10 Best Female Anime Villains That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Every weeb has a favorite anime character. Unlike any other motivational speaker, they have inspired them more than any. Viewers are influenced by both the protagonists and antagonists in a story. The heroes are more endearing to children, while the villains are more relevant to adults. A lot of the villains have a tragic past that excuses their behavior.

Furthermore, some villains’ character development is superior to that of others. There are many great stories and action sequences thanks to these villains. Some have even been held accountable for the entire plot of the show.

10. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga (Boku no Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia’s villain Himiko Toga appears in the manga and anime series. This character is an integral part of the League of Villains and a prominent opponent. In the Forest Training, Provisional Licensing, and Shie Hassaikai arcs, she was the primary enemy. By injecting herself with someone’s blood, she can change into that person. She is able to properly mimic the voice even if she doesn’t know how to speak. The longer she remains altered, the more blood she injects.

It’s hard to miss Himiko Toga; she’s always smiling or blushing. She smiles even when she’s killing someone, revealing her wicked nature. The fight against Tsuyu and Uraraka showed her to be a mentally unbalanced young lady. Like many other criminals, she has difficulty adjusting to modern life. She admires Stain, but she also wants to murder him, so she takes on his form and eventually kills him.

9. Echidna

According to Re: Zero, the Witch of Greed is voiced by Echidna. Before being introduced as a supporting character in Arc 4, she was referenced to several times as a secondary adversary. Echidna invited Subaru to her Tea Party, where he met her for the first time. When Subaru first saw her, she was portrayed to be an innocent, courteous, and childlike woman. However, she is a cold-hearted lady who only cares about herself. She became agitated when Subaru started returning without asking her permission.

Echidna is shown as a tall, white-haired maiden. Because she is insatiably curious about everything, she is known as the Witch of Greed. There are many options for her to help Subaru with his Return by Death, so she extends her hand to join him in forming a contract and becoming his counselor. The other Witches have dubbed her clumsy after she set fire to the woodland to keep warm. As a form of retaliation for declining her contract, she denied Subaru entry to her Castle of Dreams. Only Emilia and Satella are the only characters she harbors feelings of animosity and resentment against in the anime.

8. Lucy

Lucy, Elfen Lied

Anime series Elfen Lied’s protagonist and anti-hero is Kaede, or Lucy in her insane form. As the Queen Diclonius, she is also a human evolution. As a result of Kaede’s Dissociative Identity Disorder, she has three distinct personalities: Lucy, Nyu, and her voice.

As a young girl, Kaede is depicted as shy, unhappy, and irritated in her initial persona. Her horns have always made her a target of abuse. Her horns have gotten her into trouble since she was an orphan. As a result of the orphanage children torturing and killing her dog in front of her, she acquired a deep aversion to all people. She would slaughter the entire family, with no remorse or sense of retribution, just so she could live in their home.

7. Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro was Tokyo Ghoul’s initial adversary. The ghoul known as Binge Eater was her. Kakuhou was eventually transferred into Ken Kaneki, becoming him one-eyed ghoul after her death in the Steel Beam Incident. Dr. Akihiro Kanou utilized her kakuhou to create more one-eyed ghouls after capturing her.

In the opening scene, Rize Kamishiro is seen to be a thin, chest-length-haired female. The ghoul disguised as a human preys on unsuspecting victims. CCG chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu fathered her as one of his many illegitimate offspring. After fleeing from there and the group V, she made her way to Tokyo. After being exploited as a breeding ground for other one-eyed ghouls, she became the host for Dragon, who was ultimately to blame for the events that led to the devastation of Tokyo. Ken Kaneki later put her out of her agony.

6. Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima

Anime character Junko Enoshima is a member of Class 78th at Hope’s Peak Academy and a member of the Killing School Life. “Fashion’s Finest” is her moniker. Danganronpa/Zero, a series of two novels, was the first Danganronpa spin-off to be released after the popularity of the original video game. In addition to being a fashion designer, she’s also the originator of the Ultimate Despair movement. Ultimate Analyst is a skill that Junko possesses that no one else does.

With her charm and good taste, Junko has made a name for herself in Japan. Her fame was built on the fact that she was “not phony.” Ryko Otonashi, known as the Ultimate Analyst, is an alter ego of Otonashi. They are both crazy and vicious creatures that only care about the suffering they can inflict on the people around them.

