancient womanhood via Dinah’s powerful voice. When Dinah’s story begins, we learn about her mother’s four wives: Leah, Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah. To help Dinah through a difficult childhood, a call to midwifery, and the challenges of a new life in a new country, they show their love and send her presents. She tells us about the women’s seclusion in their red tents during their menstrual cycles; her initiation into the religious and sexual practices of her tribe, including the courtship of Jacob with his four wives; the mystery and wonder that surrounds caravans, farmers, shepherds, and slaves; and the bloody consequences of her marriage to Shechem.

8. Sex/Life (2021)

An ex-boyfriend who she can’t stop thinking about returns to her life, bringing her adventurous sexual past and married-with-kids present to a head.

9. The Baker and the Beauty (2020)

Daniel Garcia, the son of loving Cuban parents and siblings, is working in the family bakery and doing all that they ask him to do. In Miami, he meets international superstar and fashion magnate Noa Hamilton, and his life takes a dramatic turn for the better. Is this odd couple willing to change their lives and bring their families into conflict in order to be together?

10. Les Misérables (2018)

Les Misérables (2018)

In 1815, France. It was only a tiny mistake that put the law back on Jean Valjean’s tail after he was released from jail after 19 years of agony. For many years Inspector Javert pursues him with a sense of justice, while Valjean transforms his life and becomes an advocate for the underprivileged. Valjean and Javert meet for the final time in 1832, as the French Revolution ravages Paris.

11. Love Life (2020)

In each half-hour episode of this romantic comedy anthology series, a different protagonist takes us on a journey from first love to last love.

12. BH90210 (2019)

Even though the first Beverly Hills, 90210 ended 19 years ago, some of the cast members decide it’s time for a reboot and get back together. Even though the reboot itself is delicious, getting it started can be even better.

13. A Million Little Things (2018)

A Million Little Things (2018)

After one of their pals tragically dies, a group of buddies from Boston receives an unexpected wake-up call.

14. Tales of the City (2019)

Twenty years after she left them behind to pursue her career, Mary Ann returns to present-day San Francisco to see her daughter and ex-husband. Mary Ann returns to 28 Barbary Lane, where she lives with Anna Madrigal, her chosen family, and a new generation of LGBT young residents, escaping the midlife crisis that her picture-perfect Connecticut existence generated.

15. Poor Nastya (2003)

From October 31, 2003 until April 30, 2004, Poor Nastya was a Russian telenovela that aired on STS. From Ukraine to China, Israel to Serbia, Greece to Bulgaria, and more than twenty nations throughout the world, the series became an international hit. It’s the most costly Russian television project ever, costing $11,8 million. The follow-up was in the works, but it had not yet been produced.

16. Hercai (2019)

Hercai (2019)

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17. Teen Wolf (2011)

Beacon Hills high school student Scott McCall’s life is forever altered when he gets bitten by a werewolf and becomes a werewolf as well. He now has to learn how to manage his new identity and his daily responsibilities as an adolescent. Among the people who help him in his battle are Stiles, his best friend; Allison, Allison’s love interest; and Derek, a strange werewolf with a tragic backstory. To keep his loved ones safe while maintaining normal connections, he works tirelessly throughout the series.

18. Bridgerton (2020)

Bridgerton (2020)

Regency-era England is the setting for this tale of affluence, desire, and betrayal as seen through the eyes of the wealthy Bridgertons.

19. Billy & Billie (2015)

A young couple, Billy and Billie, are seen as they embark on a journey of romance. Stepbrother and stepsister suffer the customary bombardment of attention from their friends and family, as well as the normal fears that accompany the start of a new relationship.

20. Little America (2020)

Little America (2020)

At a time when immigrants are more relevant than ever, a new anthology series aims to tell their tales in a lighthearted, poignant, uplifting, and surprising way.