5. Annie Leonhart

At first, Annie Leonhart, better known as The Female Titan, was a key villain in the series. Reclaiming the Founding Titan from Paradis was the goal of Reiner, Bertolt and Maurice, together with Marley. A number of people were killed during the Female Titan Arc, including Levi Squad.

Annie Leonhart is a Marley-based Eldian. Recovering the Founding Titan hidden behind the Walls was entrusted to her, along with Reiner, Bertolt, and Maurice. In spite of her hard upbringing, she’s always been a reclusive, introverted youngster who lacks empathy. The fact that Annie talked to a corpse after the Battle of Trost and hesitated to eliminate Marco when he learnt of their identification suggests that she is feeling some shame and regret. Annie, the warrior, harbors a child-like desire to complete the task and return home to her father. For every failure in capturing or fleeing from Eren, she would be seen with tears in her eyes.

4. Isabella


The Promised Neverland’s Season 1 adversary is Isabella. The orphanage’s Mother, Isabella, raised and cared for the children. While she is initially presented as a caring mother who adores and cherishes her children, she is actually a depraved individual who bears no sentimental relationship to them. To keep Emma from fleeing, Isabella fractured Emma’s leg with her bare hands.

Isabella was an orphan at one point in her life. She was placed in a “orphanage” a year after her birth. When her sole buddy was taken away, her despair and melancholy drove her to attempt to flee the orphanage by scaling the enormous wall. When she saw the sheer cliff on the other side, her dreams of returning to her Mama were dashed. While watching her children leave Grace Field House, Emma accepted her defeat and said her goodbyes to the other 13 orphans.

3. Lust

Fullmetal Alchemist’s lone female nemesis was Lust. She was a Homunculi, which gave her a wide range of talents, including the ability to regenerate. Father’s lust is embodied in her, and she uses her as a weapon to seduce and deceive others around her. She is depicted as a sadistic individual who enjoys torturing others for their own amusement. With whoever she had a special bond, she is generally paired.

Lust was the only Homunculi who did not display any personality characteristics that matched her name. As much as Greed and Gluttony were greedy and hungry, she was never sexually attracted to anyone. In accordance with Father’s plan, she did, however, seduce and flirt with others. A part of her intuitively knew that Mustang would lose his sight after opening the Gate of Truth. She remarked, “I look forward to the day when those eyes will be wide with misery.”

2. Esdeath


One of Akame Ga Kill’s most prominent villains was Esdeath. At the top of the Empire’s military, she was a general. By virtue of Night Raid’s success in assassinating the Prime Minister, she was elevated to the position of Jaegers’ leader. As an opponent, Esdeath was extremely dangerous, but as a superior, she was one of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever encountered.

Fighting was in Esdeath’s blood, and he relished the opportunity to do it. Her high regard was reserved for those she deemed deserving. Because she lived by her father’s maxim, “The strong survive and the weak die,” she was a vicious individual. She was infatuated with Tatsumi, and even after he rejected her, she fed him one of her specialties. For Tatsumi’s sake, she wanted him to join her as a subordinate so she could save him. When he refused her proposal, she threatened to kill him herself if he didn’t become hers.

1. Medusa Gorgon

Medusa Gorgon, better known as Dr. Medusa in the anime Soul Eater, was a key antagonist. In order to investigate her black blood, she was a snake witch who hoped to reawaken the Kinshin. Even though she was a witch, she was quite good at fighting with her hands. She possessed a keen sense of observation and was able to adjust to any circumstance at hand in a matter of seconds.

Crona, her only child, was a key component in her grand scheme to overthrow the current world order and put everything back on track. In the Gorgon Sisters, she’s the middle child. She lacks empathy for others, and instead sees everyone as a specimen or a tool for her purposes. It has been established that Medusa is even more evil than Asura.. Maka’s Majin Hunt technique, which is centered on eradicating all evil, is the only weapon capable of taking her down in the series because she is pure evil.

As a result of being a fan favorite or being at the top of the popularity rankings, the Antagonist may carry the show at times. Many anime villains have a compelling past that justifies their actions. These female villains are responsible for some of the best fights and saddest deaths in the history of cinema.